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Company Name: All In One Accessibility

Location/Contact Info:
Accessibility Services Plaza
1310 Kennestone Circle
Marietta, GA 30066
(678) 766-1066
Fax: (678) 766-0729

Established: 1993, Woodstock, Ga.

Types of products sold: Accessible home assessments, design and modifications, overhead lift systems, portable lifts, modular ramping, toilet lifts, best bath modular shower units, portable shower units, walk-in and roll-in showers, walk-in bathtubs, Volker furniture grade hospital beds and furniture, elevators, porch lifts, stairlifts, ECU units, automatic door openers, designer grab bars, specialized equipment and appliances to make a home accessible.

Size of Company:We have five full-time employees, two part-time employees, eight subcontractors, three outside sales, more than 300 clients yearly and more than 1 million in sales annually.

Home Health Products spoke with Vicki Karl, owner.

Fun Fact: For several years we have sponsored two softball teams for children with disabilities with the North Metro Miracle League. The teams are called The All In One Angels and The All In One Saints.

Q: What is the most innovative aspect of your store?
Our new showroom located in Marietta just off I-75 North at the Accessibility Services Plaza has a fully accessible model home including the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. The model home is equipped with an overhead ceiling lift system to try firsthand in a non-threatening environment. We also have a national contractor with an Environmental Access Certificate requiring exceptional professional qualifications, training and experiences in environmental access and the Home Builders Association Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) designation. Jim Karl, CEAC, CAPS designee, is also the recipient of the 2001 Professionalism Award from the Home Builders Association on a whole house remodel.

Q: What sets your store apart?
All In One Accessibility is a full-service company with more than 18 years experience specializing in complete renovations making a home more accessible, allowing greater freedom as well as independence and mobility. Our goal is to find the most economical way to provide improvements for the specialized needs of each person without sacrificing the integrity of a home. Three years ago we got together with three other related businesses to set up the Accessibility Services Plaza, a 30,000-square foot facility home to four of the region's top mobility and health care providers, including All In One Accessibility, Handicap Drivers Services, On The Go Medical and Para/Quad Services.

Q: What component of your business is working well for you?
Foremost is customer service; everyone who works for us is passionate about their work. Our motivation is to be able to remove the barriers in people's homes and make the transition for individuals who have sustained catastrophic injuries less overwhelming. The synergy of the four companies provides a one-stop location for individuals requiring special needs. The initial contact may be with On the Go Medical, which provides the seating clinic and wheelchair needs for the client. The second may be Handicap Drivers Services for van purchase or modifying the van for the wheelchair and then to All In One Accessibility for all the assistance in making the home accessible. There is also Para/Quad Services which provides home care. The Accessibility Services Plaza is a one-stop rehab resource, so together our products and services are certain to meet individual needs.

Q: What is something you have learned from your experience in the HME industry?
Every person has different needs; you need to look at each person and family with a fresh approach. You have to care and that caring has to be tangible.

Q: Do you think the HME industry is changing?
I think that we are seeing a new group coming in that is specifically targeting the senior market.

Q: If you could change something about the HME industry, what would it be?
Probably the most important aspect would be for the insurance companies to catch up on the wonderful technology that is available today.

This article originally appeared in the March 2006 issue of HME Business.

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