Sleep Products That Will Help Fuel Your Business Through 2018

Some of the latest products that will help your business harness the technology strides being made in sleep therapy.

When it comes to the fundamentals of sleep business success, embracing technology is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s a better mask or patient monitoring technology, technology increases compliance, which is the name of the game when it comes to sleep therapy.

Comfort is another key to success in both compliance within the market. Patients that need assistance in breathing while sleeping will go with the provider that has a selection of devices and re-supply items that will help them rest peacefully and without fuss. Stocking products that ensure a sound, comfortable night’s rest creates customer relationships that will last a lifetime.

And patients want in on that technology landscape. The industry has become more connected and data-driven as a reflection of the world as a whole. Patients are more inclined to buy a product if they can use a smart phone app to track their nightly data and connect with their physician.

Here are some of the latest products that will help your business harness the technology strides being made in sleep therapy:

DreamStation GoReliable, convenient sleep therapy on-the-go

Another travel PAP device, the DreamStation Go is a discreet, slim-profile device weighs less than two pounds. The unite features a built-in power supply that helps to limit the number of components to pack. At half the size of Philips’ previous generation devices, DreamStation Go delivers the same clinically-proven performance and comfort for reliable, convenient therapy on-the-go.

Philips Respironics
(800) 345-6443

ConnectPROResupply management program combines technologies into one

Brightree announced the launch of Brightree ConnectPRO, a powerful resupply management program that combines all of its technology, services, and data analytics into one time-saving solution. Brightree ConnectPRO includes: Brightree Connect, the industry leading patient contact management software solution, Performance Concierge Services focused on optimizing the Brightree Connect software solution, Revenue Cycle Management Resupply Intake Services which includes processing all paperwork and verification of benefits, AllCall Connect, outsourced call center services and Data analytics, providing operational insights for performance improvement.

(888) 598-7797

AirMiniTiny CPAP a game-changer for traveling sleep patients

ResMed’s AirMini packs the company’s clinically proven sleep technology along with its comfort and ease-of-use features into a sleek, portable, pocket-sized device. ideal for traveling. Available with ResMed’s proprietary AutoSet functionality, the device also includes built-in humidification system for patient comfort.

(800) 424-0737

CM036 Deluxe Nasal Pillow CPAPCPAP mask comes in different sizes to allow optimal fit

The CM036 Deluxe Nasal Pillow Mask comes with small, medium and large pillows and headgear. The mask is easy to fit, assemble and maintain while three different pillow sizes help to fit contour to the face for a more comfortable rest. The 360-degree rotational elbow with flexible silicone tube helps the patient to maintain convenience of use while also sleeping soundly due to quiet vent design.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions Inc.
(877) 578-6738

Numa Full-Face MaskCPAP mask offers comfort and quiet ventilation

The Numa Full-Face Mask’s two-piece construction and emphasized sealing is designed to give the patient effortless comfort. The mask’s design balances soft comfort and quiet ventilation with self-adjusting forehead. Having received FDA clearance, the Numa is now available for immediate ordering.

3B Medical Inc.
(863) 226-6285

Provent Sleep Apnea TherapyA unique, simple sleep therapy approach

Of course sleep therapy options are isolated solely to positive airway pressure devices. The Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy instead uses a disposable, nightly-use nasal device placed just inside the nostrils and held securely in place with hypoallergenic adhesive. The proprietary MicroValve design creates pressure when patients exhale to keep their airway open. Provent is small and disposable, making it convenient and travel-friendly.

Provent Sleep Therapy LLC
(888) 757-9355

CPAP Mask LinerCPAP mask liners allow for more comfortable sleep

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners offer a cost-effective method for helping patients achieve success with their CPAP therapy through a more comfortable fit. Naturally absorbent fibers act as a barrier between patient and mask, keeping oil and moisture away from the silicone cushion, reducing cleaning time. The mask liners also reduce noisy air leaks, allows use of bedtime moisturizer, assists in holding mask in place and reduces the necessity for tight headgear.

Naturs Design Inc.
(877) 473-6999

DreamEasy CPAP Nasal Mask Starter KitKit offers everything needed to set up new patients

The DreamEasy CPAP Nasal Mask Starter Kit includes the DreamEasy Nasal CPAP Mask with headgear, seals and an easy-to-use sizing guide. A sizing guide eases fitting and kit includes small, medium and large Comfort Cushion seals. The flexible design is airtight and offers freedom of movement while maintaining a secure fit.

Compass Health Brands
(800) 376-7263

DreamWearNew gel pillow modules create optimized comfort

Royal Philips has introduced a new option to its open-face therapy masks. The new Gel Pillows module features the same comfort and freedom of movement as the original DreamWear, but now offers an additional choice in cushion type that can be easily changed out within the same mask frame. Thanks to the modular design, clinicians have reported the DreamWear mask as taking less time to change between the two DreamWear masks than between another pillows mask and nasal mask.

Philips Respironics
(800) 722-9377

Z1 AutoTiny travel CPAP packs in flexible therapy

The Z1 Auto, with its proprietary breathing algorithm and sampling rate of several times per second, delivers responsive and effective therapy at lower overall pressures than fixed-pressure CPAPs. The result is more responsive therapy and a more comfortable experience. Not requiring a special mask or tube, users can typically use the mask they are most comfortable wearing. When away from power outlets, the PowerShell integrated battery pack and get a night’s rest on a single charge.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2018 issue of HME Business.

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