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A round-up of some of the latest accreditation services available to HME providers.

In the years since Medicare accreditation was announced as a requirement, providers have realized the value of demonstrating to referral partners and patients that they have earned a gold standard in HME service. As providers face an increasingly competitive landscape and regulatory hurdles, accreditation has become one way to stand out from the pack.

To earn accreditation, providers must show that they are following the proper policies and procedures when it comes to claims documentation, equipment handling, patient satisfaction and the production of better patient outcomes. In addition to the financial value accreditation can bring providers as a reputation booster, the process of earning the distinction allows businesses to recognize where they can improve on regulatory matters and fix those issues accordingly. While those errors may have fallen to the wayside in previous eras, HME providers now have the chance to correct them and obtain a status that recognizes that progress.

With the rise of specialized accreditation services, providers can also show that they have expertise in areas that have become increasingly important in the world of home medical equipment, including DMEPOS, home infusion therapy, respiratory care and more. Requirements to obtain these accreditations may be stringent, but once providers reach their goals, they can use the achievement to boost their market value by showing they are among the best of the best.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest accreditation services for providers, ranging from DMEPOS programs to specialized home respiratory accreditation.

Advanced respiratory care program focused on driving better patient outcomes

The Compliance TeamPatient-Centered Respiratory Home

  • Operations-based accreditation service guides advanced respiratory care organizations to consistently demonstrate performance at the top of their license.
  • Better outcomes driven through care planning with goals of addressing poor management, decreasing emergency room visits and lowering hospital readmissions.

The Compliance Team
(215) 654-9110
Medtrade Spring Booth no. 730

Commission offers a four-step program for DMEPOS accreditation

ACHC Transition ProgramACHC DMEPOS Transition Program

  • Recognized leader in DMEPOS accreditation offers educational survey approach with standards written with direct input from clinical staff and industry experts.
  • Program includes simple four steps and dedicated account advisors for providers.
  • Budget-friendly payments with no annual fees.

Accreditation Commission for Health Care
(855) 937-2242
Medtrade Spring Booth no. 635

Learn strengths and weaknesses in real-time with DMEPOS accreditation process

The Joint CommissionAccreditation For DMEPOS

  • Surveyors measuring compliance offers interactive “tracer” process during onsite visit, enabling leadership to see strengths and weaknesses of processes in real-time.
  • Standards focus on equipment management, staff competence and infection control.
  • Accreditation fees average pennies per patient per day.

The Joint Commission
(630) 792-5070

Gain access to full-line and limited DMEPOS accreditation options

Healthcare Quality Association on AccreditationDMEPOS Accreditation

  • Web-based process is intuitive and individualized, with each customer is assigned an accreditation coach to ensure that no one walks through the process alone.
  • Limited DMEPOS and full-line DMEPOS accreditation tailored specifically to client needs.
  • Customers provided with tools to ensure that they stay informed about changes in requirements.

Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA)
(866) 909-4722
Medtrade Spring Booth no. 832

Program provides flexible standards and experienced site inspectors

Community Health Accreditation ProgramCHAP Accreditation

  • CHAP has created accreditation Standards of Excellence for HME, which reflect state and federal laws, as well as best practices in the industry.
  • CHAP standards provide guidance and are flexible to accommodate business models.
  • Standards detail all necessary requirements and components of policies and procedures.

The Community Health Accreditation Program Inc. (CHAP)
(202) 862-3413

Expedited survey option saves valuable time

 Board of Certification/AccreditationExpedited Survey Option

  • Guarantees a visit from a surveyor in as fast as 10 business days.
  • Provides CMS-compliant opportunity to begin serving Medicare patients sooner while ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements.
  • Ensures providers receive step-by-step, expert guidance.

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)
(877) 776-2200
Medtrade Spring Booth no. 417

This article originally appeared in the March 2020 issue of HME Business.

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