CMS Proposes Power Seat Elevation Coverage

Proposed NCD would expand coverage for power seat elevation on certain power wheelchairs to Medicare beneficiaries for the first time.

CMS has released an NCD that would expand coverage for power seat elevation on certain power wheelchairs for the first time to Medicare beneficiaries. The proposed NCD is open for public comment for 30 days.

“Millions of people with Medicare rely on medically necessary assistive devices to perform daily tasks that directly impact their quality of life,” said CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure. “… Today’s proposal promotes a first-of-its-kind benefit expansion providing people with Medicare additional tools to improve their lives.”

If finalized, the NCD would cover power seat elevation equipment under Medicare for individuals using Group 3 power wheelchairs.

The main benefit for power elevation that CMS cited in its decision to propose the NCD was to improve users’ health as they transfer from the wheelchair, which can often strain shoulder and back muscles and constrain an individual’s daily mobility at home and other customary locations.

The proposed NCD decision memorandum is available to review here, and a link to submit a public comment is on that page as well. The 30-day comment period will close on March 17.

HMEB readers might recall that this process began in August when CMS opened NCD reconsideration for funding power seat elevation, and opened a public comment period then. CMS noted its proposed NCD is based on the feedback it received from the various stakeholders and patient groups that submitted comments at that time.

A statement from the National Coalition for Assistive & Rehab Technology (NCART) said it would help drive comments for the new proposed NCD.

“As we did in August 2022, NCART will be encouraging all CRT advocates to submit comments regarding the proposed decision,” the statement read. “If the decision is positive, it will be critical to thank CMS and encourage them to finalize coverage as quickly as possible. If CMS proposes to limit or deny coverage for these systems, it will be even more essential that we present a united front urging them to reconsider.”

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