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Our latest round up of HME software offerings to help ensure your business can adapt to whatever the market can throw at it.


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With all the upheaval COVID-19 has hurled at U.S. healthcare, it’s been reassuring to see that HME has remained resilient despite the public health emergency. Then again, this pandemic hasn’t been providers’ first rodeo when it comes to massive, sudden change.

Change management has become an essential business discipline for HMEs, and a key tool that has helped providers contend with whatever obstacles come their way has been technology. HME software tools — whether overall business and billing management systems, or specialized offerings — have helped providers deal with unforeseen circumstances, integrate them into their business strategies, and actually create workflows that help them define their future. If anything, software is providers’ strongest link.

If anything, the software providers use to manage their businesses, process claims, interact with patients, and share data with other healthcare providers is constantly changing and evolving to meet market demands. To help you stay on top of all the latest upgrades with the various offerings, we’ve once again conducted our annual software survey. We have surveyed a variety of software companies to see the new developments and features they have added to their offerings.

This year, we’ve reviewed 19 systems across the following categories:

  • HME Management Systems
  • Business Analytics
  • Document Imaging/Management
  • E-Prescription
  • E-Commerce/Digital Marketing
  • Patient Management/Compliance

So, if you’re looking to see how HME’s technology tools can keep your business functioning as an unbreakable chain between your patients and your referral partners, here are the latest updates:


Systems like these offer a wide range of features ranging from billing and claims processing to operational efficiencies and inventory management. The broad-based software allows providers to manage most parts of their business in a single platform, with a particular focus on patient services.

ATLAS Enterprise Software

ATLAS Enterprise Software

ATM Holding Co., LLC
(702) 425-3156

Years company has been in business: 10
Number of installed systems: 60
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: Various
Recent developments: ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it refers to the systems and software packages used by HME/CRT businesses to manage day-to-day business activities, such as referral sources, client demographics, eligibility, medical records, evaluations, workflow, pre-authorizations including verification of benefits, inventory management, orders, payer billing, A/R, audit validation and accounting. ATLAS ERP brings defined processes and information to create, store and use the same data derived through consistent practices. It manages all critical payer compliance as defined by each payer’s separate criteria and manages each as a unique custom workflow. Data integrity is assured for every task performed through your entire organization, from financial reports to single outstanding receivables, without deploying error-prone manual spreadsheets. Key features and benefits of the ATLAS system include: removal of manual processes; manage multiple locations; transparent analytics; sales forecasting; purchasing; chronological transaction history; billing; seamless system; monitoring key performance indicators (PMIs); comprehensive real time business overview; inventory optimization ; order tracking ; and data security.

Brightree by ResMed

Brightree Business Management Solution

(888) 598-7797

Years company has been in business: 18
Number of installed systems: 2,200
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: Brightree’s software is programmed in C# and SQL.
Recent developments: Brightree has added many new features to its business management solution to specifically support HME’s during COVID-19 including additional WIP states to pickup/exchange orders, infectious condition functionality, transmission method & alerts, added ability to track setup method, CDC COVID-19 Guidelines on printed delivery ticket, picture support for Mobile Delivery, and COVID Analytics Dashboards to provide additional visibility into accounts receivable, patient attrition & staff productivity. In addition to these features, Brightree added the following functionality: updated ERN processing to handle payer initiated codes, saving eligibility history indefinitely to facilitate audit responses, patient PAR/CMN list enhancements, ability to Mass re-assign tasks, address validation and API updates for insurance, creating/updating PAR tasks and posting a deposit. Brightree has added to is resupply portfolio by acquiring SnapWorx bringing the most comprehensive set of solutions for multi-channel patient engagement and workflow automation for HMEs. The combined capabilities will help drive patient therapy adherence and increase operational efficiencies. Brightree has also enhanced customer support by adding additional convenient ways to request support through Brightree Community Case Portal, phone, email, and chat and regraded Community to make it easier to find on-demand training videos, ask a question, discuss an issue, or get help in our searchable forum and content database.




Years company has been in business: 40
Number of installed systems: Over 150 on CareTend. 1,000 combined with all other platforms (CPR+, Fastrack, and HC360).
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site; a hosted, web-based/SAAS system. A stand-alone, fully featured back-office application that supports all HME provider operations. Offered as a cloud-based system.
Technology used: WellSky’s CareTend solution currently uses a .Net technology platform and Microsoft SQL database back end with new capabilities now delivered via a modern web browser using Angular, Microservices built in .NET Core, and PostgreSQL databases all hosted in the cloud (AWS).
Recent developments: In addition to CareTend’s business intelligence and custom reporting tools, CareTend has evolved its inventory features to deliver new webbased functionality. Now the application is accessible to users where, when, and how they need it, which is especially important for in-warehouse operations support on a PC or tablet. WellSky also recently announced WellSky Delivery Manager, a solution that provides advanced capabilities for managing both deliveries through courier or contracted staff, as well as shipments through third-party carriers. This capability provides advanced route optimization and real time delivery tracking and status updates through iOS and Android-based applications, as well as proof-of-delivery updates on the delivery tickets within CareTend technology.

Universal Software Solutions


Universal Software Solutions
(810) 653-5000

Years company has been in business: 20
Number of installed systems: 1,500
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site, or a hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: Microsoft SQL and
Recent developments: Several new companions and services to HDMS came to market this year like HDMS Connect; which offers real-time eligibility, professional claims submission, and electronic submission of medical documentation to Medicare for improved management of claims audit responsiveness. HDMS Database Auditing is another new companion that allows Providers with an HDMS database to create their own user intelligence based on activity occurring in their system. We have created a new product called Workflow, which acts as an external jobs handler for processes that start in HDMS and then have to tie into other services so that Providers can easily see and manage the workload of chasing medical documentation with physicians. In addition to providing enhanced med doc management, Workflow is set up to automate and delegate any process that can be drawn out in a tradition workflow document. HDMS Pharmacy heads into controlled substances, and HDMS Mobile Delivery native app has received a clean and easy facelift so that delivery techs have an effortless work tool.



(540) 850-6097

Years company has been in business: n/a
Number of installed systems: n/a
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system, or a hosted system, but uses special client software
Technology used: .NET
Recent developments: NikoHealth is truly an end to end solution with workflows that make sense and built in logic to streamline many processes. It has an incredibly intuitive and modern interface with a gentle learning curve. We have a very innovative and agile development team that are rolling out new features and enhancements on a regular basis.

Noble House

Noble*Direct v11 | Durable Medical Equipment Billing Sofware

Noble House | The Comprehensive Remedy
(954) 418-0828

Years company has been in business: 31
Number of installed systems: n/a
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site. Noble House also partners with Network Extrem allowing providers to host Noble*Direct in the cloud.
Technology used: C Sharp Dot Net with Microsoft SQL database manager.
Recent developments: Noble*Direct v11 has added eInvoicing to give providers the ability to invoice their patients that have a remaining balance to be paid. Also new, Noble Hot Lead is an API that lets providers to import data directly into Noble*Direct in real-time. This feature was originally designed for lead companies to send patients to DMEs. Medi-Cal Eligibility lets Noble*Direct v11 users check eligibility for Medi-Cal insured patients, and Noble*Blue-View is another new eligibility reporting tool. Last but not least, Noble*Trax (RX Trax) helps HMEs manage their product delivery. It allows them to manage their drivers’ routes, and receive proof of delivery (capture signatures, take photos, time and date stamp, information secured). The data is then seamlessly imported from the driver’s tablet directly into Noble*Direct.



(866) 548-9190

Years company has been in business: 43
Number of installed systems: n/a
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site; A hosted, web-based/SAAS system; or A hosted system, but uses special client software.
Technology used: SystemOne uses Visual Basic and a proprietary database environment.
Recent developments: SystemOne, a comprehensive, budget-friendly approach to HME, now offers a new solution for denial management through Waystar to easily track and appeal denials – and prevent them from happening in the first place. SystemOne can manage business from accounts receivable (AR) to point-of-sale, shipping, rentals, sales, and more. It has a modular design; select only the functionality you need, then add to it as your business grows. Avoid duplicate data entry, bill and post payments electronically, batch recreate transactions, capture signatures electronically, transfer Med B claims from QS/1 Pharmacy programs for billing, and print hospice, consignment, and patient statements. QS/1 is part of RedSail Technologies, LLC.

Team DME


(888) 832-6363

Years company has been in business: 30
Number of installed systems: 360
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site; a hosted, web-based/SAAS system; or a hosted system, but uses special client software.
Technology used: Programming language - Delphi Data base Firebird SQL
Recent developments: TeamDME! XL has added simplified customer statements that allow providers to choose the amount of data and fields that they print on statements. Providers can create summary invoice that limit the detail or include all the details for a claim and allow the customer to pay their bill online. The company has also added customizable fields in all sections of TeamDME! XL and the ability to create custom shipping labels. In addition, TeamDME! has an integrated solution with CMB Solutions offering a turn-key solution for patient engagement for all HME product lines, compliance, replenishment, reminders, adherence, and readmission risk management.

TIMS Software Computers Unlimited

TIMS Software

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500

Years company has been in business: 42
Number of installed systems: n/a
Type of system: A stand-alone system that can be hosted/cloud-based or traditional on-site.
Technology used: TIMS Software uses .NET and SQL.
Recent developments: TIMS is business management software for HME/DME providers, with cloud-hosted or on-site options. Our total revenue cycle management solution offers compliance-centric, revenue-qualifying patient intake workflows with high visibility payer, rules-based supporting document and payer authorization requirements. TIMS optimizes revenue opportunities by streamlining and automating denial processing and collections activities. Our innovative Medical Collections Worklist considers payer payment behavior, and timely filing requirements. TIMS also brings choices for each patient order with low-contact mobile delivery to the patient’s home, curbside pickup at your retail location, or integrated shipping options with all major carriers. Additionally, TIMS offers comprehensive warehouse and inventory management, KPI analysis with integrated business intelligence, and more. Developed by Computers Unlimited, TIMS backs its users with US-based support, available 24 hours a day. And even better, TIMS is also a customizable solution, designed to fit your specific business needs.


These systems are focused on helping providers look at their business data and draw meaningful conclusions they can put to a strategic end.

PlayMaker Health

Edge Platform for HME and Infusion

PlayMaker Health
(866) 930-6847

Years company has been in business: 12
Number of installed systems: 300+
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system and a mobile CRM app
Technology used: Custom
Recent developments: Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards allow HME and Infusion sales leaders to analyze real-time sale performance metrics and enhance referral source targeting capabilities with drag and drop dashboards and automated reports to accelerate revenue and accurately forecast.


Prochant Analytics

Prochant Inc.
(888) 349-9015

Years company has been in business: 21
Number of installed systems: n/a
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: It is built on top of .Net, and SQL Server Database using C#
Recent developments: Prochant Analytics is a business intelligence platform from Prochant, an HME and pharmacy reimbursement firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. This tool offers providers daily insights into the operational health of their business, presenting data using industry-standard key performance indicators for revenue cycle management. Specifically, Prochant Analytics includes historical trending and benchmarks, as well as the ability to drill down fully into the underlying data. Providers are also alerted to potential issues regarding payer concerns and internal roadblocks.


Documentation programs have become increasingly important to HME providers as CMS continues to expand its Medicare claims auditing. These systems allow clients to efficiently digitize and manage their claims documentation.


ContentCenter, CommandCenter, RemitCenter, SignCenter

Medforce Technologies Inc.
(845) 426-0459

Years company has been in business: 20
Number of installed systems: n/a
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system, or a hosted system, but uses special client software
Technology used: Medforce supports both Firebird and Microsoft SQL databases.
Recent developments: Medforce is actively enhancing our web-client with additional features that complement our Windows software, providing browser users additional functionality. ZipMit, our complete esMD tool is about to receive a complete overhall providing enhanced capabilities.


E-prescription services allow physicians and other medical practictioners to secure send prescriptions and other patient information to other healthcare providers, including HME providers. The delivery systems can operate as a stand-alone service or integrate into other medical record systems.

A/R Retrieval
(800) 986-9368

Years company has been in business: 14
Number of installed systems: 10,000s
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: n/a
Recent developments: For almost a decade, has been used by physicians and other practitioners during face-to-face evaluations to produce Medicare compliant Orders and Face to Face evaluations. is an algorithmic program that compares a physician’s answers during a face-to-face evaluation to Medicare’s coverage criteria. The program identifies what DME equipment, if any, a patient qualifies for, and generates accurate paperwork documenting medical necessity in the format Medicare requires. Physicians can perform evaluations for power mobility, respiratory, manual wheelchairs, hospital beds, support surfaces, commodes, walkers, canes, etc. The Prior Authorization Demonstration Project, audits and reimbursement cuts have made it critical for DME companies to receive the correct paperwork from physicians the first time. has bridged the gap between the two entities and has a 99.9 percent Prior Authorization success rate for PMDs.

DME hub


(877) 461-9706

Years company has been in business: n/a
Number of installed systems: n/a
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: PHP, MySQL
Recent developments: 2020 Updates:
In-app messaging
Updated order summary data
COVID-19 PHE updates
Provide CMN upfront on oxygen orders
Approval of Cerner App Gallery submission
Addition of home sleep testing
Bi-level PAP product ordering redesign
Added more order statuses
Branch routing by delivery zip code


Digital marketing services are becoming an increasingly crucial focus area for HME providers looking to grow their retail sales, particularly with stiff competition from online retailers. These systems make it easier for clients to bring their products to a wider market through digital campaigns and websites tailored to customer needs.

Health Mobius

HME Webstore Marketplace

Health Mobius LLC
(630) 325-5150

Years company has been in business: 11
Number of installed systems: n/a
Type of system: E-commerce Marketplace that connects to existing provider website
Technology used: Managed Webstore uses a proprietary program and includes back office integration
Recent developments: The latest Health Mobius Webstore update allows Pharmacy and HME/DME providers to better compete with Amazon & online retailers in direct-to-consumer retail sales by easily connecting an e-commerce marketplace to any provider’s existing website. Online shopping has exploded because of COVID-19. It is no longer acceptable to just have an online catalog where a patient cannot complete an online purchase. Our Fully Managed Webstore provides access to a virtual warehouse of over 40,000 SKU’s from over 300 manufacturers. The fully managed system has no set up fees and costs $99 per month. Providers select the brands and products you want to offer to customers. Health Mobius provides the setup, hosting, product catalog management, and customer service with live chat. In addition, the company provides the back office and financial reporting to submit PO and pay vendor invoices as well as sales tax reporting.


These systems allow providers to acquire data from medical devices and use it to inform treatment decisions for their patients. Patient management platforms usually include audit systems to ensure that providers are meeting compliance standards.

CMB Solutions


CMB Solutions, Inc.
(888) 959-6785

Years company has been in business: 12
Number of installed systems: n/a
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: Microsoft C#.Net and 2016 SQL Server database running on AWS Cloud Platform
Recent developments: CMB Solutions continues to integrate our patient engagement solution with Accounting platforms that enables us to push and pull data so not to need human involvement. This improves accuracy and data movement. CMB as an Omni-Channel platform continues to improve the analytics and reporting along with developing new programs to increase patient retention, compliance and their health through patient education. Our proactive contact with patients keeps them using the items correctly and having all the items needed for the replenishment for their disease state. Improved patient education and compliance leads to increased revenue and ROI. CMB continues to add services for credit card payments, insurance eligibility checks, Script and CMN renewal and telehealth visits.

This article originally appeared in the Nov/Dec 2020 issue of HME Business.

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