There are two must-haves for providers specializing in compression: a wide range of custom product options for customers and product expertise that can guide a patient toward the right sock or sleeve. A balanced combination of the two will bring in lifelong customers whose reorders can help an HME provider survive rough waters, including the tight economic times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because the compression market caters to both patients with chronic conditions and people who work long hours on their feet, there are many opportunities for providers to connect with customers through a wide range of products and services. Patient populations typically seeking compression include diabetics, lymphedema patients and elderly people with venous diseases. In addition, workers and athletes are seeking lighter compression hosiery and sleeves so they can boost circulation in their extremities and diminish swelling.

This burgeoning customer base explains why providers must consistently update their compression garment offerings with a variety of sizes, colors and styles. Beyond focusing on expanding retail sales, providers should also look to develop their expertise through compression fitter classes and online training with manufacturers so patients keep coming back for more products that give them consistent results.

Providers also have the opportunity to try new technology options that measure customers with minimal contact involved – a potentially crucial tool during an era where close contact with vulnerable patients may not be possible for months to come. To learn more about the latest products and services available on the compression market, read the sampling provided below.

Custom fitting software minimizes contact, ensures accurate fit

medi visionmedi vision

  • Software blends digital scanning, encryption and B2B technologies to create first fully integrated patient measuring experience.
  • Minimal contact custom fitting process eliminates pulling and prodding of tape measurements and is fully mobile.
  • Ordering garments is made easier with 3-D image created during consultation.

medi USA
(800) 633-6334

Distinct ‘his and hers’ styles available for wide range of compression patients

Opaque Knee High for Him & Her SocksOpaque Knee High for Him & Her Socks

  • Manufacturer offers distinct styles of socks for compression customers: Alex For Him, Alex For Him & Her, and Alex For Her.
  • Styles range from thigh-high and pantyhose to knee-high and trouser socks with compression ranges from 15-20 MmHg to 30-40 MmHg.
  • Accessories can include SockAid, which helps patients put on socks and stockings without bending over.

Alex Orthopedic Inc.
(972) 641-9680

Diabetic socks feature nano bamboo charcoal fiber padding for comfort

Merry-Jane Diabetic Support SockMerry-Jane Diabetic Support Sock

  • Company specializing in diabetic footwear sells wide variety of socks for men and women’s preferences, specifically catering to styles like no-show and dress socks.
  • Nano bamboo charcoal fiber padding included in heel and forefoot for maximum comfort.
  • Y toe gores eliminates bunching, with ankle socks providing light arch support and durable cuff in variety of colors.

Dr. Comfort
(866) 922-5300

Anti-embolism stockings manage symptoms for post-operation, elderly patients

ITA-MED Style H-500 Anti-Embolism Thigh HighsITA-MED Style H-500 Anti-Embolism Thigh Highs

  • Light compression anti-embolism stockings help manage symptoms for bedridden patients undergoing surgical operations, particularly in elderly, neurological or polytraumatized patients.
  • Reduce possibility of venous stasis, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.
  • Made with soft, gentle microfiber material makes for daily comfortable wear.

(888) 948-2633

Liner serves as treatment aid for edema, prevents soft tissue fibrosis

SoftCompress Arm LinerSoftCompress Arm Liner

  • Liners worn under bandages, compression wraps or garments can be used as effective treatment aid for edema.
  • Vertically stitched foam channels create differences in pressure, promoting lymph drainage and preventing soft tissue fibrosis.
  • Has machine washable material and saves time when applying bandaging.

(888) 255-1300

Lower limb garment strap system offers high range of adjustability for custom fit

Comprefit Standard Calf & FootComprefit Standard Calf & Foot

  • Compression system for foot and calf comes with garment strap system that gives it high range of adjustability for accurate fit.
  • Overlapping bands mimic bandaging technique that allows for fluctuations in limb fluid volume.
  • Back spin of garment provides support and ensures firm, secure fit.

(800) 322-7744

This article originally appeared in the May/Jun 2020 issue of HME Business.

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