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The expo floor at Medtrade Spring 2017 pays off big in terms of new product offerings

casino chipsHME providers attending this year’s installment of Medtrade Spring will be singing “Viva Las Vegas,” thanks to the jackpot of products being showcased on the expo floor.

Slated for Feb. 27 through March 1 at the Mandalay Convention Center in Nevada’s home of the high rollers, this year’s Medtrade Spring features product and service offerings from nearly 200 companies. Doors to the show’s expo open at 10 a.m. on Feb. 28 and close at 1 p.m. on March 1, with everything from aids to daily living to complex rehab technology on display during that time.

Back again is the expo’s New Product Pavilion that features a dozen specially selected items from the show. Also feature is the expo’s Ideas in Caretail: Point-of-Purchase & Small Spaces, which lets providers browse various point of sale displays and other displays available from vendors that help providers with small showrooms still maximize their retail sales.

Suffice it to say that attendees at the show will strike it rich when it comes to learning about new HME inventory items. To give you a taste of what’s available at this year’s show, here’s a small sampling of some of Medtrade Spring 2017’s hot products:

Elevates independence and social confidence

Jazzy AirThe Jazzy Air is a new era in power mobility – it’s social mobility. Whether at home or on the town, the Jazzy Air elevates independence and social confidence. The Jazzy Air features the elegance of 10” of seat elevation while driving to allow enhanced environmental access and social interaction. With a top speed of 4.1 mph, Active-Trac suspension, integrated LED lighting and ultracomfort seating, the Jazzy Air gets you where you need to go in refined style. The exclusive one-touch “Air” button, allows driving up to 3.5 mph while elevated, with added stability technology providing the heights wished to sustain your active lifestyle.

Pride Mobility Products Corp.
(800) 800-8586
Booth No. 907

Oxygen solution that lightweight and portable

GCE Zen-O liteThe NEW GCE Zen-O lite is your ideal lightweight, portable oxygen solution. Weighing only 5.5 lbs., the Zen-O lite produces 1050ml of oxygen per minute and provides Pulse oxygen settings of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0. Zen-O lite’s Pulse oxygen delivery is rate responsive and maintains the oxygen bolus size as the patient’s breath rate increases. Zen-O lite provides a low total cost of ownership with field replaceable sieve beds and easy serviceability.

GCE Healthcare
(888) 659-2102
Booth No. 962

Data entry designed with healthcare in mind

SignCenterMedforce’s SignCenter was designed with healthcare in mind. No more having to jump between programs and duplicate data entry. SignCenter gives you everything you need at the touch of a button, including flexible management tools to allow you to control the signing experience, opportunity to notify signers by email or have them sign in person, mark up tools that go beyond signatures and cloudbased disaster preparedness. SignCenter is HIPAA compliant and is secure in transit and at rest.

Medforce Technologies
(845) 426-0459
Booth No. 710

Creates the ability to stay active longer

AirSep FreeStyle and FreeStyle 5CAIRE Inc. put the spotlight on the improvements made to the AirSep® FreeStyle® and FreeStyle® 5 portable oxygen concentrators at Medtrade Spring. Introduced to the market in July, the newly updated model now features a redesigned, robust, metal power supply connector with no pins to align and no release button to press. Also, a new, front-loading, userreplaceable battery and improved battery life gives the user the ability to stay active longer. Batteries can be swapped easily on the go and the unit’s battery life has been increased to 3.5 hours at setting 2.

(877) 704-0878
Booth No. 713

Transport mobility devices with confidence

HAULWAY liftHAULWAY lift allows you to transport your scooter or power chair on the rear of your vehicle safely and efficiently, whether it is across town or on the highway. With easy-to-use features, the HAULWAY takes the worry out of transporting your mobility device with the turn of a key. Each model is simple to install and features a durable and dependable design.

(800) 451-1903
Booth No. 615

Efficient solution to accessibility needs

PATHWAY 3G Modular Access SystemThe PATHWAY 3G Modular Access System provides the safest, fastest, and most efficient solution to your accessibility needs. Its unique features, including universal components and interchangeable surface and handrail options, make it an excellent choice when your residential access requirements extend beyond the scope of a portable ramp. Durable, dependable and American made, the PATHWAY 3G officers customizable solutions to suit the functional and aesthetic requirements of your home.

(800) 451-1903
Booth No. 615

Solution that offers dignified bathroom safety

TILTEZ-ACCESS’ TILT is a patented toilet lift solution that offers dignified bathroom safety and lifts to your natural body movement. The unit is lightweight, but strong and easy to install. It offers great stability, as the TILT attaches to directly to the bowl, rather than pushing the unit over the commode. Arms remain at a constant positioning angle, which keeps the elbow of the user slightly bent to maximize their ideal strength position in order to exit the seat.

(800) 451-1903
Booth No. 615

Small and quiet stationary concentrator

Cirrus 5The Cirrus 5 is one of the smallest and quietest stationary concentrators available in the market. Oxygen purity sensor is standard with every unit. It is easy to use, provides up to 5 LPM of continuous, therapeutic oxygen and is virtually maintenance free. It is designed to operate in the most challenging environments and provide years of reliable continuous oxygen.

3b Medical, Inc.
(863) 226-6285
Booth No. 1034

Reduce risk of oxygen-aided fires

Firesafe Cannula Valve and NozzleHelp improve patient safety by reducing the risk of oxygen-aided fires with the Firesafe Cannula Valve and Nozzle. The products work to automatically stop the flow of oxygen in the event that the downstream oxygen tubing is ignited. The unit can be installed in seconds and offers a cost-effective solution to lower the risk of serious patient injury no matter what method of oxygen delivery they use.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions
(877) 578-6738
Booth No. 943

Software to manage entire HME operation

SystemOne HME Management softwareQS/1’s SystemOne HME Management software helps manage your entire HME operation. It provides power and flexibility while keeping costs low. Web-based or installed, it speeds claims, controls accounts receivable and sales and rental inventories. Built-in tools simplify Medicare Part B compliance documentation and it is fully integrated with QS/1’s Pharmacy Management Systems, IIAS/SIGIS-certified Point-of-Sale and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

(866) 590-9493
Booth No. 653

Gain a competitive edge

Board of Certification/AccreditationDME Specialists help with basic repairs, trouble-shooting and home inspections for DME products, including oxygen, transfer systems, enteric supplies and wound care. The advantages include the ability to differentiate yourself from others, prove professional competency and increase customer satisfaction. You can become a CDME by meeting eligibility requirements or having a high school diploma and 500 hours of DME experience, then applying for and passing the DME Specialist exam.

Board of Certification/Accreditation
(877) 776-2200
Booth No. 1114

Designed to improve comfort

AirFit N20 and AirFit F20The AirFit N20 and AirFit F20 feature ResMed’s innovative new InfinitySeal silicone cushion that adapts to the unique facial contours of each patient to increase comfort, improve fit and reduce leakage for maximum treatment efficacy. Hard-to-fit masks affect sleep specialists and patients alike, so with the new AirFit 20 series, ResMed has taken one of its most popular mask features – magnetic clips, which make the headgear easier to get on and off – and introduced them on its full face model.

(800) 424-0737
Booth No. 1115

Noble*Direct v11 Offers New Features:

Noble*Direct v11Noble*Direct v11 is the latest update in the well-known DME/HME Practice Management software and emphasizes productivity and maximizing profits. Offering a complete solution from enrollment, audit tools, inventory and document management, features in the new version include integrated flow control; enhanced security; multiple lines of business; point of sale/inventory; customized documents; personalized home screen; patient eligibility; and Microsoft SQL.

Noble House Funding Corp.
(800) 749-6700
Booth No. 1142

This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of HME Business.

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