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Both systems designed specifically for DME pharmacies and general DME billing and management systems offer numerous advantages.

The world of both pharmacy management and dedicated DME business management are fraught with the kinds of multi-layered complexity that require specialized software tools to ensure things run smoothly. And for many pharmacies new to the world of DME they need a variety of learning curves smoothed over.

Fortunately, technology can help. Process automation, real-time inventory, and data reporting tools are just some of the benefits of software that help DME pharmacies cut costs, improve compliance, provide better patent care, and overcome the myriad changes that keep disrupting the DME landscape.

With the double load of management demands placed on DME pharmacies, as well as the constant regulatory and funding policy changes, there are a variety of software management systems available to help DME pharmacies handle that management burden. Various software systems from the HME world bridge the gap into other niches of the post-acute care world, including pharmacies. The result is blended systems that help DME pharmacies with software systems that fit their nuanced businesses models.

Moreover, the dedicated DME management software systems are also worth a look, given their ability to help all providers of medical equipment ensure they are maximizing their profitability, running as efficiently as possible, and adhering to the constantly evolving array of Medicare reimbursement and claims audit policies. And, more to the point, they help any business providing DME to more flexibly predict, prepare for, and adapt to any major market changes.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest offerings on the market:

A complete pharmacy management system

QS/1NRx is suitable for any independent pharmacy, including multiple locations, 340B, clinics, and outpatient pharmacies. Features include prescription processing; flexible workflow; Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard; HME Part B documentation and MTM make your pharmacy more productive and profitable. NRx has optional integrated products to meet difference pharmacy needs, such as POS, IVR, Nursing Home module, document management and A/R. In terms of interoperability, QS/1 offers hundreds of NRx interfaces to other pharmacy systems, including, dispensing and packaging automation.

(866) 925-8356

All-in-one specialty pharmacy management suite

MediwareMediware, which makes the Caretend HME/DME business management solution, also offers a specialty pharmacy version of Caretend that includes a variety of features such as specialized workflows that help accelerate intake, identify processing issues, and fulfill orders fasters. The systems also offers analytics and reporting tools, compliance features, inventory management, paperless documentation, and revenue management.

Mediware Information Systems Inc.
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A variety of management features and real-time updates

Universal Software SolutionsIn addition to its dedicated DME provider solutions, Universal Software Solutions’ HDMS Pharmacy provides tools for managing pharmacy drugs, home infusion entry, mixing, compounding, label generations and claims submission. Other features include, real-time adjudication to PBMs at the time of order entry; creation of the NCPDP electronic files; and any other payer-specific billing requirements. The systems also provides real-time drug interaction checking during order entry and filling, as well as real-time updates and accurate drug and allergy information along with average wholesale pricing updated directly using the Medi-Span and Trissels data tables and services.

Universal Software Solutions Inc.
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A single platform for managing clinical, billing and reporting tasks

BrightreeBrightree Home Infusion provides a single management platform for managing the clinical, billing and reporting elements of home infusion, pharmacy, respiratory, diabetic or enteral medications. The Home Infusion solution helps pharmacies increase efficiencies and get paid faster with a billing and clinical solutions for NCPDP billing; patient management; order and delivery management; procurement and inventory management; and business intelligence.

Brightree LLC
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This article originally appeared in the DME Pharmacy November 2017 issue of HME Business.

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