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Gears of Change

Software continues to be a strategic asset for providers, especially now that they seek to transform their businesses.

Software: Gears of ChangeTwenty or 30 years ago, the notion of tailor-made business management systems would have been as unlikely as the home computer was at one time. However, now HME billing and management systems have become essential strategic assets for help providers drive efficiency in their businesses and grow and protect their revenues. Moreover, software helps HMEs deal with change, and that is certainly the order of the day. As HME businesses have wrestled with declining reimbursement, audits, competitive bidding and a number of threats, they’ve not only had to increase their revenues while lowering their costs, but they have had to completely redefine their entire business models. Whether it is having to transform into rental businesses, or engage in rapid retail expansion, strengthen and broaden relationships with private payor insurance carriers, or create online presences, providers are blazing new territory 24/7 and they need tools that can help them quickly act on this initiatives.

Keeping pace with that change, the software systems serving the industry have begun offering up a number of services and features that track with HME providers’ transformation.

So, as part of our annual software survey, we’ve looked at the various systems available to providers we looked at the features that would help them grow and evolve as their reimbursement, regulatory and business environments continue to unfold through the rest of 2013 and into 2014. Here are some key things we asked about:

  • e-Commerce/Web store tools
    What features does the system offer to help providers conduct business with their clients and patients via the web, so that they can order supplies, fill prescriptions, etc.?
  • Retail
    What tools and support does the system offer to give providers retail functionality and leverage in-store cash sales opportunities?
  • Private payor connectivity
    What tools does the system give to providers in order to help them communicate and process claims with private payor and other non-Medicare/Medicaid funding sources?
  • Inventory management
    What inventory management and control features — barcoding, scanning, auto reordering, etc. — does it offer?
  • Rental management
    How does the system help providers manage and maintain their rental DME, and ensure it is properly cared for and prepared for the next patient to use it that will ensure providers comply with accreditation and care standards?
  • Patient interaction and customer contact
    What features does the software offer to help automate customer contact, such as IVR and automatic email notification?
  • Audits
    How does the software help providers prepare for RAC, CERT, ZPIC and other pre- and post-payment audits?
  • Marketing support
    What capabilities does the software offer to help providers better conduct market research about their patients and better reach out to and communicate with those clients? Does it offer tools for helping disseminate marketing communications and campaigns Bearing all that in mind, let’s take a look at what the different systems have to offer.

DIABCO: HIPAA Billing SystemsAR-Express

Company name: DIABCO – Healthcare Software Solutions, Inc.
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 800-864-6210
Years company has been in business: 30
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site
Programming languages and database environments: Microsoft Windows 7, Server 2008, MSQL 2008, .net, VB, VFP

e-Commerce/Web store tools: Electronic Purchase Orders

Retail: DIABCO is partner vendor & integrated with CAM Commerce Retail Star as the system’s point of sale

Private payor connectivity: AR-Express features electronic billing for all primary and secondary insurances, including MSP. A table-driven set of business rules lets users define payor-specific validations of claims for the claim scrubbing process. Prior to claim processing, Medicare benefits can be confirmed using ME-First, DIABCO’s web-based eligibility service, which identifies HMOs, deductibles, and addresses. The system’s new ARX E-First tracks real-time eligibility for more than 700 payor insurance reports.

Inventory management: The purchasing and receiving process updates inventory on-order, on-hand, and last costs for all products by manufacturer, and can produce bar coded price tags. Using the ePO feature will send purchase orders electronically to vendors. As patient orders are entered, inventory is depleted and stock status reporting gives providers a reorder tool.

Rental management: Asset management tracks the life of each serial number, such as patient names, repair and miscellaneous records.

Audits: Scanned documents allow easy access to patient records, delivery tickets and signed CMN’s. Filtered sales reports will show all active rental customers and product specific listings. The usage of the system’s “List of Steps” will ensure completion of required documentation.

Marketing support: Sales reports can be used to identify patients to market customized products. Specific reports by referral sources provide information to target new marketing and sales activities.


Company name: Brightree, LLC.
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 888-598-7797
Years company has been in business: 12
Number of installed systems: 2,700
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Programming languages and database environments: Brightree’s billing and business management solutions are built using Microsoft’s .NET framework and uses MS SQL Server for its database environment.

e-Commerce/Web store tools: Brightree Connect patient interaction platform enables intelligent patient contact campaigns and resupply ordering capabilities. Providers can leverage the patient, product and payor data already in the system to reach out to eligible patients via email, automated calls, or human-guided calls. Patients can be directed to a branded, integrated online ordering portal that is integrated within the Brightree billing system. Providers can interact with the right patient at the right time for the right products via the patient’s preferred contact method.

Retail: The system offers a user friendly, flexible Point of Sale (POS) solution for retail operations. Brightree’s retail sales module is fully integrated with the Brightree platform, so inventory quantities, receipts, and all other relevant data are automatically updated with each transaction. Retail sales data is tracked by specific patient or handled as a simple cash sale. Finally, Brightree provides daily reports to summarize sales activity and reconcile tendered amounts.

Private payor connectivity: Brightree supports more than 3,500 commercial payors through a single interface. Providers don’t have to reach out to payors or multiple clearinghouses to track down payment. It is all handled directly from within the Brightree system.

Inventory management: The system’s integrated ordering and inventory tracking maximizes inventory turnover, tracks repair and maintenance plus flags obsolete items as well as superseded products. Brightree supports handheld scanning devices to quickly and accurately count inventory items. Integrated ePurchasing with major suppliers, like McKesson, ResMed and Assuramed, enables seamless and accurate ordering from within the Brightree system. When integrated ePurchasing is combined with drop shipping, providers can reduce delivery charges and inventory carrying costs. Brightree works in real-time, so when shipments are received they are immediately reflected in inventory.

Rental management: Brightree’s Asset Management provides full inventory tracking and item maintenance so providers can effectively maintain and track their inventory. Item Maintenance records can be pre-scheduled and tracked for proper reporting needs to ensure required maintenance is up to date. In addition, Brightree utilizes templates to ensure maintenance records are maintained according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Brightree also provides serialized inventory tracking of activity for a complete history for each asset to address accreditation requirements.

Patient interaction and customer contact: The Brightree Connect patient interaction platform leverages patient data to help providers contact the right patient at the right time to increase resupply revenue, improve outcomes, and maximize compliance. The platform offers an enhanced voice solution for automated calls and a “guided call” solution that supports HME representatives calling chronic care patients to replenish supplies. In addition, the platform supports email so providers can connect with patients via email to alert them of eligibility for resupply products and easily guide them to order online or using an inbound number. These tools can be implemented to drive increased resupply revenue, as well.

Audits: Brightree provides systematic workflows that guide users to proactively gather thorough documentation and automates manual tasks, directing employees through a set of processes:

  • Electronic Audit Response lets providers respond directly to CMS audits through an integrated, electronic application that helps providers collect and submit documentation, then track status while in the Brightree system.
  • Brightree Document Management lets providers leverage document-aware capabilities to quickly capture, manage, share and secure required documents on the patient record for future reference.
  • Automatic CMN Renewal and Brightree Electronic Fax enables providers to automatically identify expiring CMNs, send renewal requests, and receive renewals.
  • History and Tracking lets providers track changes in the system by user.
  • Automatic Eligibility ensures providers avoid delivering products to ineligible patients

Marketing support: Brightree, as part of the core product offering, provides the ability to track and report marketing activities. In addition, providers can follow up as it relates to physicians and referral sources eliminating the need for third-party CRM applications. In addition, the system’s ad hoc reporting gives providers access to any data they need to better understand the activities of their patients and their business.

Fastrack Healthcare Systems, Inc. and CPR+ for HMECPR+, Fastrack, Caretinuum, MestaMed

Company name: Mediware Information Systems
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 866-277-4876
Years company has been in business: 43
Number of installed systems: 1500+
Type of System: A stand-alone system installed on-site; A hosted system, but uses special client software.
Programming languages and database environments: Visual FoxPro and .NET Framework front-end with a Microsoft SQL backend. Microsoft.NET, Microsoft SQL DB, and C#

e-Commerce/Web store tools: Mediware does offer tools and modules over the web for customers to conduct business as needed over the web. Users can order supplies, fill prescriptions, help with referrals, and much more.

Retail: Mediware supports full Point of Sale functionality with receipt printer. Order entry modules support the entry of cash sale transactions with collection of patient payments.

Private payor connectivity: Mediware provides multiple tools for claims management. Integrated 837 engines, 270/271 benefits verification, interface with Zirmed and Emdeon. Mediware software automatically evaluates all claims for required data and missing documentation such as physician orders to insure a clean claim is generated. The system can hold claims for various reasons and navigate with ease to complete necessary data. Statuses, follow-up dates and notes help to view the claim, complete submit easily with the claims browser. Integration with Zirmed automatically submits the EDI claims returning an immediate response message.

Inventory management: The system offers full inventory control with barcoding of inventory for field scanning, ordering and replenishing of purchase orders, 850 purchase orders, full interface with MSD for Patient Home Delivery (drop-ship) and bulk ordering. Other inventory features include purchasing/receiving, physical inventory and asset maintenance for serialized equipment.

Rental management: Mediware supports this through various methods. The barcoding of inventory to maintain accurate counts and records of maintenance performed daily. The system provides the ability to create manufacturer-specific maintenance requirements with outcomes reporting. Full documented history of all events (placed in service, PM, repairs) and much more.

Patient interaction and customer contact: The software provides this through e-mail notification of upcoming supply orders / refills. Mediware can interface with Medsage for automated customer re-ordering. The system offers an integrated Recurring Sale Module to allow automatic scheduling of the delivery of supply items based on a user- specified frequency. There are workflow notifications and document output management capabilities to help with any process needed.

Audits: Integrated document imaging and management that is patient and document specific provides automated matching of scanned, signed delivery tickets to the patient record. Reports can be generated to show a full history of charges and adjustments to aid in audit analysis. Existing reports and custom reports can be generated as well. Tools are used to help share important information as needed delivering meaningful, actionable metrics, data trends, and much more.

Marketing support: Mediware offers a variety of Business Intelligence tools that help providers track and respond to their key business metrics and gain insight to their patients. Therefore allowing them to make better business decisions in regards to various aspects of their business.

Inscrybe HealthcareInscrybe Referral Management

Company name: Authentidate
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 877-467-2792
Years company has been in business: 21
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Programming languages and database environments: .NET

e-Commerce/Web store tools: Yes, online portals include electronic signature, enhanced workflows, unified electronic and fax transactions in single dashboard, and physician-supplier community portal all to enhance care order processing.

Retail: System designed for suppliers & physician interactions, not retail trade.

Private payor connectivity: Prior-authorization capability, and complete documentation for reimbursement filings. Electronic interface to practice management/billing systems and EHR systems available.

Inventory management: Faxes are barcoded to link files to related case electronically. Interfaces available to practice management and billing systems where inventory records are kept and managed.

Rental management: System designed to shorten Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) on care order processing, not manage rentals.

Patient interaction and customer contact: Includes automated email notifications and fax for physicians who are not yet electronic, but no patient interaction.

Audits: Complete audit and transaction records including NIST verified digital time/date stamps retained for seven-year authenticity verification period.

Marketing support: System designed to streamline CMNs, Physicians’ Orders and Plan of Care completion and authorization, not marketing to patients.

MedAct SoftwareMedAct Software

Company name: MedAct Software
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 800-326-0314
Years company has been in business: 25
Number of installed systems: 600
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site; A hosted, web-based/ SAAS system Programming languages and database environments: MedAct Software Client/Server Edition is a Windows based system utilizing a SQL based RDB.

Retail: The MedAct Retail Point of Sale (POS) solution is designed for sales order transactions in a DME storefront business. The MedAct Point of Sale Module is integrated with MedAct which allows for automatic inventory updates. Using the MedAct bar code scanner enables providers to scan items to collect payment.

The MedAct retail solution with the MedAct Point of Sale Module provides HME businesses with a way to ring up sales without a cash register and with all the benefits of automatic updates to inventory. To drive improved service, the MedAct Point of Sale Module automatically calculates the patient portion due.

Private payor connectivity: The system offers more than 500 standard reports to give providers financial, patient, vendor, inventory and status reports they need to direct their daily activities. The MedAct CBid Center enables providers to manage Medicare beneficiaries and contract bid suppliers within a competitive bid area. All business-critical information is in MedAct.

Inventory management: The MedAct Inventory Management Module provides a set of inventory management tools needed to help providers manage their capital investment. The module maintains inventory items and details, transactions and audit trails, multiple warehouses, vendors, parts, lots, serialized items and availability status. Bar code scanning technology helps providers avoid manually performing physical counts with an automated solution for accurately maintaining inventory. The MedAct Purchase Order Module works in conjunction with the inventory management module to order the items for order fulfillment.

Inventory management for retail sales leverages the full inventory management capabilities found in MedAct and includes gross margin pricing tools to allow HME providers to set retail pricing for a single unit, or family of products based on target gross margins.

Rental: MedAct offers automated recurring monthly rental billing that is user friendly and efficient to operate. Providers can rest assure their recurring maintenance resupply schedules for rental equipment are properly handled and billed reducing compliance risk and audit.

Patient interaction and customer contact: MedAct’s open system architecture allows HME providers the flexibility to interact with third-party interactive voice response and email notification systems of their choosing for compliance based supply re-ordering. In addition, MedAct offers customer satisfaction surveys and other accreditation reports to help providers be survey-ready.

Audits: MedAct employs an integrated workflow engine that assists providers in submitting clean claims. MedAct employs a variety of tools and checklists during order intake to minimize and eliminate claim rejects and denials, which could trigger audits. To assist intake and billing personnel in assigning proper equipment and supplies to doctor’s orders, LCDs can be attached to inventory items and to ensure compliance to regulations. File Audit Checklists are used to ensure orders have the proper documentation before claims submission.

MedAct integrates the Compliance Center, which directly targets issues vital to providers facing Audits. The MedAct Compliance Center can generate more than 20 prepayment and post-payment reports. Responding to CERT audits are handled by Review Code tracking and reporting for each invoice and line item. Integrated Document Management utilizing automated bar code recognition ensures all documents are available at a patient, doctor and insurance level for audit review.

Marketing support: MedAct Business Manager is a Business Analytics solution that provides an easy-to-use insight into an HME provider business allowing owners and management to gain competitive insight into their patients, payors, product mix, referral sources, and locations in order to drive data-driven marketing initiatives. With Business Manager, providers can conduct extensive market research, conduct forecasting and engage in scenario planning.

BonafideMedeq Manager

Company name: Bonafide Management Systems
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 805-908-2333
Years company has been in business: 32
Number of installed systems: Hundreds
Type of System: Hosted, web-based only.
Programming languages and database environments: Java for application on redundant unix based web servers. Database is in SQL 2012 active/passive cluster for high availability.

e-Commerce/Web store tools: Patient can place orders online directly and view their documents and orders. All communication is HIPAA compliant

Retail: Barcoded product with minimum and maximum functionality imbedded for “just in time” inventory management. EDI completed with over fifty vendors.

Private payor connectivity: Eligibility and remaining deductible at point of service. Claim scrubbed for payment before order is complete. Completely paperless system for Bonafide’s provider client.

Inventory management: Unlimited locations using barcodes and just in time ordering protocols. Sell today, have replenishment delivered tomorrow with automatic EDI ordering. Receivables offset payables with proper payment terms from vendor.

Patient interaction and customer contact: Email communication sent to patient for them to login into a HIPAA compliant system. HIPAA compliant is a must.

Audits: They system is esMD (Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation) enabled so providers can electronically respond to ADR, RAC, MAC, and CERT audits.

Marketing support: Patient complaint tracking and resolution. Type of complaint and action taken with reports that increase patient satisfaction.

MedFORCEMedFORCE Scan, MedFORCE D&R, MedFORCE WorkFLOW, UPS, USPS and FedEX Shipment Tracker, ZipMit.

Company name: MedFORCE Technologies, Inc.
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 866-237-1190
Years company has been in business: 11
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site; A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Programming languages and database environments: Programming languages used are, Delphi and C Sharp and uses a SQL database to securely store data.

e-Commerce/Web store tools: The system offers a business process system that allows providers to monitor the supply chain from end to end as well as a web form and task management program.

Retail: The business process tools help providers monitor their retail functions and provides the ability to leverage their in-store cash.

Private payor connectivity: MedFORCE D&R utilizes generic 835 fi les from any payor. The system’s ZipMit program will be available for commercial payors as soon as CMS makes this available to commercial payors.

Inventory management: MedFORCE Scan can scan in documents with barcode information and allow that information to be saved into demographic fields which reports can be generated from.

Patient interaction and customer contact: Business process tools provide alerts and automatic escalations that can be set on various tasks to assist in ensuring customers are kept informed of any changes to orders etc.

Audits: MedFORCE is one of 18 approved HIH (Health Information Handler) approved by CMS nationwide. ZipMit by MedFORCE is designed to enable submission of audits electronically via CMS’s esMD program. MedFORCE’s business process management tools will manage the process to ensure audits are submitted completely and timely.

Noble*DirectNoble*Direct for Windows

Company name: Noble House
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 800-749-6700
Years company has been in business: 24
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site
Programming languages and database environments: Noble*Direct is a true Windows application utilizing Pervasive SQL

e-Commerce/Web store tools: The core billing program, Noble*Direct, provides import capabilities from external sources.

Private payor connectivity: Noble*Direct can submit primary and secondary claims electronically to more than 2,300 payors. In addition, patient eligibility and electronic EOB’s (835s) are also available.

Inventory management: Noble*Direct has integrated inventory and also provides drop ship capabilities to various medical equipment distributors.

Rental management: Integrated indirectly into Noble*Direct, the billing program allows for automated repeat billing function on a variety of cycles, including, monthly, quarterly and many other options. In addition, capped rentals automatically adjust the appropriate billing modifiers and suspend claim submission at the end of the 13 or 15 month cycles.

Patient interaction and customer contact: Email addresses are maintained for all patients. By utilizing the integrated mail-merge capabilities, emails can easily be generated and distributed to patients.

Audits: Through the new CMS project called esMD (electronic submission of medical documentation, Audit documentation can be automatically submitted to the appropriate Review Contractor electronically.

Marketing support: All the data files within Noble*Direct are easily accessible via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). As a result, patient demographic and statistical information can be extracted for marketing and research processes.


Company name: QS/1
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 800-231-7776
Years company has been in business: 36
Number of installed systems: 785
Type of System: A stand-alone system installed on-site; a hosted system, but uses special client software
Programming languages and database environments: Assembler/Visual Basic

Retail: SystemOne integrates with a POS (point of sale) system for retail environment. SystemOne POS can handle cash, check, and debit and credit card payments. SystemOne POS is also SIGIS approved for processing health savings or flexible spending accounts.

Private payor connectivity: Zirmed allows for electronic billing to more than 4,000 private payors.

Inventory management: The Purchase Order module enhances SystemOne’s inventory management. This gives providers the ability to have a primary and secondary vendor or sku number entry, automatically create purchase orders, receive purchase orders, and view real time on-hand quantities.

Rental management: SystemOne offers the ability to track serial numbers along with a repair maintenance record to track any repairs necessary.

Patient interaction and customer contact: SystemOne IVR provides the ability to call patients reminding them of orders that are due for resupply, follow-up on rentals and patient satisfaction surveys.

Audits: SystemOne provides detailed documentation tracking, as well as detailed reporting. Document imaging allows a customer to scan all documents at time of receipt to reduce the chance of loss.

Marketing support: The system offers customized reports that providers can use for gathering data about their customers. SystemOne IVR also has an option for a patient survey to help improve customer service.

TIMS SoftwareTIMS Software

Company name: Computers Unlimited
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number:
Years company has been in business: 35
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site; A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Programming languages and database environments: Microsoft .Net and SQL server

e-Commerce/Web store tools: Using TIMS eCommerce, facility billing and commercial customers can place orders online, while TIMS custom interfaces handle orders for patient billing customers.

Retail: Credit Card Processing, and TIMS Point of Sale (POS) with bar code scanning features let customers take advantage of cash sales opportunities.

TIMS Point of Sale (POS) takes advantage of bar-coded inventory scanning to make checking out patients quick and simple. Additionally, the POS system lets providers track payment methods of customers, which gives a clear picture of their organization’s retail business transactions. POS tracks cash, check and debit or credit card payments through a cash drawer and features a one-to-one relationship between each terminal or PC and its respective cash drawer. The provider can break down summary reports by branch, cash drawers and transactions, and easily reconcile cash by cash drawer.

Integrate with TIMS Credit Card system and complete secure credit card orders while taking care of recurring transactions — without re-keying information. Credit card numbers are securely stored offsite with the credit card processor, completely eliminating liability.

Private payor connectivity: TIMS Software offers tools such as claims edits and held A/R reports by error to electronic processing claims directly to payor or through ZirMed for private payors. Automatically upload and apply remittance amounts for rapid reimbursement. Claims transmission technology provides accurate coding of claims in accordance with Medicare and other third-party payor regulations.

Inventory management: Supports single and multiple warehouses and bin locations and includes bar code tracking for supplies, medical gases and rental equipment, including serial number and lot number tracking with easy access for recalls. Handles rental equipment tracking and repairs. Offers wireless warehouse management for cycle counting, picking and receiving and annual physical inventory counting.

Rental management: TIMS Rental Equipment helps providers manage their rentals and keep track of all rental equipment activity, from a yearly inspection to a full repair. Simply link the repair or inspection to the item via the serial number to see all activity related to equipment. Handles rent-to-owns, exchanges and capped rentals per payor for full rental equipment management. TIMS manages depreciation and 36-month oxygen billing for additional accuracy and uses auto rental holds for tighter CPAP compliance.

Patient interaction and customer contact: TIMS will automatically email order confirmations for patient or referral sources, thanking them for placing their order. The medSage Technologies interface helps businesses schedule combined in-person and automated calls to patients. The scheduling tool monitors therapy compliance and provides assistance when re-ordering health care supplies.

The TIMS interface with A/R Allegiance manages the provider’s billing communication with the patient and for each account. And, through the system’s interface with Strategic AR, providers have patient-pay billing and collection services that improve cash flow, streamline patient communication and decrease the labor costs.

Audits: Provides up-front patient qualification by DME category plus validations by HCPCS needed to minimize denials or take-backs based on insufficient required documentation or lack of medical necessity before equipment is released to the patient. Access any scanned documents through TIMS Imaging such as CMNs, doctors orders, ABNs or clinical notes for example.

Marketing support: Users have unlimited access to their data using Microsoft-software. They can perform powerful ad hoc analysis directly from Excel to answer their information needs, including the opportunity for predictive analysis and marketing opportunities. Dashboard metrics, reporting and analytic tools give providers a timely executive overview.

TITAN, Reimbursement PRO, WebScan PROTITAN, Reimbursement PRO and WebScan PRO

Company name: RemitDATA
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 866-885-2974
Years company has been in business: 13
Number of installed systems: 14,000 installs with over 100,000 users
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Programming languages and database environments: Applications are built in .NET/C#, Java, and JavaScript. All product database environments are Microsoft SQL Server.

Private payor connectivity: RemitDATA’s SaaS-based offerings are all payor-oriented. The TITAN analytics solution includes real-time alerts and insights around claim processing times, denial rates and causations, and cash flow, so providers can proactively monitor and address inefficient billing practices, as well as payor operational and payment-related issues. The comparative benchmarks within TITAN equip providers with market performance metrics so they can illustrate and communicate payor-specific anomalies that are currently affecting them.

Additionally, the Reimbursement Pro denial management workflow tool can work with any practice management or billing system to streamline and reduce claim denials from any payor; thus, significantly improving the provider’s cash flow. Reimbursement Pro allows the provider to quickly identify and fix problematic collection issues while automating their denial management process through the system’s included OnDemand EOB retrieval, OnDemand Query analysis, Denial Q workflow tool and OnDemand (payor-specific) Form generation tools.

Audits: RemitDATA’s interactive TITAN database provides real-time, peer-to-peer benchmarking and Comparative Analytics on reimbursement, utilization and productivity measurements. This real-time reporting capability enables providers to measure their performance and compare themselves to their peers, thereby determining if they are an outlier that the RAC, CERT, and ZPICs would focus on.

Marketing support: TITAN enables billing companies and other large providers to review and identify low performers or clients that are trending negatively on key performance metrics. This information can be used to improve performance at individual locations/clients and/or to market services to prospective clients.


Company name: Umbian
Web Address:
Toll-free phone number: 877-242-1703
Years company has been in business: 4
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Programming languages and database environments: .Net

e-Commerce/Web store tools: A system for sleep providers, U-Sleep supports integration with third party and in-house custom applications.

Private payor connectivity: U-Sleep provides DMEs with timely compliance notifications to speed up the claims submission process. U-Sleep also provides DMEs with the ability to define the compliance rules to meet payor requirements.

Inventory management: U-Sleep supports the entry (either keyed or barcode scanned) of CPAP device serial numbers for supported makes and models. This value can be updated at any time, to ensure that the user always has visibility into the particular device which is associated with a given patient.

Patient interaction and customer contact: U-Sleep supports a wide variety of interaction and outreach options including email, text messaging, telephone, as well as a mobile app for both Apple and Android users. These options are configurable at the individual patient level, providing the flexibility to meet the needs of specific patients.

Audits: U-Sleep provides ongoing access to patient CPAP usage data, to assist with internal or external audit requirements.

This article originally appeared in the November 2013 issue of HME Business.

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