VMI Introduces New Platform Lift

PHOENIX — VMI recently introduced an addition to its extensive line of Ricon platform lifts, the Slide-Away. The lift has the strength and safety of a dual post lift plus the clear access and front passenger seat functionality of a single post lift.

The goal was to design a platform lift that provides maximum access and functionality for wheelchair users and their families, according to VMI. The result is the Slide-Away lift that actually slides away to give users comfort and convenience. The sliding design allows full functionality of the front passenger seat, while also giving passengers unobstructed access through the side door. More importantly, performance was not sacrificed for convenience; the strength of the dual-powered cylinder design means safe, smooth operation for even the heaviest power chairs.

The lift comes with a standard 600-lb. lifting capacity, but VMI and Ricon wanted to go one step further. The design incorporates installation kits that raise the lifting capacity to 800 lbs. When installed with these kits, the Slide-Away meets ALL FMVSS standards for deflection at 800 lbs.

"We consulted with many of our dealers during the design process, and there was an overwhelming consensus that there is an existing need for a private use lift that can hold 600 plus pounds," said Zach Schroeck, VMI product manager. "We listened to that feedback and designed install kits that gave the lift 800 lbs. of lifting capacity."

With proven Ricon technology, the Slide-Away lift maintains the performance and durability of the S-Series lifts with added features and benefits our customers have been missing. S-Series lifts have been in production since 1981. The Slide-Away can be installed to the Ford E-Series vans, GM full size vans and the Dodge Sprinter vans (side door only). There are two platform sizes available; 30x42 inches and 30x48 inches.

For more information on this and other VMI products, visit www.vantagemobility.com.

This article originally appeared in the June 2006 issue of HME Business.

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