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Orthopedic Softgoods & Related Items

Orthopedics offer a long-standing category that serves multiple conditions for multiple patients.

There are multiple verticals in the home medical equipment industry, but none quite as stable as the orthopedics category. This long-standing segment provides a great mixture of retail and funded revenue while also being supported by a solid range of patients that looks to buy these products to gain comfort or ease pain and swelling, supported injured joints, promote healing, and continue carrying out their lives.

Speaking of patient demographics, the consumer base is thriving because there is no specific age range. Seniors, baby boomers, young adults and even teens can take advantage of these softgoods as they are able to help with joint pain resulting from disease, occupational injuries or sports-related diagnoses.

Orthopedic softgoods include ankle braces and knee braces, as well as back and neck braces. These have excellent revenue appeal, making them key offerings for not only HME providers, but DME pharmacies as they are useful to patients outside their prescriptions, as well as those who have been told by a doctor that the product could help them heal.

Carrying orthopedic goods requires a low overhead and minimal startup costs, making it one of the easier segments to stock while also enhancing the providers’ image as a supplier of a wide range of professional services and products to its community.

The bottom line is these products are a great option for the ever growing population that is susceptible to strains and sprains. They opportunity for growth is there, so why not jump on it while you have a chance?

Bell-Horn Pro-Fit WristLightweight write brace offers universal fit

Bell-Horn Pro-Fit Wrist

  • Features a patented single-pull elastic lace-closure system.
  • Soft, breathable liner for comfort.
  • Pre-contoured aluminum palmar stay for anatomically correct fit.

DJO Global
(800) 226-4799

KS7 Knee Bracing SleeveRelieve knee pain with warmth, strength, and support

KS7 Knee Bracing Sleeve

  • Easy-on fit for continuous support, day or night.
  • Eliminates bulky straps and inconvenient immobility.
  • Non-slip design keeps sleeve in place.

ING Source Inc.
(877) 647-0386

Short Stretch Compression WrapVersatile and effective wound care solution

Short Stretch Compression Wrap

  • Pull tabs for hassle-free application.
  • Special notches to resist gapping and bulk.
  • Each strap has a removable hook fastener to make it safer for machine washing and drying.

(800) 222-4999

WS6 Wrist Bracing SleeveCompression Zone Technology to relieve wrist pain

WS6 Wrist Bracing Sleeve

  • Supports and stabilizes without bulky straps or cuffs.
  • Slip-on design allows sleeve to be worn under clothes.
  • Uses medical-grade Compression Zone Technology.

ING Source Inc.
(877) 647-0386

Bell-Horn Pro Wrap Thumb StabilizerStabilizer gives customizable support

Bell-Horn Pro Wrap Thumb Stabilizer

  • Features universal wrap-around and low profile.
  • Removable and moldable aluminum for customizable support.
  • Moveable, elastic thumb strap provides the option for additional compression.

DJO Global
(800) 226-4799

Unique comfort and functional features

Tie-Less Diabetic Shoes with Heel Strap Adjustment

  • Tie-Less Lace system, which combines laces with Velcro straps eliminates the need for lacing up.
  • An adjustable heel counter enables grip around the heel, and to accommodate braces.
  • Seamless, soft interior provides exceptional comfort and ultimate protection.

OrthoFeet Inc.
(800) 524-2845

This article originally appeared in the September 2017 issue of HME Business.

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