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The Right Tools for the Job

Providers face a number of challenges, and fortunately a broad range of technology tools have been developed to help them tackle those tasks.

Right tools for the jobHaving the right tool for the job can make all the difference. Sure, you might be able to bodge a fix using something else, but nothing works better than a solution that’s been tailored specifically for the problem at hand.

For HME businesses, software has become their primary tool for tackling the multiplicity of marketplace, billing and regulatory challenges they face. But it has evolved to offer a variety of very unique, nuanced solutions.

For starters, there are the broad HME management systems that help providers manage the entirety of their businesses. These systems offer everything from billing and claims management to advanced reporting tools to retail point of sales solutions to inventory management in hopes of giving providers a complete business management system. And those systems keep adding features to ensure their users can respond to industry changes.

And there are highly specific software tools designed to help providers deal with particular problems. There are task-specific tools for provider management challenges such as optimizing deliveries, inventory operations, document imaging, responding to audits or managing the sales team.

To help you stay on top of the various tools available to help you ensure your business always has just the right solution, we’re once again publishing our annual software roundup. And like last year, we have expanded that roundup to include not just the large HME management offerings, but the various specialized tools and systems to help providers deal with specific challenges.

This year, we’ve collected information on systems in these categories:

  • HME Management Systems
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Audits
  • Billing/Claims
  • Business Analytics
  • Delivery Management/Route Planning
  • Document Imaging/Management
  • E-Commerce/Digital Marketing
  • Inventory Management/Asset Tracking
  • Sales Management

Take a look at this year’s listings, and learn more about the variety of software systems that are available to help your business adapt to an everchanging healthcare and funding environment. You just might find something you’ll want to add to your toolbox:

HME Management Systems

These are the broad business platforms that offer a wide range of features ranging from billing and claims management to operations efficiencies to inventory management, etc. They aim to provide tools that can help HME providers manage most of their business- and patient-oriented processes from a single platform

Bonafide Management Systems

BonafideBonafide Management Systems
(805) 908-2333
Year Founded: 1981
Number of installed systems: Over 3,000 facility locations use Bonafide software
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: Java and MS SQL 2012
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: The system streamlines internal and external processes and provides cloud-based 24/7 visibility into AR status and results. Updated software features include inventory management, real-time tracking, electronic purchasing, just-in-time ordering, point-of-sale, barcode scanning, real-time eligibility and remaining deductible features. It is fully updated with current ICD-10 and EMV standards, HCPCS codes, payers, shipping companies, vendors and manufacturers. The management system integrates with existing technology infrastructures.


BrightreeBrightree LLC
(888) 598-7797
Year Founded: 2002
Number of installed systems: 2,200
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: Microsoft .net technology stack
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: Brightree introduced ConnectPRO, a patient resupply management optimization solution that helps providers ensure positive patient outcomes and overcome their challenges and workload demands. Brightree Patient Collections also introduced three solutions, including the award-winning GetPaidHME Mobile Pay App that turns mobile devices into instant payment tools, allowing field staff to process patient payments in real time. The others are Lockbox for patient remittance processing that can accelerate your receivables processing and get your money faster; and Patient Financial Services, which provides live-call agents to remind patients of balances owed and take necessary steps to either collect payment or procure assets back. Brightree’s business management system provides Qualified Medicare Beneficiary eligibility alerts with new orders to support providers with regulatory issues.

CommandCenter, ContentCenter, RemitCenter, SignCenter, FormsCenter

MedforceMedforce Technologies Inc.
(866) 237-1190
Year Founded: 2002
Type of System: A stand-alone system installed on-site; A hosted, web-based/SAAS system; A hosted system, but uses special client software
Technology Used: Programming languages: Delphi and C# Database environments: Firebird and SQL
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: Medforce offers a full suite of productivity software modules designed to reduce waste, improve efficiency and boost providers’ bottom lines. We opted to put them under the HME Management System category, because together they function as an overarching system that manages many aspects of a HME business’s workflow, but they could also be run independently. The suite consists of CommandCenter, a business process management tool; ContentCenter, a document management tool; RemitCenter, which helps provider examine and manage denials and downsize DSOs; SignCenter, a HIPAAcompliant, web-based electronic signature and data capture tool; and FormsCenter, an electronic data capture tool connect and track your business. In addition, Medforce Apps, are a suite of turnkey workflows for addressing operational challenges, such as fax management, vendor invoice management, A/R management, and overpayment and refund management.

Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS)

Universal Software SolutionsUniversal Software Solutions Inc.
(810) 653-5000
Year Founded: 2000
Number of installed systems: 220
Type of System: A stand-alone system installed on-site or in a client’s cloud environment, or a hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: VB6, .NET (3.0 through 4.5), and some integrations use JavaScript. Reports are currently Crystal Reports. Database environment is Microsoft SQL (MSSQL).
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: Ease and efficiency is the name of the game for HMEs. Again this year HDMS development has yielded several important design and feature enhancements to both new and existing clients. In addition to giving users some form fill automation, daily life in HDMS is easier and more productive thanks to a new HDMS Scheduler. The company says it is turning away from processes that force its users to search for information, and instead put the information front & center. A new Collections & Denial Management feature moves A/R departments away from traditional report and chase, and into a collaborative worksheet that auto generates a virtual “A/R To-Do-List” allowing claim resolution from one screen, as well as analytics about how efficiently each user is collecting. A Mobile Suite allows staff in the field to work just as easily as those in the office. In addition to HME management, Universal also provides pharmacy management.


CareTendMediware Information Systems
(888) 633-4927
Year Company Started: Since 1980
Type of System: A standalone system that is cloud based or can be installed on-site.
Technology Used: .Net technology platform, Microsoft SQL database back end
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: CareTend’s business intelligence custom reporting tools now allow providers to customize all reports, dashboards, data cubes and exception reports themselves. This lets them create specific dashboards and content for each department of their business, so each department has metrics to track their progress and their goals. All of this data can also be auto-scheduled so it can work without the need for a staff member to send a report each time to the CEO, for example. Rather than force staff to conform to canned reports that are predefined, these custom reporting technologies help providers extract their data from the system and manipulate it and share it in any way they need.


Noble HouseNoble House
(954) 418-0828
Year Company Started: 1988
Type of System: A stand-alone system installed on-site
Technology Used: Microsoft SQL database management.
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: Noble House’s new Noble*Direct Version 11 includes new and upgraded features such as an integrated patient flow control, enhanced security, same or similar check and patient eligibility all using an SQL database. The flow control system allows for customization of all aspects of patient files from the initial intake through claim adjudication on multiple product lines at one time. The enhanced flow control system, as well as document tracker and patient eligibility lets providers follow a predetermined, streamlined path to more efficiently process a patient from conception to completion.


(866) 925-8356
Year Founded: 1977
Number of installed systems: 663
Type of System: A stand-alone system installed on-site or a A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: Proprietary
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: QS/1has continued developing its software and services with an eye on giving providers the edge in a competitive HME marketplace. SystemOne is an HME management system provides a comprehensive approach to HME, enabling providers to better manage every aspect of their business, including accounts receivable, point-of-sale, shipping, rentals and sales. Our latest enhancements provide tools to electronically organize, attach and store documentation within SystemOne. Paired with QS/1 Document Management (QDM), SystemOne receives documents via scan, file upload, cloud fax or email attachment, auto-populates forms for submission to Medicare and Medicaid and quickly retrieve them during an audit.

TIMS Software

TIMS SoftwareComputers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500
Years Founded: 1978
Type of System: A cloud-based hosted solution or a stand-alone system installed on-site
Technology Used: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 C# (C sharp) using WPF, WCF with .NET 4.5
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: With the current reimbursement challenges HME providers are facing in today’s highly competitive and regulated business climate, TIMS aims to give providers software and support they need to survive and succeed. The latest release of TIMS Software, provides the most comprehensive and integrated business management software available for HME providers. TIMS offers rules-based, revenue-qualifying patient intake including workflow and document management. Updated software features include denial management and A/R collections worklists, e-purchasing, e-drop shipping, asset tracking, inventory management, mobile delivery, and business intelligence.

Accounts Receivable

These are systems that help providers maximize collection of patient payments, such as co-pays.


Allegiance GroupA/R Allegiance Group LLC
(913) 338-4790
Year Founded: 1999
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system,
Technology Used: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or above – SSIS packages, SQL, and standard DB objects: Tables, Views, Procedures, Functions; ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#; VB and VB
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: By bundling more services, A/R Allegiance focuses primarily on prevention of patient AR by making sure medical providers have obtained the appropriate credit information from their clients. CollectPayLIVE – ARA’s online payment portal is now more fully integrated with COLLECTPlus and creates an unmatched communication system for medical providers to communicate with their customers. New Offering - TouchCLAIM – Slow payments by third-party (commercial) payers require costly staff for follow up. Extensive field testing demonstrated an alternative method of requesting payment is needed.


Claims audits are obviously a massive challenge for providers that is on par with competitive bidding. These systems help providers manage their audit response, claims documentation requests, and appeals.


Rxcloud9Rxcloud9 LLC
(954) 376-5788
Year Founded: 2014
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: Asp.Net 4.5, C#, Javascript , JSON, Microsoft SQL Server
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: A newcomer to the HMEB software directory, Rxcloud9 was designed to be a centralized, ground zero for all payer audits regardless of appeal level. RxCloud9 is for any company that is frustrated with managing Medicare’s miscalibrated contractor audits and is looking for a better way to handle the workflow. RxCloud9 aims to simplify the audit process by organizing where the provider is in the process and what is needed to get their audit packaged for a successful submission. Whether it’s an initial response to an audit or an ALJ appeal, the system manages the process the same way. The software functions as a single audit station, eliminating any external tracking.


These are systems specifically looking at claims and management processing. While many of the HME Management systems began as billing and claims management systems before evolving to cover the entirety of HME business management, these systems remain focused squarely on billing and claims.

Reimbursement PRO

Reimbursement PRORemitDATA
(866) 885-2974
Year Founded: 2000
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: Java, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: TITAN Designed to simplify the reimbursement and reconciliation process with reimbursement and utilization reports, analysis and workflow tools. Reimbursement PRO provides an executive dashboard overview, custom reporting, denial management and appeal forms, and can work in conjunction with any practice management or billing system. Security standards are monitored and updated on a regular basis. Appeal forms are added and updated based on customer needs.

Business Analytics

These systems are focused on helping providers look at their business data and draw meaningful conclusions they can put to a strategic end.


(866) 885-2974
Year Founded: 2000
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: .NET/C#, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server, HP Vertica
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: TITAN is a comparative analytics solution that enables our customers access to information they need to better manage their business. Latest enhancements include customizable role specific dashboards; an unlimited amount of historical data; and additional peer comparisons. The system now also provides increased data grouping for simplified data consumption, and the ability to share reports with other users. Users can create and save reports specific to their role. The system now offers additional data analytics based on claim level information, and utilization views highlight custom procedure selection outliers compared to the market. Customizable KPI monitoring for all analytics is also available.

Delivery Management/Route Planning

A key business operations element for most HME providers is delivers and service calls. Regardless of size and scale, most providers must manage their delivery logistics. These systems focus on managing tasks such as route planning, vechicle tracking, delivery notificatins, etc.

Apacheta TransportACE and Transport Manager for HME/DME

ApachetaApacheta Corp.
(610) 558-5852
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: The Apacheta solution has two primary software components. TransportACE is a handheld application that runs on Android and iOS devices and performs proof of delivery, forms management, delivery workflow and route management. Transport Manager is a web-based application hosted in the Apacheta cloud allowing for scheduling, routing, visual route management and reporting. Route Manager is an add-on feature working in tandem with Transport Manager to automatically generate a driver’s schedule and create an optimized trip.
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: Apacheta launched three major releases in 2017. The most recent announced prior to Medtrade Fall 2017, the company rolled out Forms Manager as well as its integration with Brightree Patient Collections app, GetPaidHME. Forms Manager ensures forms compliance by confirming delivery technicians complete required forms on a delivery-by-delivery basis. Forms Manager uses a two-factor verification to ensure documents are reviewed at the time of service and none are forgotten by the delivery technician, allowing them to focus on patient care and not paperwork. Brightree’s GetPaidHME app works with Apacheta’s TransportACE allowing delivery technicians to process payments electronically at the point of service, eliminating nearly all manual patient collections processes while increasing providers’ cash flow.

Document Imaging/Management

Docuemntation is a key element of claims processing, and has become particularly important now that CMS has expanded its expanded is Medicare claims auditing. These systems help providers digitize and manage their claims and patient documentation.


4tellDocs4tellSoftware Inc.
(888) 261-7113
Year Founded: 2014
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and MySql
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: 4tellDocs is a recent entrant to the HME market that automates the documentation process for DMEPOS dispensing, claims, and audits so that providers spend much less time preparing documents. 4tellDocs has an intelligent, optimized work flow that consolidates multiple data sources and complex business rules so that users quickly and efficiently gather critical information and create their documentation. 4tellDocs handles a wide range of events such as Dispensing, Rentals, Refills, Replacements and Interrupted Use, and includes over 40 different documents. The documentation, which is automatically matched to events and products, includes Detailed Written Orders, CMN’s, Refill Requests, and product-specific Medical Necessity Forms. 4tellDocs is available on an annual subscription basis.

WebScan PRO

WebScan PRORemitDATA
(866) 885-2974
Year Founded: 2000
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: Programming languages and database environments used by system: Java, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: Easy WebScan PRO is a HIPAA-secure document management solution that is designed to reduce document retrieval time through the use of the latest in optical character recognition (OCR)-based technology with enhanced image pre-processing and improved recognition accuracy to identify, index and file all documents for immediate online use. In terms of recent updates, system quality is monitored and tweaked as necessary to meet providers’ needs.

E-Commerce/Digital Marketing

Providers are quickly realizing that they must ramp up their retail sales and their online marketing. These systems aim to help providers perfect their digital reach, or manage their online sales, or both.

Provider Websites & Digital Marketing Services

ARI NetworkARI Network Services Inc.
(877) 805-08083
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system; Digital marketing includes SAAS tools as well as agency-level services
Technology Used: ARI has a proprietary content management system for HME provider websites.
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: Easy access to manufacturer content is a priority for ARI’s website platform, and for 2017, it has continued to build on that by adding catalogs from McKesson Medical and Surgical Appliance Industries. ARI has also introduced platform improvements to enhance user experience resulting in an average conversion rate increase of 36 percent for customers in an ARI test group. Finally, the company reworked its Digital Marketing Services with new packages starting as low as $89 a month. ARI’s entry-level Local Market Advantage package includes an online directory management tool as well as a review tool that allows businesses to generate, respond to and approve reviews all in one place.

eRetail Webstores Powered by Health Mobius

eRetail WebstoresHealth Mobius LLC
(855) 640-9500
Year Founded: 1997
Number of installed systems: 200
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology Used: In house created software developed in Microsoft SQL using best industry practices for SSL, PCI and security standards.
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: The Health Mobius eRetail + Simple Platform aims to makes it easier for providers to sell incremental retail products. Health Mobius combines e-commerce, catalog management and buying group benefits in a fully managed “Webstore.” HME providers can now sell up to 25,000 products from more than 200 brands through a single account. The company’s services include the set-up and hosting of a provider’s Webstore, updates to vendor catalogs and inventory, payment processing, order fulfillment, online chat and customer service. Providers can sell incremental retail products anytime on a PC, tablet or mobile device from a Webstore that easily integrates with their existing website. The service is created, stocked and fully managed for $150 a month.

Sales/Business Development

Referral sales have always been a part of the provider business, but now that providers are broadening their business plans to sell to facilities-based care, managed care plans, private payers, and other niches, the requirement for robust sales management systems has become even more pertinent.

PlayMaker Edge for HME

(866) 930-6847
Year Founded: 2008
Type of System: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Latest Systems Updates and Enhancements: A newcomer to HMEB’s annual software listings, PlayMaker Edge for HME provides a management solution specifically for HME providers’ sales organization. Sales leadership can utilize current market data to identify valuable opportunities and target appropriate referral sources. Sales managers can evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams and determine the ROI of sales efforts with HME-specific dashboards and reporting. Sales reps can improve efficiency and productivity by managing relationships and organizing activities in the field with iOS and Android apps. Plus, PlayMaker Edge for HME integrates with leading clinical management systems, including Brightree, to provide sales teams with up-to-date information on the status of patients and orders.

This article originally appeared in the December 2017 issue of HME Business.

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