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HME's Spring Fling

This year's edition of Medtrade spring returns to Las Vegas to showcase a wide range products and services.

Spring is here, and one again providers will descend on Ls Vegas for the spring edition of Medtrade. With the expo slated to run March 28 and 29 at the Mandalay convention center (the conference starts on March 27), manufacturers and service providers are gearing up to serve up a variety of compelling offerings. Here’s a small sampling of what’s in store:

Alternating pressure, low air loss mattress system with remote control

Tradewind ATS-RC alternating pressureThe Tradewind ATS-RC alternating pressure mattress with low air loss includes a handheld remote control for patient independence and comfort 24/7. Designed for the prevention and treatment of Stage I-IV pressure ulcers, the mattress is ideal for patients with TSCI. Using a heavy-duty alternating pressure low air loss mattress and quiet, dual-mode alternating pressure pump the mattress can fit all standard hospital beds (and supports up to 750 lbs.

Blue Chip Medical Products Inc.
(800) 795-6115
Booth no. 317

Device uses activated oxygen to clean CPAPS

SoCleanCompatible with all popular PAP devices, the SoClean automated CPAP equipment cleaner and sanitizer uses activated oxygen (also known as ozone or O3), a safe, natural gas, to kill 99.9 percent of CPAP germs and bacteria. No disassembly, water, or chemicals are required. When the sanitizing process is complete, the cartridge filter converts the ozone back into regular oxygen. The SoClean can be run daily, and can be set to run at any time.

SoClean Inc.
(800) 747-1030
Booth no. 349

POC communicates usage data

Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator with ConnectivityInvacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator with Connectivity integrates a POC, smart phone app and provider portal help give oxygen providers better asset utilization with control over costs. Providers have remote visibility to POC data to see how their POCs are being used. For prolonged use, the POC features hot-swappable, toploading batteries that provide up to 10 hours of charge.

Invacare Corp.
(800) 333-6900
Booth no. 361

Travel scooter packs in advanced turn technology

Jazzy Zero TurnThe Jazzy Zero Turn marks a new era in travel scooter maneuverability. Featuring patentpending iTurn Technology, the Jazzy Zero Turn has a 38 in. turning radius, creating a four-wheel scooter with the maneuverability of a three-wheel scooter. Other features include independent CTS suspension, LED marker lights, extended-range batteries, under-seat storage, and feather-touch disassembly.

Pride Mobility Products Corp.
(800) 800-8586
Booth no. 413

Software aims to give HMEs a competitive edge

SystemOne HME Management System takes a modular approach that lets HME businesses add new software capabilities as their businesses grow and change. The system aims to provide management tools for every aspect of HME provider businesses, including accounts receivable, point-of-sale, shipping, rentals, sales and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to name a few. Efficiency features include elimination of duplicate data entry and automated accreditation compliance tools.

(866) 925-8356
Booth no. 418

End-to-end software solution for HME businesses

CareTendCareTend gives HME providers single solution for managing multi-site operations, complex workflows, and growing patient populations. Features include complete patient/clinical management; real-time workflow dashboard tracking; automated exception reporting and data analysis; complete revenue cycle management tools; detailed inventory tracking by location; andA/R management on one timesaving screen.

Mediware Information Systems
(888) 633-4927
Booth no. 425

POC offers patients the best of both worlds

The Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator provides both continuous flow up to 2LPM and pulse mode up to setting 6. Using Rate Responsive Technology, Zen-O automatically increases the amount of oxygen delivered if a patient’s breath rate rises without the need to change the settings in advance. The FAA-approved POC also features field-replaceable sieve beds and can hold two batteries in the unit to optimize battery life.

GCE Healthcare
(888) 659-2102
Booth no. 433

Device helps track infections in the home

Bac-TrackBonafide will unveil its new Bac-Track at this year’s Medtrade Spring. The Bac-Track helps home healthcare providers measure and track Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) and provides key analytics to measure product and protocol performance. It is the first system in the world to overlay contamination analytics with viewable floor plans. The cloud-based solution allows customers to determine infection risk in real time.

Bonafide Management Systems
(805) 777-7666
Booth no. 449

Compressor nebulizer features fast treatment

NEB100 Compressor NebulizerThe NEB100 Compressor Nebulizer is designed to provide value while offering fast treatment times (0.3-0.4ml/minute). It’s FDA-approved and comes with Sunset’s Disposable Nebulizer Kit and five filters in attractive packaging. The NEB100 is light and quiet (weighing in at only 2.75 lbs. with noise level below 60dBA). For billing, the device falls under HCPCS E0570, A7003, and A7013.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions
(877) 578-6738
Booth no. 454

Easy-to-use catheter designed for men and women

Cure UltraCure Medical’s sterile, single-use Cure Ultra is a ready-to-use catheter for men and women. The pre-lubricated Ultra has a small, flexible package with an easy tear top. The catheters designs ensures no drips or mess, and no kinks. For men, the Care Ultra is 16 in length, 8FR -18FR, and for women it is 6 in. length, 8FR -16FR. As a shipping advantage, a Cure Ultra case weighs less than Cure’s traditional hydrophillic.

Cure Medical
(800) 570-1778
Booth no. 467

A turnkey e-commerce platform for providers

ARIARI Network Services offers a suite of SaaS, software tools, and marketing services to help providers, according to its slogan, “Sell More Stuff!” both online and in-store. Powered by a proprietary data repository of product content spanning more than 17 million active part and accessory SKUs and 750,000 equipment models, the system aims to remove the complexity of selling online.

ARI Network Services Inc.
(877) 805-0803
Booth no 448

Accreditation that acts as a business differentiator

The Compliance Team Exemplary Provider AccreditationIn an era of value-based payments, HME businesses must set themselves apart by becoming known for great patient care and be able to communicate to payers how their services benefit patients. The Compliance Team’s Medicare-approved Exemplary Provider accreditation doubles as an “operations-based” measured improvement program that streamlines your daily patient care practices, and is easily customized to fit all DMEPOS business models.

The Compliance Team Inc.
(215) 654 9110
Booth no. 452

VGM Fulfillment launches new compression service

VGM FulfillmentVGM Fulfillment is expanding its offering of services outside of CPAP fulfillment to now offer compression stocking fulfillment. Partnering with major manufactures, the new service allows seamless delivery or resupply of compression stockings to patients or providers. This can help providers tap into this key DME category.

VGM Fulfillment
(800) 969-1213
Booth no. 513

Software offers range of HME management capabilities

TIMS SoftwareTIMS Software provides a comprehensive and integrated business management system for HME providers. TIMS offers rules-based, revenue-qualifying patient intake including workflow and document management. Updated software features include Denial Management and A/R Collections Worklists, ePurchasing, eDrop Shipping, Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Mobile Delivery, and Business Intelligence. TIMS provides a mix of software, service and support.

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500
Booth no. 537

New upgrades ensure efficient patient processing

Noble HouseNoble*Direct Version 11 includes new and upgraded features such as an integrated patient flow control, enhanced security, same or similar check, and patient eligibility all using an SQL database. The flow control system allows for customization of all aspects of patient files from initial intake through claim adjudication on multiple product lines at one time. When paired with document tracker and patient eligibility this lets providers follow a predetermined, streamlined path to more efficiently process a patient from conception to completion.

Noble House
(954) 418-0828
Booth no. 543

Secure electronic signature solution for healthcare

SignCenterMedforce’s SignCenter is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based electronic signature and data capture tool built specifically for healthcare. Signers can mark and sign documents using a keyboard, mouse or touch screen, from any web-enabled device. SignCenter records the date, time and IP address of the signer’s device and sends a PDF for download. Providers You retain complete control, indicating where and when documents can be signed, and can notify signers through a self-expiring link or request a signature in person.

Medforce Technologies Inc.
(845) 426-0459
Booth no. 549

A tool for accurately scheduling specialized DME staff

Healthcare Data Management SystemUniversal Software Solutions Inc. will feature it HDMS Scheduler at MedTrade Spring to show providers how they can better schedule time for their various professionals, such as orthotists, assistive technology professionals, certified mastectomy fitters, and respiratory therapists. Using a system similar to Outlook, providers can define appointment location, appointment rooms, room types, the professionals conducting appointments, and the appointment types themselves.

Universal Software Solutions Inc.
(810) 653-5000
Booth no. 554

Shoes designed to combine style with comfort

Brisk MilesAt this year’s show, Vionic will showcase its Brisk Miles line of therapeutic footwear, which combines biomechanical support innovations with the season’s on-trend looks. The company aims to prove that style doesn’t need to hurt.

Vionic Group LLC
(888) 882-7954
Booth no. 561

Mask marks latest innovation in the Dream Family suite

DreamWear Full FaceAt Medtrade Spring, Philips will introduce DreamWear Full Face, the third cushion option available for the award-winning DreamWear mask. Designed based on clinical and patient insights, it provides individuals with sleep apnea who tend to breathe through their mouth the ability to easily switch between cushions and comfortably sleep in any position they want with the hose on top of their head instead of in front of their face.

(844) 537 2403
Booth no. 613

Tiny CPAP a game-changer for traveling sleep patients

AirMiniResMed will showcase its new AirMini, which packs ResMed’s clinically proven sleep technology along with its comfort and ease-of-use features into a portable, pocket-sized device. ideal for traveling. It is available with ResMed’s proprietary AutoSet functionality, and a built-in humidification system for patient comfort.

(800) 424-0737
Booth no. 625

Flexible patient transfer lift fits into small spaces

ORBITWith its articulating arm and pivoting stanchion, the ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift rotates 360-degrees to provide all-around flexibility. Designed to be used with a patient’s preferred ancillary medical equipment, the ORBIT features a non-obtrusive design allowing the unit to be placed in small bedrooms and bathrooms. Minimal assembly required and can be installed floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall. Models available to accommodate ceiling heights of 8 ft. to 12 ft. and for reach of 4 ft. and 5 ft. in all directions.

(800) 451-1903
Booth no. 631

A 360-degree view of provider performance

Team DME!TeamDME! XL combines all the tools providers need to manage their front and back office. Features include customizable workflow templates, e-eligibility, e-purchasing, e-dropships, EHR and mobile delivery apps. Providers an use accurate, real-time data to make informed financial decisions. Because all back end office functions are included, providers have a 360-degree view of their financial health.

(888) 832-6363
Booth no. 648

A solution to develop and execute HME sales strategies

PlayMaker Edge for HMEBuilt specifically for HME business sales organizations, PlayMaker Edge for HME combines market data and the provider’s referral data with relationship management tools. Sales leadership can identify opportunities and target appropriate referral sources. Sales managers can evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams, and determine the ROI of their sales efforts. Sales reps can improve efficiency and productivity by managing relationships and organizing activities in the field.

(866) 930-6847
Booth no. 661

System helps improve patients’ re-supply use

Brightree ConnectPROBrightree ConnectPRO includes various Brightree technologies, services, and data analytics into one time-saving solution to help providers get patients to fully comply with resupply programs. The system combines Brightree Connect for patient contact management; Performance Concierge Services focused on optimizing the Brightree Connect software solution; Revenue Cycle Management Resupply Intake Services which includes processing all paperwork and verification of benefits; AllCall Connect. outsourced call center services; and data analytics to give provides operational insights for performance improvement.

Brightree LLC
(888) 598-7797
Booth no. 725

24/7 POC that keeps users on the go

OxyGoThe 4.8-lb., five-setting OxyGo shows users exactly how much time they have left on the battery, which they can easily change and can use at the same time, either in the car or at home. A double battery provides 10.25 hours of use .The OxyGo is also clinically validated to be used 24/7, so it can supply medical oxygen at home or on the go.

(87)7 263-1167
Booth no. 737

Flexible, affordable DME management software

BFLOWBFLOW is a software as a service (SaaS) DME billing software and business management solution built from scratch for providers. The system is designed for DME operations looking for simplification and affordability in a cloud-based software package. Because BFLOW exists in the cloud, it can add more capability, and ease integration with top online business solutions via API technology.

BFLOW Solutions Inc.
(844) 688-4450
Booth no. 761

Range of HME batteries ideal of power mobility

Gel BatteriesMK Gel Batteries deliver dependable power for vital mobility applications. The deep cycle Premium Sealed VRLA batteries are capable of up to 1,100 cycles for a typical HME user. The Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte involve no liquid of any kind which means the battery is safe in any position and maintenance free with no water ever needing to be added. MK batteries are also FAA, IATA and UPS approved, making them safe for travel and shipping.

MK Battery
(800) 372-9253
Booth no. 825

System enables remote management of oxygen devices

CAIREviewCAIRE Inc.’s new telehealth solution, CAIREview powered by SynsorMed. is now available on Android and iOS platforms, and uses Bluetooth technology to help providers monitor the use of the CAIRE oxygen concentrators in their fleet. Utilizing a smart device or desktop computer, providers can view oxygen flow rates; reverse geotrack the location of a device; and troubleshoot alarm codes, thus avoiding costly after-hours visits. The CAIRE Companion 5 stationary oxygen concentrator is the company’s first device equipped with the app, and will be followed closely by the Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator this year.

(800) 482-2473
Booth no. 848

This article originally appeared in the March 2018 issue of HME Business.

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