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HME providers can carry a wide-range of senior care products that can help seniors live safely in their homes.

Aging in place, the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely and independently as one ages, is a top priority for seniors. According to the AARP, 90 percent of people over the age of 65 prefer to stay in their homes rather than move into an assisted living facility. To do this, seniors need products and home modifications that accommodate the changes in daily living that go hand-in-hand with aging.

HME providers already carry a wide-range of senior care products that can go a long way in helping seniors live safely in their homes. Most of the medical equipment that seniors need is already available on a retail basis. Products such as incontinence supplies, compression items and bathroom balance bars as well as high-ticket items like lift chairs and scooters present HME providers with numerous opportunities to increase cash sales.

Providers are also in a position to help senior customers assess their needs and understand which home accessibility and safety solutions are best for them. Providers should consider a Certified Environmental Access Consultant certification from VGM Live at Home, which gives providers training to improve their knowledge of independent living solutions. This certification lets customers and referral sources know which providers are most qualified in senior safety and accessibility.

Whether providers are looking to expand their existing senior retail selection or rethink their business plan to include one, it’s important to keep track of what is out there. HME Business has put together a list of current offerings in senior care from a variety of product categories.

Overnight underwear provides absorbency and comfort

Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

  • Absorbency holds up to 1 quart of fluid.
  • Peach core guarantees skin dryness, odor reduction and urine pH neutralization.
  • Tear-away sides for easy removal and fullrise waist for a snug fit.

Principle Business Enterprises Inc.
(800) 467-3224

Four-wheel scooter features three-wheel turn radius

Jazzy Zero TurnJazzy Zero Turn

  • Four-wheel scooter with a three-wheel turning radius featuring Pride’s patented iTurn Technology.
  • CTS Suspension and dual motors provide a smooth ride over varied terrain.
  • Includes full LED lighting package, under seat storage, USB charger port in tiller and standard front basket.

Pride Mobility Products Corp.
(800) 800-8586

Compression wrap gives versatile options

Juzo Compression WrapJuzo Compression Wrap

  • Features short stretch for greater resistance against muscle contraction.
  • Gap resistant with special notches to resist gapping and bulk.
  • Removable hook fastener makes the wrap safe for machine washing and drying and makes it reversible by moving hook and loop fastener to the opposite side of the garment.

(800) 222-4999

Safe-er-Grip balance bar gets new chrome finish

Safe-er-Grip Suction Cup Balance Assist BarSafe-er-Grip Suction Cup Balance Assist Bar

  • Available in new chrome finish and in lengths of 12 inches or 16 inches.
  • Suction cup design requires no tools for installation and can be secured on any smooth, flat, non-porous surface for safer tub entries and exits.
  • Flip-up tabs make it easy to attach, remove and relocate to different areas in the bathroom.

(800) 371-3509

WHILL rolls out new remote control personal mobility device

Model CiModel Ci, personal mobility device

  • WHILL Control System lets users drive their personal mobility device remotely from their phone.
  • Electromagnetic brakes provide safe stopping, even on inclines up to 10 degrees.
  • Travels up to 5 miles per hour with a driving range up to 10 miles.

(844) 699-4455

Airway clearance device steps in for choking emergencies

LifeVacThe LifeVac

  • Non-invasive, portable suction apparatus that removes airway obstructions when standard choking protocol fails.
  • Patented valve prevents air from pushing food or objects downward, creating one-way suction to remove lodged obstructions.
  • Negative pressure generated by the suction is 3 times greater than the highest recorded choke pressure.

LifeVac LLC
(877) 543-3822

Customized modular ramps offer flexibility and safety

Modular RampAccess4U Modular Ramps

  • Aluminum modular ramps and platforms are customized to client’s homes and meet ADA guidelines for ramp widths.
  • Accessories include mesh deck, stairs, gates, picket railings, ground platforms and angled platforms.
  • Features handrails and slip resistant walking surfaces for safety.

Access4U Inc.
(800) 355-7025

Wearable device for incontinence now available through rental program


  • A wearable incontinence device that notifies users when the bladder is full.
  • Rental includes DFree device, charger with charging cable, medical tape and ultrasound gel.
  • Rental costs 40 dollars per month, with a minimum 30-day term.

Triple W
(833) 337-3387

Residential ramp offers durability and easy-of-use

Patriot RampThe Patriot Ramp

  • Solid surface residential ramp constructed with durable aluminum and stainless steel hardware.
  • Non-skid surface with seamless connections between ramps and platforms.
  • Simple to install and fully adjustable.

American Access Inc.
(888) 790-9269

This article originally appeared in the May 2019 issue of HME Business.

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Leila McNeill is a former associate editor for HME Business and Mobility Management.

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