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Re-approaching Male Incontinence

The X-top offers a new take on delivering incontinence protection that is specifically designed for men.

X-top for men by McAirlaid's, Inc. is a male incontinence product specifically designed for the male anatomy. What makes X-top for men unique is the 360-degree protection that gives users all day peace of mind from wetness.

At the recentMedtrade Spring, Rena DeBerry, marketing and communication specialist, and Robert Greer, sales manager, from the McAirlaid’s team discussed the product that bills itself as having 360-degree leak-proof protection for men suffering from male incontinence. 

Q: How did the product develop?

Robert Greer: The product is the brainchild of McAirlaid’s owner, Alexander Maksimow. He recognized there are very few [incontinence] options specifically designed for the male anatomy. Alexander saw the need, realized we could provide a solution, patented the technology, then launched the concept.

Rena DeBerry: The great thing about X-top for men, it is designed specifically for the male anatomy. Our product provides 360-degree, not 180-degree, protection. With SuperCore technology, you have a highly absorbent solution that is hypoallergenic.

Q: How does it actually absorb 360-degrees?

DeBerry: X-top for men goes around the male anatomy, it’s not attached to your underwear. We often get asked, “Is it going to stay on?” Yes. The re-sealable tab gives men the freedom to adjust the X-top pouch as much as they need. Each time it is resealed, it’s going to be secure. Adjusting the tab is not going to hurt the anatomy nor is it going to slip off.

Q: How does X-top for men shift the thinking behind incontinence products?

DeBerry: Consumers and patients are used to seeing shield-type incontinence products which attach directly to underwear. If the underwear shifts, so does the shield which could cause leakage. In some cases, men can feel like they have less freedom to do the things they enjoy. Since X-top for men goes around the anatomy, the movement concern is diminished. With SuperCore technology, when leakage occurs it is dispersed throughout the pouch. Now men can take back control of the things they enjoy because they have freedom of movement.

Q: What is the product made out of?

Greer: Our airlaid [proprietary absorbing material] is made with no binding agent, latex, or adhesives. This gives customers a hypoallergenic product. One hundred percent of our airlaid core is absorbent material, whereas a lot of other products use some kind of bonding agent, which not only doesn’t absorb, it can actually repel. Gram for gram, our material is a very high performing product.

Q: Why did you decide to exhibit X-top at Medtrade Spring?   

Greer: We are looking for distribution and MedTrade Spring gave us the ideal avenue to connect with the right audience. MedTrade helped us get X-top for men into the consumers’ hands and share our knowledge of the product. Since incontinence is a taboo subject, we know additional education is needed. We’ve had great success in terms of retention because once someone tries X-top for men, they stick with it. The main reason, it is discreet and comfortable.

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Greg Thompson is director of Media Relations for Medtrade and Medtrade Spring. As a magazine editor and freelance journalist (, he has covered the HME industry since 2001.


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