AAHomecare Makes Bona Fide Bid Recommendations

Association calls on CMS to educate bidders on lead item pricing and to make additional checks that bidders submit bona fide bids.

The American Association for Homecare has submitted recommendations to CMS on bona fide bid analysis for the next round of competitive bidding, and increased transparency on the bona fide bid process was at the top of the list.

In its letter to the agency, AAHomcare noted that CMS is making multiple sub-regulatory decisions “that that will play a significant role in ensuring that the [competitive bidding program] is financially viable over the long term.”

The Association provided recommendations regarding issues related to CMS’ identification of which bids should be subject to a bona fide bid analysis and how CMS should perform a bona fide bid analysis. It also called for additional education with expanded fact sheets on the process.

“Under the new bidding methodology, bidders will be submitting significantly less information on their bids,” the association noted in a public statement. “To ensure program success, AAHomecare strongly recommends that CMS conduct additional checks that bidders submit bona fide bids. It is also important for CMS to provide bidders with significant education about lead item pricing and provide more transparency on their bona fide bid analysis methodology.”

 The full letter from AAHomecare is available here

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