Tips for Growing Your Compression Business

Various experts offer pro-tips on how DME pharmacies can tap into the compression market.

Our article experts offered pharmacists the following tips for growing a compression business:


  • Compression socks are harder to put on than normal socks, and sometimes patience and a few extra minutes are required.
  • Customers need to know that compression socks don’t have to be boring. When the compression garments are fashionable, you likely see higher patient compliance.
  • Make sure customers and caregivers know that compression socks should not go in the dryer. Dryer heat and fabric softener break down the compression. They last much longer if they’re washed in cold water and just laid flat to dry.
  • Cross-fitters and other types of athletes wear compression mainly to clear lactic acid more quickly. They can wear them while participating in the sport or after the event to help aid recovery and decrease muscle soreness. Of course, they get the benefits of increased circulation during the activity, as well.

Kam Howard:

  • Let referral sources know you are in the compression hosiery/sock business.
  • Educate your staff on how to properly fit patients or how to properly communicate sizing and fit guidelines to patients to measure themselves.
  • Research your population so you can better serve patients and prospect customers with the right product mix.

Matt Howard:

  • Education of the products for employees and customers is important for success.
  • An engaged staff will help increase compression sales.
  • Use a compression manufacturer that provides training and sales support.
  • CVI is a widespread disease, so any referral partner outside of pediatrics is likely to have a patient population in need.

This article originally appeared in the DME Pharmacy November 2017 issue of HME Business.

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