Invacare Unveils Latest Power Assist Device

The e-fix eco adds in-wheel motors, battery and joystick control to manual wheelchairs.

Invacare Corp. has rolled out its latest power assist device for manual wheelchairs, the Alber e-fix eco Power Assist.

The e-fix eco adds a joystick, battery and in-wheel motors to a manual wheelchair. The wheel hub features a modern design, and other features include a color display and battery bag. In addition, the e-fix eco features a clutch, multiple joystick options and energy recovering braking technology, which transfers power back into the battery.

The e-fix eco is the latest addition to the e-fix family of power assist devices, which are designed to be added to and taken off manual wheelchairs for travel to enhance mobility and independence. It’s designed to be convenient and to give users power when they need it, while offering a free-wheel mode to let users manually propel. The line also includes an attendant control that mounts to the back canes to give a caregiver control of the chair for easier mobility.

“The new e-fix eco, our third new product in less than two years, follows successful launches of our award-winning SMOOV and e-motion Power Assist products,” said Michael Salvi, Invacare’s director of manual mobility and seating. “We are excited to showcase the e-fix eco’s improvements as we continue helping end-users in Making Life’s Experiences Possible.”

The standard e-fix and e-fix eco are available through dealers now, a statement from Invacare noted.

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