Power Seat Elevation and Standing Sign-on Letter Hits Senate

The letter to CMS thanks the agency for moving power seat elevation forward, asks for timeline and asks for public comments on power standing.

A week after the NCART/NRRTS Virtual Congressional Fly-In, lawmakers have introduced a Congressional sign-on letter into to Senate that urges CMS to take additional steps on power seat elevation and standing for complex rehab wheelchairs.

On Aug. 15, CMS opened reconsideration of the Medicare National Coverage Determination (NCD) for seat elevation systems used with Group 3 power wheelchairs. As part of that process, CMS opened a 30-day public comment period. Notably, the NCD reconsideration is limited to seat elevation and does not include power standing systems. CMS stated it had decided to delay that review until a later date.

The Senate letter, led by Sens. Duckworth (D-Ill.), Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and Casey (D-Pa.), is open for Senators to sign through Sept. 30 and thanks CMS for moving the NCD reconsideration for power seat elevation forward, but also requests a timeline for coverage determination of power seat elevation systems as well as opening the comment period for power standing systems. (Click here for a downloadable PDF of the letter.)

A statement from NCART called on complex rehab technology stakeholders to contact their Senators and urge them to sign the letter.

"Now is the time for CRT advocates to take action," the statement read. "We need your help getting signatures on both letters in order to send a strong message to CMS. … Let's all work together to keep the process moving forward to establish Medicare coverage for this important technology. Email your Members of Congress today and encourage other advocates to do the same."

To help facilitate the effort, CRT advocates can email their Members of Congress asking them to sign on by visiting www.access2crt.org/advocacy - /12 or going to www.protectmymobility.org for more details.

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