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A roundup of some of the latest CPAP and related offerings.

More than 18 million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, and an estimated 85 percent of them go undiagnosed for years. The sleep disorder takes its name from the Greek word apnea, meaning “without breath.” And oftentimes during the night, people suffering from sleep apnea will stop breathing repeatedly for a minute or longer, as well as hundreds of times in a single night.

Although the primary risk factor for OSA is excessive weight gain, losing weight might not fully eliminate the disorder. That’s where positive airway pressure therapy comes in. CPAPs, short for continuous positive airway pressure, are the most common airway therapy systems that help people with OSA breathe at night.

Patient compliance, however, remains an issue with CPAP therapy, and providers need to make sure they select the right CPAP for the patient, as well as other products that will help encourage compliance. Here are some of the latest CPAP and related offerings:

PureSom CPAP: Algorithm Makes Breathing Easier

    * Refined pressure algorithm makes it easy for the patient to exhale.
    * Features an illuminated, menu-driven LCD display, universal power supply and user-friendly size.
    * Pressure sensor allows for automatic leak and manual altitude compensation.

Cardinal Health
(800) 231-2466

REMstar Auto M: A-Flex Relieves Pressure

    * A-Flex pressure relieving technology is designed to work with an auto-CPAP algorithm to improve comfort by matching pressure delivery to the patient’s entire breathing cycle.
    * A pressure profile mirrors a patient’s breathing and, with the auto-algorithm intelligence, will respond to the patients’ therapeutic needs during sleep.
    * Features an Encore Pro SmartCard that stores patient usage data for upload into the Encore compliance management system. 

Philips Respironics
(800) 345-6443

SleepStyle 200 Auto Series: CPAP Helps Fight Sleep Apnea

    * Delivers effective titration and long-term treatment by detecting and responding to flow limitations, apneas and hypopneas during sleep.
    * SensAwake technology delivers personalized therapy during sleep and awake states.
    * PerformanceMaximizer software offers efficacy reporting. 

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp.
(800) 446-3908

Celestia CPAP: Airway Pressure Machine is Lightweight, Quiet

    * The device is designed for comfort, ease of use and reliability.
    * Offers an ultra quiet operation, 30 decibels at 10 centimeters of water and a full integrated heated humidifier.
    * Weighs 3.08 pounds and includes compliance software that records apnea index, hypopnea and snoring index. 

Drive Medical
(877) 224-0946

IntelliPAP Standard CPAP System: Water-Resistant Housing

    * Humidifier chamber design maximizes humidification and minimizes leaks.
    * A discreet carrying bag is included and can be expanded to hold additional accessories.
    * Delay pressure ramp eases the machine to the prescribed pressure, letting the user fall asleep at a lower pressure. 

DeVillbiss Healthcare
(800) 338-1988

SleepWeaver: Soft-Cloth Sleep Mask Helps Prevent Leaks

    * Gently inflates and conforms to the client’s face, creating a seal and reducing air leaks.
    * Designed to reduce mask noise to provide a good night’s sleep.
    * Mask has no plastic or silicone parts that touch the face, preventing it from irritating sensitive skin. 

(724) 858-2837

This article originally appeared in the April 2009 issue of HME Business.

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Carla Saavedra is the former products editor for HME Business, Mobility Management and Respiratory Management magazines.


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