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A look at some sports therapy/rehab product offerings available to providers looking to diversify revenue.

As HME providers well know, the name of the game is diversification. Massive reimbursement cuts thanks to policies such as competitive bidding are forcing providers to diversify their revenues and seek new expertise in related fields that can help them boost the bottom line and reinvigorate their cash flow.

Retail sales and expanding private payor reimbursement have been two key ways for providers to find new revenue, but they aren’t the only new sources of income. The key is to find related markets that let providers leverage their existing product expertise.

One such opportunity in that regard is sports therapy/rehab. Many of sports therapy/rehab offerings are items providers already supply or are related to them, and the services offered are often very much in line with providers existing staff expertise. Some of the clearly related sports therapy/rehab products would be compression garments and especially stockings; braces, supports and other orthopedic offerings; and both stock and custom orthotics.

But providers shouldn’t limit themselves to just what they offer, either. Again, diversification is key, and the sports therapy/rehab market allows them to add all sorts of other items, such as cold and heating packs, and pain management, which also appeal to other DME patients. Better yet, if providers aggressively pursue this market opportunity, they can offer specialized athletic equipment, and even bring on a certified athletic therapist to broaden their service offerings.

Indeed, sports therapy/rehab offers enterprising providers another avenue for revenue. Let’s take a look at a sampling of some of the products available to providers considering expanding into this opportunity:


GelStepSilicon heel cups, orthotics and insoles


  • Available fabric-covered or uncovered, GelStep offers a range of solutions for clients suffering from heel or foot pain, which can affect athletes as well as seniors.
  • Constructed of genuine, medical-grade silicone, GelStep heel cups, pads, insoles and orthotics absorb shock, provide heel cushioning, arch support and extra foot padding.
  • Dual-density, with a softer “blue zone” to cushion specific spots and help relieve plantar fasciitis or heel spur pain.

(800) 356-8185


Active Ankle ExcelAnkle brace combines comfort, mobility, support and security

Active Ankle Excel

  • The Active Ankle Excel Ankle Brace combines the comfort and mobility of a lace-up with the support and security of a “tape job.”
  • Strap and lacing system tightens all the way around for better conforming and more comfort, and the 840 denier nylon shell is neoprene lined for comfort.
  • Non-stretch vertical straps imitate the effects of the heel lock technique used in ankle taping.

Performance Health
(800) 246-3733


Thermoskin FXT SocksCompression socks for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

Thermoskin FXT Socks

  • Socks feature variable compression technology that is reinforced in key zones to target plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and arch pain, and targeted achilles and plantar-calcaneal compression zones help relieve heel pain.
  • Extra cushioning at foot pad for added comfort, and reinforced banding in midsock provides extra arch support and helps relieve arch pain.
  • Socks are made of a soft, moisture wicking and breathable fabric, and silver microbial fibers in toe and heel have anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties.

Swede-O, Inc.
(800) 525-9339


JOBST SportMen's and women's sports socks offer various features


  • Specifically designed for men and women who want a long-wearing sock that is soft, lightweight and breathable for a variety of athletic activities.
  • Graduated compression helps improve blood flow and reduce swelling, and cushioned padding helps protect tendons during exercise.
  • Wide knee band keeps socks up even during strenuous activity; microfiber technology helps wick moisture away; and activated carbon fibers provide a unique odor-control system.

BSN medical
(800) 537-1063


Tola SystemNeuromuscular release system now includes Tola Strap

Tola System

  • Using three uniquely contoured point sizes, a rocker and angled wedges, the Tola System can be customized to reach the precise angle, pressure and level of penetration needed for myofascial trigger point release.
  • The 8 in., adjustable Tola Strap, now included with the kit, lets the user completely relax the muscles on which they’re working and apply pressure to hard-to-reach areas without assistance.
  • Each Tola System kit includes three Tola Points with unique contours, two Wedge bases, one Rocker base, the Tola Strap and a 50-page manual.

(800) 367-7393


X525 Knee SupportBrace balances comfort, durability, functionality

X525 Knee Support

  • Brace is engineered to withstand the demands of both elite athletes and individuals with an active lifestyle, and emphasizes comfort, durability and functionality in a contemporary design.
  • Uses lightweight materials; non-allergenic, latex-free, breathable neoprene; a wicking mesh for moisture management; and a non-abrasive fastening technology.
  • Knee brace is anatomically engineered for a precision fit, with easy-on/easy-off finger pulls, a gel patella insert , and optimum support side stabilizers.

Champion CSX, A Division of SAI Brands
(800) 888-0458

This article originally appeared in the September 2014 issue of HME Business.


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