Supporting Your Clients: Compression Products

Activa® Men's Microfiber Dress Socks are knitted with ultra-fine microfibers for a soft feel and comfortable breathability. The firm 20-30 mmHg support relieves leg fatigue, swelling in the ankle and foot as well as mild varicosities. An attractive pin stripe pattern makes the socks ideal to wear to work. Available in black, gray or tan. Visit or contact FLA Orthopedics for more information.

Graduated compression hosiery exerts an external pressure that is greater at the ankle and reduces at the calf and thigh, increasing the blood velocity within the deep venous system.

Simple lightweight compression supports help provide stability and circular compression to control swelling and retain warmth to soothe stretched or weakened muscles and tendons, which aids the healing process. Some people also use compression as a conservative "reminder" to help protect and prevent re-injury to a weakened joint.

Compression Stockings


AliMed offers a wide selection of Bauerfeind Venotrain® compression stockings in knee-high and thigh-high lengths with levels of compression ranging from 20 to 40 mmHg. Choices are seemingly endless as these latex-free stockings come in both men and women's styles, a variety of sizes, and the following colors: black, brown, navy or white. Clients can make fashionable choices by coordinating their selection of color to their current apparel, while helping to relieve aching legs and improving circulation.

Varicose veins are visibly enlarged veins that are often bluish in color and may appear twisted. —Sigvaris

Thoracic Compression Vest


Looking for a product to reduce the pain associated with coughing and ambulation following thoracic surgery? The thoracic compression vest's unique design allows for easy placement after surgery. In addition to fitting over surgical dressings, the vest features a zipper closure and Velcro shoulder straps that enable the garment to be opened flat and placed underneath a patient. The vest is available in a variety of sizes, or custom sizes if needed, from Torbot Group Inc.

Wearing socks and stockings that are specially designed to support your veins and to increase circulation in your legs is considered compression therapy.

Compression Stockings


Truform® compression stockings are designed to look like high-end department store hosiery while offering a graduated compression profile for effective therapy. Sensible, fashionable and ready-to-wear, SAI/Truform's therapeutic stockings will meet the needs of the prescriber, retail practitioner and end-user.

VitalWrap System®


Offering hot and cold therapy as well as compression in one product, Vital Wear Inc.'s Vital Wrap System® enables providers and clients to administer effective therapy through its family of body-part specific therapeutic wraps.

Compression Supports


Whether it's your client's knee, elbow, ankle or wrist, Scott Specialties Inc. offers a compression support for it. Available in many styles, materials and three different colors: white, beige or black.

Compression socks and stockings are most effective when used in conjunction with a regular exercise program such as walking. —Sigvaris

Breast Binders


Expand-A-Band Breast Binders can reduce the bruising, swelling and the incidences of hematomas following any invasive breast procedure. Lenjoy Medical Engineering's Breast Binders are easy to apply, washable, durable and attractive. Visit to obtain a free catalog.

How Compression Can Help Your Clients

How Compression Can Help Your Clients

Compression socks and stockings can:

  • help stretch or distend veins
  • help venous veins close properly
  • prevent blood from pooling in the veins
  • speed up sluggish blood flow
  • force fluid out of swollen legs and ankles and back into circulation —Sigvaris

This article originally appeared in the January 2006 issue of HME Business.

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