Essentially Women Rolls Out Mother-Baby Program

The Lily mother-baby program offers various resources designed to help providers grow their businesses serving this fast-growing women’s care niche.

The member service group Essentially Women (EW), a division of VGM & Associates for providers specializing in women’s health, has announced Lily, a new mother-baby program designed to help providers better serve women in this fast-growing niche.

Lily focuses on helping members support mothers and babies in all stages of motherhood, from pregnancy to new mothers and beyond, according to EW. 

The program offers products, services, and solutions to help members support moms. Resources include thought leadership, education and training, and discount programs. Leading vendor partners of EW are also involved in of the program. 

“Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding your current offerings, Lily is our source for EW members to gain access to education, thought leadership, product vendors, services, and programs dedicated to helping them succeed in this lucrative segment,” says Nikki Jensen, vice president of Essentially Women. “We’re so excited to embark on the motherhood journey together.” 

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