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Medtrade West returns to Phoenix, Ariz. from April 4-6. HMEB rounds up some key products and services that will be on display at the show.

lady in a hammock with a laptopAs if they never skipped a beat, providers return to the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Ariz. from April 4 to 6 for Medtrade West’s yearly conference and expo showcasing the best of what the industry has to offer. Last July, the event held its return to an in-person format. Now with Covid-19 appearing to be on the wane, Medtrade West is back in the swing of things. Along with attending educational conference sessions and networking events, providers will get to see the latest product and services releases and get a taste of what is hitting the market in 2022. Here’s a roundup of some of the offerings that will be on display at the show:


Respiratory system combines therapies to clear lungs

BiWaze CoughBiWaze Cough is the respiratory therapy system that combines multiple therapies of assisted cough and lung expansion along with high-frequency oscillation. BiWaze Cough breaks up and then removes mucus from the lungs by applying positive air pressure (inhale) to the airway and then rapidly shifting to negative air pressure (exhale). After exhale, the pause phase allows the patient to rest before the next cough cycle. BiWaze Cough can provide positive pressure during the pause phase creating a higher mean airway pressure, increasing the Functional Residual Capacity post exhale and providing a more comfortable therapy for the patient.

ABM Respiratory Care
(877) ABMRC-01
Booth no. 625

Accreditation program helps clinical respiratory providers drive better outcomes

The Compliance TeamPatient-Centered Respiratory Home (PCRH) is the firrst accreditation program that rewards clinical respiratory HME providers when they can demonstrate advanced management practices that help their high-risk patients lead more independent lives and avoid unnecessary emergency department visits. Better outcomes are driven through additional care planning and focused follow-up visits with program goals being three-fold: address poor respiratory care management; decrease emergency department visits; lower hospital readmissions. PCRH includes concise measures and daily operating protocols that promote better care planning, provider coordination and communications between respiratory specialists and prescribers.

The Compliance Team Inc.
(215) 654-9110
Booth no. 734

Credential program aims to help DME/HME professionals boost their career

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)Offered by BOC for DME/HME providers and medical equipment professionals, this credential demonstrates an industry professional’s knowledge and expertise in the DME/HME field, from prescription verification to billing and documentation. Seasoned DME professionals who meet the prerequisites can apply and take the exam right away. An optional “Intro to the CDME” Workshop, offered live at Medtrade and as an independent webinar, is available for review or introduction to DME. HME professionals can test on their schedule, in-person or online.

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)
(877) 776-2200
Booth no. 930

Bed rail overcomes all 7 FDA entrapment zones

EZ Click LTC Bed HandleStander has introduced the EZ Click LTC Bed Handle, the first institutional bed rail to attach to any adjustable or articulating bed and overcome all seven of the entrapment zones identified by the FDA. Bed rails can create gaps and areas of entrapment when the bed is articulated, but the patented EZ Click LTC Bed Handle is designed to eliminate those problem areas. According to Stander, no other bed rail on the market currently meets this standard on adjustable beds.

(800) 506-9901
Booth no. 1121

Service provides turnkey sleep evaluations, prescription updates via telehealth

Sleep EvaluationsTelehealth Clinical Evals-PAP partners with HME and PAP providers for sleep evaluations, ongoing CPAP compliance evaluations, and annual CPAP prescription updates. The company’s team of licensed physicians provides face-to-face clinical evaluations through its proprietary audio/video conference technology. All telehealth evaluations are compliant, convenient, and efficient for patients in the home or facility. All evaluations come with the attestation of no financial relationship with the Provider and no cost for this service.

Telehealth Clinical Evals LLC
(725) 209-3053
Booth no. 510

Hands-free breast pump helps busy moms stay on the go

Duo Breast PumpThe Motif Duo Breast Pump is aimed at empowering multitasking moms. The new Duo comes with a lanyard and can be bundled with a pumping bra, making hands-free pumping a breeze. Weighing less than a pound, the pump is designed for travel and work and stays charged for over 2.5 hours. The Duo has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and can be used for single or double pumping.

Motif Medical
(844) 272-8390
Booth no. 635

Light, small form-factor ventilator provides flexible life support

Vivo 45 LSThe Vivo 45 LS is one of the smallest, fullfeatured life support ventilators on the market and provides invasive and noninvasive continuous or intermittent ventilatory support in the home, post-acute, hospital, and portable applications for pediatric through adult patients weighing more than 11 lbs. Designed to maximize patient independence and mobility with an ultra-small footprint, it also provides the comfortable eSync trigger technology along with ultra-quiet operation. It also provides etCO2, SpO2, FiO2 and PtCO2 monitoring and connection to EveryWare by Breas, a securely hosted cloud-based application, which can help deliver an insightful approach to home care of respiratory patients.

Breas Medical
Booth no. 620

VGM Insurance clients can tap into education courses

VGM InsuranceAll VGM Insurance clients receive a free continuing education course bundle worth more than $250 in partnership with VGM Education. New courses have been added for 2022, with topics including DOT driver training; human trafficking; preventing ransomware; two-factor authentication; diversity and inclusion in the workplace; preventing fraud, waste & abuse; employment law; and safety in the workplace. To get started, clients can contact their VGM Insurance account manager, call the number below, or email

VGM Insurance
(800) 362-3363
Booth no. 611

New software automates and streamlines patient resupply

TIMS Patient SubscriptionsCU’s latest software innovation, TIMS Patient Subscriptions, streamlines and automates the patient resupply process. The new application is designed to be easy to setup, intuitive to use, and designed to significantly reduce labor costs. Key integration points include easy patient auto enrollment; automated compliance checks (eligibility, utilization, documentation, and authorizations); patient contact options (phone, email, text, or IVR); and autogenerated qualified orders.

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500
Booth no. 921

Lightweight, portable oxygen concentrator includes telehealth connectivity

FreeStyle ComfortThe award-winning FreeStyle Comfort is a lightweight, ergonomic portable oxygen concentrator ideal for oxygen users seeking comfortable and convenient oxygen delivery as they engage in a more active lifestyle. Smart O2 technology features on the FreeStyle Comfort ensure optimal therapeutic oxygen delivery with each breath. Also, connectivity to the myCAIRE telehealth solution helps provide top-tier care for oxygen users with greater efficiency.

(800) 482-2473
Booth no. 828

E-prescribing solution offers simpler, smoother, faster DME ordering

DMEscriptsDMEscripts is an online electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) platform that lets physicians and other medical practitioners provide complete, accurate, billable and refillable orders. DMEscripts gives prescribers and DME providers full visibility to the order status throughout the entire process and DME providers receive all the documentation they need in one complete package so they can quickly and easily fulfill the order.

(877) 461-9706
Booth no. 832

Undergarment offers a unique solution for wearing and managing leg bags

CathWear leg bag underwearCathWear leg bag underwear offers catheter patients special unisex undergarments that include pouches to securely and discretely carry two 600 ml leg bags with no straps necessary. Designed for patients using Nephrostomy, Suprapubic, Biliary, or Foley cath¬eters, the underwear also features a special sewn-in “tract system” of channels and cutouts that properly and comfortably route the catheter tubes.

CathWear LLC
Booth no. 1035

Portable, compact ventilator offers a variety of ease-of-use features

LUISAThe LUISA a third-generation noninvasive/invasive ventilator that offers all the standard ventilation modes with the added benefit of high flow therapy at home. Features include High Flow Oxygen Therapy in all circuit systems; 100 – 3000 mL Vt without additional flow sensor; and no adapters needed. For operation, the device includes a 10 in. angled touchscreen and Ease of Use programming, as well as second alarm language, customized patient downloadable reporting and Sp02 and Fi02 monitoring capabilities. The device is lightweight at approximately 8 lbs. and offers up to 18 hours battery life.

(512) 326-3244
Booth no. 929

Ready-to-use catheters focus on comfort, peace of mind

Cure UltraCure Ultra is a ready-to-use line of pre-lubricated, intermittent catheters. The catheters feature polished eyelets for comfort and a unique “no roll” connector/funnel end for stability. The Cure Ultra for men features a proprietary CoverAll application process for even distribution of lubricant and it includes a unique gripper for controlled, “no Touch” use. Small, flexible packaging and kink-resistant catheter enable convenient portability in small spaces. Additionally, use of minimal material means less waste, and Cure Medical catheters are not made with DEHP/DINP, BPA, or NR-Latex for peace of mind.

ConvaTec Continence Care/Cure Medial
(800) 422-8811
Booth no. 435

DMEPOS accreditation designed to improve business operations

Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)National accreditor, Accreditation Commission for Health Care, offers a comprehensive suite of services, each designed to help you improve business operations. Our industry-first distinctions in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management and Custom Mobility were created by DMEPOS experts to provide solutions to increasing demands for accountability and better patient care. To earn either distinction, providers must be accredited under the ACHC DMEPOS program.

Accreditation Commission for Health Care
(855) 937-2242
Booth no. 537

Nasal mask features world’s first CapFit headgear

EvoraF&P Evora is a compact nasal mask for the delivery of PAP therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea. It features the world’s first CapFit headgear. With Dynamic Support Technology the stability wings work in synergy with the floating seal to allow freedom of movement while keeping the Evora comfortably in place. The minimal floating seal wraps around the nose to ensure a flexible
and comfortable fit.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
(800) 792-3912
Booth no. 621

Solution drives cash recovery and staff efficiency

COLLECTPlusCOLLECTPlus provides comprehensive patient pay billing and collection workflows and strategies customized to meet specific business needs. The automated workflow integrates with a provider’s billing software and offers a patient payment portal, domestic call center and dashboard. The portal provides patients convenience and a variety of payments options. The dashboard creates at-a-glance transparency of all patient account activity and critical reporting.

Allegiance Group
(913) 338-4790
Booth no. 730

CPAP sanitizer can be used to clean more than just masks and tubes

OxyGo CPAP SanitizerThe new OxyGo CPAP Sanitizer doesn’t just clean CPAP masks and tubing, it can sanitize everyday items such as cell phones, toothbrushes, keys, earpieces, remote controls, and glasses. With a lightweight, sleek design and large inner capacity sanitizing is easy. Two options offer a model with UV and activated oxygen (three modes) and a model with only UV technology. The device uses neither water, nor harmful chemicals and does not interface with CPAP devices.

(888) 327-73012
Booth no. 935

Get involved by becoming a member of the industry’s national association

American Association of HomecareThe American Association for Homecare is the only national association that represents every segment within the home medical equipment community, including suppliers and manufacturers who provide respiratory therapy, mobility aids, medical supplies, and other essential products and services. Working hand-in-hand with its members to engage Capitol Hill, state and federal policymakers, CMS, and commercial payers, AAHomecare has advanced strategic federal policy initiatives and spearheaded payer relations activities in partnership with state associations. With industry support, AAHomecare has helped put $2.2 billion back in suppliers’ pockets over the past two years.

American Association for Homecare
(202) 372-0107
Booth no. 721

Learning management system to maintain a top-performing team

HealthTrainUHealthTrainU is an all-inclusive learning management platform for DMEPOS and home health providers. This platform provides industry-relevant training, management, and compliance resources for managers and students. Each course was created by industry experts, with direct input from healthcare professionals and associations. Contact us to get started with a free trial. HealthTrainU also offers individual courses to help providers complete staff education requirements without a subscription.

(833) 875-6338
Booth no. 537

Compliance packages and HIPAA software protect providers

the van Halem GroupMedtrade West attendees will receive 10 percent off The van Halem Group’s monthly compliance package rate for the first 12 months. The packages are designed to protect HME businesses from unnecessary compliance issues. Also on display at the show is HIPAAwise, The van Halem Group’s HIPAA compliance software, which offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to help HME companies manage a successful HIPAA compliance program. Medtrade West attendees will receive a 10 percent discount off the implementation fee, a savings of up to $250. To learn more or take advantage of the Medtrade specials, contact Kelly Grahovac at, or call the number below.

The van Halem Group
(404) 343-1815
Booth no. 611

Technology takes new approach for safer indoor air

BOLT Clean Air SystemThe BOLT Clean Air System is a 360° commercial unit that utilizes UVC light to provide real-time air sanitation and protection against viruses such as Covid-19 — while people are in the room. It cleans indoor air 60 times an hour at maximum efficiency, covering 600 square feet (approximately 15 ft. radius). BOLT’s continuous and comprehensive germicidal UVC disinfection kills 99.9 percent of viruses while patients, clients and caregivers remain indoors.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions
(888) 813-0702
Booth no. 521

Platform offers HME providers, DME pharmacies holistic view of metrics

ProchantProchant Analytics is a strategic business intelligence platform for HME and pharmacy revenue cycle management. The system removes tedious and time-consuming activities such as running reports and compiling data, which can be prone to human error. Prochant Analytics provides a consolidated view of data from multiple sources and multiple reports. The platform offers providers a holistic view into critical metrics, including DSO, A/R aging, held revenue, and open orders. With full drill-down ability, historical views, and trend analyses, Prochant Analytics helps providers to transform their KPIs.

Prochant, LLC
(888) 349-9015
Booth no. 624

Scooter packs in a variety of attention-getting features

Baja Wrangler 2 ScooterThe new Baja Wrangler 2 Scooter offers various new features, including updated suspension for a much smoother ride. A steering dampener isolates the wheels from the tiller to reduce vibrations in the hands and arms. Other highlights include dual drive off-road capabilities, speeds up to 11 miles per hour, independent traction and torque, improved aesthetics, a 350-pound weight capacity, 14.5-inch front and rear tires, a strengthened heavy-duty seat post, a full LED lighting package, an LCD console, and a black vinyl memory foam high-back seat with sliderse.

Pride Mobility Products
(800) 800-8586
Booth no. 711

Device helps patients turn for pressure redistribution and reduced pressure injury

EZ TurnWhen the patient is unable to turn without assistance, the caregiver and patient are at greater risk of injury. The EZ-Turn helps caregivers off-load the patient’s weight while the rounded shape and turning handles provide control to easily and safely reposition the patient. EZ-Turn provides patient comfort and security and can help prevent injury for both the patient and caregiver. Made in the USA. The core is constructed from high-density CertiPUR-US foam. Latex-free and fire retardant. The EZ-Turn is upholstered in heavy-duty anti-microbial medical grade vinyl with a double-stitched cover and cleans easily.

Blue Chip Medical Products Inc.
800 795-6115
Medtrade Booth 629

Oxygen conservers is one of the smallest and lightest available

ConservOxSmall and light, the ConservOx by OxyGo reduces cylinder deliveries and operating costs with a single control. An ergonomically designed t-handle and hand-tight nut, making ConservOx easy to use for anyone. It comes with CGA 870 connection and a conserving ratio of up to 5.7 to 1, and includes a two-year warranty.

(888) 327-7301
Booth no. 935

System streamlines appointment scheduling so staff can focus on care

Appoint360Appoint360 provides a smart, intuitive appointment booking solution to help HME providers schedule appointments faster and more easily. Appoint360 provides customized scheduling page for both DME users and patients to view real-time availability of therapists and location for booking appointments. The system helps both the patient and DME to schedule, confirm and follow up via texting, calling, and emailing, and a single dashboard can track and monitor appointments to gain scheduling insights. This helps provider staff to spend less time managing appointments and instead focus on value-based care.

Medtech Solutions, LLC (an Analytix Affiliate)
(781) 503-9017
Booth no. 515

Toilet lift incorporates a fully featured bidet

Bidet Toilet Lift WL1Seated on the warmed toilet seat, users can push a button and be lowered effortlessly to a low toilet height. After they complete toileting, the bidet will cleanse them with three levels of pressure and adjustable water temperature. They can even aim the bidet nozzle to the right spot for men and for women. After drying with the WL1’s blow-dryer, users push a button to rise back to their feet. Toilet lifts prevent falls, but if something did go wrong and they need assistance, the WL1 has an alarm button that is loud enough to alert anyone nearby that there is trouble. The Dignity Lifts Bidet Toilet Lift - WL1 will retail for $2,999 and will be available this Spring.

Dignity Lifts
(248) 602-0932
Booth no. 610

This article originally appeared in the Mar/Apr 2022 issue of HME Business.

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