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Product Solutions: Accessibility

A roundup of some of the latest products on the market to help patients continue living independently.

In 2015, the Census Bureau reported that elderly people accounted for 14.9 percent of the U.S population, with 47.8 million people in this group. This number is increasing according to the 2017 National Population Projections, which projected that by 2030 all baby boomers will be older than 65. That means that one in every five U.S. residents will be at retirement age.

The Census Bureau additionally found that most elderly people live home alone. With the growing aging population living at home, HME providers have an opportunity to fill a growing need for home accessibility products. From outdoor ramps to stair lifts to shower chairs, home accessibility products play a key role in helping seniors, as well as people with disabilities and chronic illness, live comfortably, independently and safely in their own home.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that, despite the enticing market projections, HME providers already have a large market of current customers for home access products. Many home and auto accessibility products, such as wheelchair ramps and stair lifts, represent cash revenue since many are not covered by Medicare, private insurance and other payors. Because of the many patient populations that need accessibility products and the wide range of products available, HME providers have an opportunity to expand their customer base and increase their revenue.

Whether new to accessibility products or looking to expand existing offerings, providers should explore their options in the home accessibility market. HME Business has rounded up some of the current products in home accessibility to help providers get started:

Clarke rolls out new line of shower and commode chairs

Aquatec Ergo Shower and Commode ChairsAquatec Ergo Shower and Commode Chairs

  • Features new contoured seats and overlays for a more upright and stable seating position and a 5-degree pre-tilt seat.
  • Stainless steel frame requires low-maintenance from users and caregivers.
  • Ergo line includes the Ergo Dual VIP tilt and recline, Ergo VIP tilt-in-space with increased tilt angle, and Ergo transit and Ergo SP self-propelled models.

Clarke Health Care Products Inc.
(888) 347-4537

PVI Ramps introduces new portable ramp

Wheel-A-BoutWheel-A-Bout Ramp

  • Ramp is easily stored upright and transported on wheels to site for simple setup.
  • 30 inches wide and available in lengths of 10 and 12 feet.
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Prairie View Industries Inc.
(PVI Ramps)
(800) 554-7267

Customized modular ramps make homes ADA compliant

Modular RampAccess4U Modular Ramps

  • Aluminum modular ramps and platforms are customized to clients’ homes and match ADA guidelines for ramp widths.
  • Accessories include mesh deck, stairs, gates, picket railings, ground platforms and angled platforms.
  • Features handrails and slip-resistant walking surfaces for safety.

Access4U Inc.
(800) 355-7025

XM Ramp designed for safety in inclement weather conditions


  • Designed to give customers more traction in outdoor conditions.
  • Open mesh design allows precipitation to fall through the ramp, decreasing precipitation accumulation.
  • Provides traction in a variety of outdoor weather conditions such as rain, ice and snow.

American Access Inc.
(888) 790-9269

Ramp winch and restraint system loads and secures wheelchairs

EasyPull Winch & Restraint SystemEasyPull Winch & Restraint System

  • Winch and restraint system pulls the wheelchair and passenger up the ramp and into the vehicle and secures the wheelchair to the vehicle.
  • Features automatic tensioning; signal sounds to indicate if wheelchair is unlatched; two speed levels; and a compact design.
  • Meets the applications of RESNA, WC18, ISO 10542 and DIN 7500-2.

AMF-Bruns of America
(877) 506-3770

Mobility Lifter introduces versatile line of portable stair climbers


  • Product line includes three models of battery-powered, attendant-operated Portable Stair Climbers: PT-U, PT-S and PT-A.
  • Unites accommodate both indoor and outdoor use on angled, curved or spiral stairs, as well as most surfaces, including carpet, wood, steel and concrete.
  • Environmental modifications in the home or business are not required for use.

Mobility Lifter LLC
(615) 530-1374

This article originally appeared in the April 2019 issue of HME Business.

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Leila McNeill is a former associate editor for HME Business and Mobility Management.

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