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A look at some of the latest compression offerings available to HME providers.

With millions of people suffering from poor circulation, and many of them not even knowing it, compression products are an attractive opportunity to help a lot of people while growing additional revenue streams.

Given the large number of diabetic patients, seniors and other major patient populations that need compression, the volume of transactions can grow very large. Enterprising providers that specialize in compression can quickly find themselves deriving as much as a quarter of their revenues from compression garments alone.

Compression products are typically placed into two categories: over the counter (OTC) products for mild issues and products for patients with a medical need, such as diabetes, poor circulation, chronic venous insufficiency, wound care and some types of cancer.

OTC compression gives providers and opportunity to package solutions for customers, but regardless of the level of product, training and educating the sales staff are paramount to building a successful compression business. Also, ensuring successful outcomes for compression patients comes down to compliance. Even after being handed a prescription from a doctor, some patients will come in to get fitted and still might not wear the compression product. Deeper expertise is needed on-staff to ensure the best treatment for patients.

Key is obtaining the right product knowledge and expertise, and many compression providers can obtain additional vendor and third-party training. To help you with your own compression product mix, let’s take a look at some of the latest compression items on the market:

Easy-Slide KidsApplication Offers Easy Donning of Stockings for Kids

Easy-Slide Kids

  • Easy-Slide Kids makes it easy for small children up to 6 years old to easily place compression stockings on arms or legs.
  • Material is smooth, providing a significant reduction in friction.
  • Slide solution makes it easy to use.

Arion North America
(866) 952-7466

GABRIALLACompression Hosiery Helps Prevent and Treat Venous Disorders


  • GABRIALLA hosiery helps with tired, swollen legs, as well as venous disorders.
  • Support hosiery helps to increase blood flow, reduce fatigue and prevent varicose veins.
  • GABRIALLA hosiery products are available in pantyhose, thigh highs, and knee highs.

(888) 469-6600

MagnideAid Helps Patients Don Compression Stockings and Tights with Closed Toe


  • Magnide is made from a smooth material that is treated with a special coating, which reduces friction when putting on Magnide compression hosiery.
  • Patients can enjoy the independence and convenience of donning compression hosiery themselves.
  • Magnide come in medium, large and extra large sizes.

Arion North America
(866) 952-7466

Juzo Print SeriesPrint Series of Compression Sleeves Make a Colorful Splash


  • Juzo’s Print Series has new, bold seasonal colors that help wearers make a fashion statement.
  • Patients can select a style that reflects their personality, mood or fashion by choosing camo, watercolors, psychedelic, henna and stars and stripes options.
  • The Print Series is available in the Juzo Soft upper extremity line.

Juzo Inc.
(800) 222-4999

Comfort LineSIGVARIS Adds Larger Sizes to Its Select Comfort line of Compression Products


  • SIGVARIS has added six additional calflength sizes and two additional thigh-high sizes to accommodate patients who have larger legs.
  • The Select Comfort line is available for women in closed toe styles and for both men and women in open toe styles.
  • The complete Select Comfort line includes two calf-length styles, thigh-highs, pantyhose, plus-sized pantyhose and thigh-high with waist attachments.

(800) 322-7744

medivenmediven for women vitality Complements Patients’ Lifestyle

mediven for women vitality

  • mediven for women vitality is a new compression sock that was designed to be “luxuriously soft.”
  • All mediven for women vitality socks feature mediGrip, an integrated silicone top band for maximum comfort without compromising security.
  • Socks have a herringbone-ribbed design and come with ClimaFresh technology to inhibit bacteria growth and unpleasant odors.

medi USA
(800) 449-4440

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of HME Business.


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