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This year's edition of Medtrade Spring returns to Las Vegas on April 16-18, and the expo will offer attendees a bonanza of products and services. Here are some of the top items to check out at the show.

CAIRE expands providers’ retail offerings for portable oxygen concentrators

FreeStyle ComfortThe FreeStyle Comfort from CAIRE is a portable five-pulse setting POC made for users with an active lifestyle. It weighs five pounds and features a comfort curve design to skim the natural curve of the body, making it more comfortable to wear. Additionally, the device delivers up to 1050 milliliters of output per minute and includes CAIRE’s UltraSense technology, which helps reduce skipped breaths. Users can operate their device by way of wall outlet, vehicle outlet or rechargeable battery, which comes in 8- and 16-cell and operates up to four to eight hours.

(800) 842-2473
Booth no. 903

Precision Medical releases new five-setting portable POC

Live Active Five Portable Oxygen ConcentratorThe Live Active Five portable oxygen concentrator (POC) delivers high oxygen purity on five pulse settings. With vacuum pressure swing absorption (VPSA) technology, each sieve bed is regenerated each cycle, which helps providers eliminate frequent sieve bed replacements. The POC weighs 4.9 pounds, and the battery lasts up to six hours with a two-hour charge time.

Precision Medical Inc.
(800) 272-7285
Booth no. 902

Sleep 8 introduces portable PAP cleaner

Sleep 8The Sleep 8 is a portable CPAP and BiPAP sanitizer with a universal design that accommodates all CPAP masks and heated and non-heating tubing. Using a waterless Activated Oxygen System, the Sleep 8 kills 99 percent of germs. The device can be powered via a wall outlet or built-in rechargeable battery, and users can use the Sleep 8 while it charges. The cleaning chamber can handle a full-face mask and 12 feet of tubing.

Sleep 8 Inc.
(888) 549-9799
Booth no. 1010

Cure Medical Debuts Hydro Kit Catheter

Hydrophilic Cure KitCure Medical’s Hydrophilic Cure Kit is a lightweight, ready-to-use catheter designed for easy transport and discreet, one-time use. The hydrophilic coating provides quick lubrication, and a purified water packet allows easy, stain-free hydration. The Cure Kit is available in French sizes 12-16 and includes a 16-inch hydrophilic intermittent catheter, ambidextrous gloves, BZK wipe, underpad and collection bag with universal connector. Not made with scary chemicals, the Cure Hydro Kit is not made with DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex.

Cure Medical LLC
(800) 570-1778
Booth no. 835

Flyp Nebulizer makes user compliance easier

Flyp NebulizerThe Flyp Nebulizer is an all-in-one, pocket-portable nebulizer that increases user compliance with a simplified “Fill, Click, Breath” operation. The device can aerosolize a wide range of medications in order to remove complex operational barriers that impact a variety of treatment regimens. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the Flyp provides up to 10 treatments per charge, and a micro-USB port makes recharging simple and portable.

Convexity Scientific Inc.
(844) 359-7632
Booth no. 415

Sunset Healthcare’s Compressor

NEB100 Compressor NebulizerNebulizer available in two configurations Sunset’s Compressor Nebulizer comes in two configurations: the NEB100 and the NEB100-R. The NEB100 includes a disposable Adult Neb Kit and five BF018 filters. The NEB100 includes both disposable and reusable Neb Kits and five BF018 filters. Neb kits featured in both configurations include a nebulizer bottle, t-piece, mouthpiece, 6-inch corrugated reservoir tube and a 7-foot supply tube. The device itself weighs 2.75 pounds and has a noise level below 60dBA.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions
(877) 578-6738
Booth no. 1027

Bleep rolls out mask-less CPAP machine

DreamPort Sleep SolutionThe DreamPort Sleep Solution is an adhesive CPAP that does not need headgear, resulting in a light and one-size-fits-all fit. The single-use, disposable adhesives are made from 3M hypoallergenic surgical foam tape often used in hospitals. One box of 32 adhesives will last half a month. The DreamPort, which is covered by both insurance and Medicare, can connect to a user’s current device with the included 9-inch connecting tube that connects to all CPAP machines.

Bleep LLC
(833) 392-5337
Booth no. 1038

Graham-Field introduces Allura line of rollators

Lumex Allura and Allura LX rollatorsThe Lumex Allura and Allura LX rollators offer a light aluminum frame; a flexible, removable padded back support; removable personal storage; side-to-side folding crossbraces; and adjustable ergonomic handles. The Allura feature a handle height of 33 inches to 38 inches and a seat height of 21.8 inches. For taller users, the Allura LX has a handle height of 37 inches to 42 inches and a seat height of 26 inches.

GF Health Products Inc.
(770) 368-4700
Booth 514

The Compliance Team enhances patient portal

The Compliance Team 25 YearsThe Compliance Team’s patient satisfaction reporting and benchmarking subscription service, Patient Quality Measurement (PQM) Satisfaction Portal, has added two enhancements to the database: Patient Survey Kiosk and Patient Survey Invite. The Kiosk allows the patient to enter satisfaction survey data at the time of service via an online computer or tablet device at the provider’s location. The Invite allows the provider to send a secure and time-sensitive survey email to each of its patients. The PQM database is free of charge as a value-added benefit to all clients.

The Compliance Team Inc.
(214) 654-9110
Booth no. 831

OxyGo launches Bluetooth enabled portable oxygen concentrator

OxyGo FIT ConnectThe new OxyGo FIT Connect portable oxygen concentrator from OxyGo uses Bluetooth technology to help improve patient outcomes. The My OxyGo Provider Dashboard can connect with the My OxyGo App, giving providers the ability to monitor the device in real-time through troubleshooting, concentrator health checks, preventative maintenance checks and device geo-locating. Both providers and users will be able to monitor battery life, column life and oxygen purity. With the new wireless connectivity platform, providers and users can communicate about the POC in real-time.

(866) 316-8739
Booth no. 809

Universal launches automated compression garment refill outreach

HDMS Outreach ServicesUniversal Software Solutions has added a Compression Stockings Refill Program to its HDMS Outreach Services to enhance patient services while increasing revenue for providers. The refill program will identify and contact only those patients who are qualified for their resupply and who are active patients with a current prescription and medical documentation. The program also lets providers control enrollment on a per patient basis.

Universal Software Solutions Inc.
(810) 653-5000
Booth no. 732

Philips Sleep & Respiratory unveils over-the-nose CPAP mask

DreamWispThe DreamWisp is the first over-the-nose nasal CPAP mask designed with a top-of-the-head tube to help sleep apnea patients sleep more comfortably. Instead of sitting in front of the face, the tube sits atop the head and connects to an over-the-nose nasal mask, allowing users to move freely throughout the night.

Philips Respironics
(844) 240-1649
Booth no. 211

Bonafide Facility Portal helps HMEs tap into a revenue opportunity

Bonafide Management Systems the #1 ERP for DMEThe new Facility Portal lets HME providers sell directly to healthcare facilities through an online shopping portal, which is linked to the providers back-office billing operations, inventory and delivery systems. Nurses and other healthcare workers can create patient profiles, place rental and sale orders, suggest patient-specific items based on a clinical algorithm, allow for an approval process and schedule delivery, service and pickup.

Bonafide Management Systems
(805) 777-7666
Booth no. 926

Vivo65 ventilator treats respiratory diseases in children and adults

Vivo 65The Vivo65 ventilator from Breas Medical provides continuous or intermittent ventilator support for individuals who require mechanical ventilation. It is suitable for use in hospitals, postacute care institutions and the home and is indicated for both adult and pediatric patients under 11 pounds. Due to an accurate volume delivery and responsive trigger system, the Vivo65 is a practical choice for pediatric treatment, according to the company. Its intuitive interface makes the device easy to use.

Breas Medical Inc.
(855) 436-8724
Booth no. 1215

ResMed’s minimal-contact CPAP increases user comfort

AirFit F30The AirFit F30, the latest in ResMed’s AirFit mask portfolio, is the company’s first minimal-contact full-face CPAP mask. The mask consists of a minimal-contact cushion that sits below the nose, preventing top-of-nose contact and reducing feelings of claustrophobia. ResMed reports it fits 93 percent of users and features the company’s QuietAir vent, which keeps the mask quieter than even ambient bedroom noise.

(800) 424-0737
Booth no 527

NikoHealth simplifies orders and billing processes

NikoHealthNikoHealth is a comprehensive business solution software that lets HME providers manage their workflow all in one place. With NikoHealth, providers can reduce windshield time, increase staff productivity and respond to customers faster with the software’s scheduling solution, improve order flow and inventory management and easily manage supply orders with integrated PAP compliance. A simple and intuitive billing solution processes claims and automates insurance eligibility and verification to streamline delivery and billing.

BBMK Technologies
(877) 850-8088
Booth 915

RemZzzs is now compatible with Philips Respironics DreamWear

full face linersRemZzzs disposable minimal-contact full-face liners are now compatible with Respironics DreamWear Full Face CPAP masks. The liners reduce air leaks, prevent skin irritation and provide a more comfortable sleep for both users and their partners. In addition to Respironics, RemZzzs is also compatible with ResMed, DeVilbiss, Carefusion and Fisher Paykel Simplus CPAP masks. The liners come in four main styles: full-face, nasal, nasal pillows and minimal-contact full-face.

(877) 473-6999
Booth no. 538

Brightree Advanced Analytics helps providers make intelligent decisions

Advanced AnalyticsWith data from its Advanced Analytics platform, Brightree says providers can make smarter and more strategic decisions to grow their business. The comprehensive provider dashboard compiles information to show users important trends, opportunities, actionable information for improved outcomes as well as third-party databases and call center transcripts. Advanced Analytics help users organize their data to help them streamline their workflows, and the platform’s real-time updates help users evaluate their performance and make necessary changes as need arises.

Brightree LLC
(888) 598-7797
Booth no 317

The van Halem Group offers auditing and competitive bidding education programs

the van Halem GroupThe van Halem Group, a division of VGM, offers a Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) and Unified Program Integrity Contractor (UPIC) audit program to help providers ensure that their services are meeting coverage guidelines and are not at risk. Pricing entails five claims for $350 or 10 claims for $650 and includes review by an expert clinician. Additionally, they offer a Competitive Bid No More “prep kit,” which includes a one-hour webinar on the product code of the provider’s choice and a one-hour consultation to review forms. This kit is priced at $450.

The van Halem Group, A Division of VGM Group Inc.
(404) 343-1815
Booth no. 615

TIMS Software offers comprehensive business management software

TIMS Software Computers UnlimitedTIMS Software, developed by Computers Unlimited, is a customizable, comprehensive HME business management software with both cloud-hosted and traditional on-premises options. This system features rule-based, revenue-qualifying patient intake, workflow, document management, A/R collections worklists, ePurchasing, eDrop shipping, asset tracking and rental and inventory management. The newest TIMS Software product is a mobile delivery application that allows providers to manage delivery routing and patient payment, and since TIMS Software is an integrated system, all applications work together for optimal compatibility.

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500
Booth no. 427

F&P displays Sleep Style CPAP that emphasizes ease of use

Sleep Style CPAPThe F&P Sleep Style CPAP machine comes with the American Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation for a simple design that makes the device easy to clean, fill and power on. With built-in Bluetooth technology and the SleepStyle App, users can access their sleep data and track their CPAP therapy progress online. F&P’s auto-adjusting algorithms work throughout the night to detect when users wake up and to reduce pressure to a more comfortable level.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
(800) 792-3912
Booth no. 709

Invacare introduces line of therapeutic support surfaces

microAir Therapeutic Support SurfacesInvacare’s line of microAir Therapeutic Support Surfaces offers a wide range of mattresses and surfaces, including a 2-in-1 Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss mattress and a 3-in-1 Alternating Pressure True Air Loss mattress as well as Pulsation and Rotation therapies. The micoAir Therapeutic Support Surfaces are suitable for a number of user conditions from low risk to Stage IV pressure injuries and support up to a 1000 pound weight capacity.

Invacare Corp.
(800) 333-6900
Booth no. 715

Wellsky showcasing software solutions for dynamic HME care providers

WellSkyCareTend, an HME software solution from Wellsky, is capable of managing multi-site operations, complex workflows, and growing patient populations. From a single location, providers can keep tabs on multiple inventory locations and equipment maintenance, repairs and tracking. Billing solutions allow providers to manage Medicare, commercial and private pay sources, autogenerate recertification for physician orders and batch claims creation from one screen. With instant eligibility checks for Medicare and commercial payers, providers can create orders in less time and with fewer errors. With CareTend Anywhere, providers can access the CareTend system from any location and on any device that has an Internet connection.

(855) 935-5759
Booth no. 1002

Noble House billing software streamlines daily workflow

Noble HouseNoble Direct from Noble House is an HME billing software that allows providers to manage patients from the initial enrollment through claim adjudication. With features such as document tracker and patient eligibility, providers can more easily and efficiently guide a patient through the claims and billing process. Other software features include document imaging, esMD audit submissions, electronic claims, credit card processing and detailed management reports.

Noble House
(954) 418-0828
Booth no. 518

Breathe offers expanded IDTF diagnostic testing services

BreatheBreathe, an independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) that provides third-party testing for HME providers, has expanded their software program to include capnography testing. HME providers now have the option to provide capnography testing for their clients and referring physicians, allowing them to grow their non-invasive ventilation business. Through Breathe’s app, providers can access their capnography patients on both Apple and Android mobile devices.

Breathe LLC
(816) 960-3510
Booth no. 932

VGM 2019 playbook aims to help HMEs set priorities

The VGM GroupVGM experts have put together a series of playbooks to help HME providers know where they should focus their time and resources for the most impactful results in 2019. The playbook is free for all VGM members. In addition to their playbook, VGM will be showcasing its various divisions and events at Medtrade, such as the Heartland Conference, VGM Wound Care, U.S. Rehab, VGM Technologies and VGM Education.

The VGM Group
(800) 642-6065
Booth no. 615

Pride Mobility rolls out a rear-wheeldrive PMV for rugged terrain

Wrangler ScooterThe Wrangler Scooter is a rear-wheel-drive personal mobility vehicle (PMV) designed for outdoor use and rugged terrain. The PMV features a dual inline, 24-volt DC motor, full suspension, back-up sensors and a weight capacity of 350 pounds. It comes with a full LED lighting package that includes headlights, directional signals and hazard lights. For convenience, the Wrangler contains an onboard battery charger with an XLR charging port on the tiller.

Pride Mobility Products Corp.
(800) 800-8586
Booth no. 513

This article originally appeared in the April 2019 issue of HME Business.

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