P4QC Unveils NCB Videos

First in a series of videos explaining bid program's pitfalls hits Youtube.

People for Quality Care, in effort to make the problems of competitive bidding make more sense to people outside the DME industry, has released the first in a a series of videos that convey the negative impact of Medicare's competitive bidding program in ways that are accessible to all Americans.

The video, “Bad Service at the Competitive Bidding Café,” uses a restaurant scene in which one diner does not receive the same service or quality of food as her friend dining with her to illustrate the program's pitfalls. The scene transitions to an explanation by PFQC Lead Advocate Angie Plager of how Medicare competitive bidding program is affecting equipment users in the same way.

The video:

“If non-equipment users apply the rules of competitive bidding to everyday life situations, maybe they can understand the severe impact the lack of access to quality equipment and timely service has on Medicare beneficiaries. We need them to get involved in the fight against competitive bidding to protect their family and friends and their future access to home care,” commented PFQC Project Coordinator Steven Eilers, who is developing the series.

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