Addressing Retail HME Customer Concerns About the Economy

One look at consumer metrics shows that retail customers are worried about the economy. How can HME providers offer solutions that allay worries over higher-end cash purchases?

A quick glance at consumer sentiment data shows hat customer attitudes concerning the economy are impacting their buying habits — and that includes healthcare. How do retail HME providers manage those customer concerns during times of uncertainty?

In the current episode of the HME Business Podcast, Sean Stapleton, CEO of MedGuard Protection Plans, joins the podcast once again to discuss customer concerns and offer some strategies and tools that providers can employ to not only address those concerns but strengthen customer connections. Handled correctly, providers just might create some customers for life.

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In the previous episode, Mike Lorenz, vice president of Resupply at HME software company Brightree, joins the podcast to talk about how far systems for automating resupply have come, the results they’ve achieved, and how sleep providers can implement these tools into their businesses.

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