Medtrade Fall 2012

Medtrade’s Must-See Respiratory and Sleep Products and Services

Oxlife IndependenceOxlife Independence

The Oxlife Independence is a highly mobile, three-liter portable concentrator with continuous flow (1-3 LPM) and pulse mode setting (0.5-6). With a magnesium case and patent pending ESA technology, the Oxlife Independence has an integrated cart that makes the unit agile and easy to handle. A split battery configuration gives users the option of either a lighter weight or longer excursion times. The Oxlife Independence runs on all settings in a car and is FAA approved.

O2-Concepts, LLC
Medtrade Booth: 730

HomeFill DS Oxygen SystemInvacare HomeFill DS Oxygen System

The Invacare HomeFill DS Oxygen System is a transfilling system designed for use with the Perfecto2 DS Concentrator. It is also compatible with the Invacare Perfecto2 Concentrator and Invacare Platinum Concentrator. The HomeFill DS is lightweight and quiet, and has low power consumption. Its streamlined design lets the system rest on the Perfecto2 DS Concentrator without the need for a ready rack and includes the same breadth of cylinder offerings, including integrated conservers, regulators and post-valve cylinders.

Invacare Corporation
(800) 333-6900
Medtrade Booth: 818

Deluxe CPAP MasksSunset Healthcare Solutions Deluxe CPAP Masks

Sunset’s new masks feature an extremely lightweight design and soft, replaceable silicone cushions. The Deluxe Full Face Mask has a streamlined footprint that creates a secure seal without the need for a forehead support. The Deluxe Nasal Mask features a one-piece molded silicone rubber frame that’s lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions
(877) 578-6738
Medtrade Booth: 1166

Accreditation Service for Sleep Lab Testing FacilitiesACHC Accreditation Service for Sleep Lab Testing Facilities

ACHC offers accreditation services for sleep lab testing facilities across the United States. A Sleep Lab is a facility that provides testing for sleeping disorders, either in an independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF), as defined by CMS, or in hospital-based testing facilities. Sleep testing can also be conducted in the home.

Accreditation Commission for Health Care
(919) 785-1214
Medtrade Booth: 933

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liner and TourRemZzzs CPAP Mask Liner and Tour

RemZzzs, a disposable cotton liner for nightly use with a PAP mask, enhances PAP therapy by assisting with patient success and compliance. It also assists in the adherence to new insurance regulations for PAP use. The product is reimbursable using HCPCS codes A7031 and A7032. Also, Naturs Design, the maker of RemZzzs, announced the nationwide “Dreams With Hope” sleep awareness tour, beginning September 5, 2012. The Dreams With Hope tour will sponsor free educational clinics at various locations across the country over the course of 12 months.

Naturs Design, Inc.
(877) 473-6999
Medtrade Booth: 1263

Vacu-Aide QSU Quiet Suction UnitDeVilbiss Healthcare Vacu-Aide QSU Quiet Suction Unit

DeVilbiss Healthcare’s latest airway suction device is the Vacu-Aide QSU Quiet Suction Unit, which the company says has a 50 percent reduction in sound. The Vacu-Aide QSU’s adjustable vacuum range (50-550 mmHg) meets the American Association for Respiratory Care’s guidelines for neonatal, infant, child and adult homecare suctioning. The new container assembly features an integrated bacteria filter that requires fewer connections, which helps to reduce the risk of leaks.

DeVilbiss Healthcare
(814) 443-7658
Medtrade Booth: 2325

Perfecto2 DS ConcentratorInvacare Perfecto2 DS Concentrator

The Invacare Perfecto2 DS Concent rator is a 5 LPM concentrator designed specifically for use with the Invacare HomeFill DS System. It is lightweight and comes standard with an oxygen sensor.

Invacare Corporation
(800) 333-6900
Medtrade Booth: 818

LifeChoice Activox Portable Oxygen ConcentratorLifeChoice Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Weighing 5 pounds and offering up to 10 hours of mobile battery life (7 hours internally, 3 hours externally at 1 LPM), the LifeChoice Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator gives patients freedom and mobility. The LifeChoice Activox features Auto Mode and PULSE-WAVE™ technologies. The unit is approved by the FDA for 24/7 use and the FAA for in-fl ight use. The system is a non-delivery, service-free oxygen therapy that is reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurance plans.

Inova Labs Inc.
(800) 220-0977
Medtrade Booth: 2260

This article originally appeared in the Respiratory & Sleep Management October 2012 issue of HME Business.

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