More SWO Policy Changes Released

List of items no longer needing WOPD released. CMS likely to publish a new WOPD list in the Federal Register in the next month or two.

CMS has provided additional details on its recently unveiled Standard Written Order (SWO), which will be used for nearly all Medicare claims.

Last week, CMS announced that nearly all DMEPOS Medicare claims with dates of service on Jan. 1 or after will only require an SWO, which would replace the Written Order Prior to Delivery (WOPD).

After inquiry from the American Association for Homecare, the DME MACs have stated and CMS has confirmed that the WOPD is now only required for only power mobility device claims. The WOPD requirements for the other HCPCS have been eliminated.

For more specifics, watch this Medicare Minute video with Dr. Robert Hoover, Medical Director for Jurisdiction C, or read the transcript:

The items that no longer need a WOPD and are transitioning to a SWO:

  • Group 1,2 and 3 pressure reducing support surfaces
  • Seat lift mechanisms
  • TENS units
  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Wheelchair seating
  • Wheelchair options and accessories provided for power wheelchairs
  • Portable gas oxygen
  • Liquid stationary and portable oxygen
  • CPAP
  • RAD
  • Nebulizers

“It is anticipated that CMS will publish a new Required List for WOPD items in the Federal Register in the next month or two,” AAHomecare noted in a public statement. “Although WOPD is only required for PMDs, it is recommended that suppliers continue to get a WOPD for the items listed above until the new list is published.”

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