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Amigo Mobility

Folding Scooter

The Travel Mate, a folding scooter from Amigo Mobility International Inc., is designed for simple transport and storage, according to the company. The scooter has a carrying capacity of up to 250 pounds and measures 41 inches long, 22 inches wide and 34 inches high. It features a travel range of 7 to 9 miles powered by a battery pack containing two 7-amp batteries and a 24-volt battery charger. The chair includes a basket and comes in colors ocean blue and cardinal red.Amigo Mobility International Inc.

Power Chair

Amigo Mobility International Inc. presents Excite, which is a power chair featuring finger tip control with a programmable joystick that can be positioned laterally or on the side of the chair, according to the company. The chair has a steel painted, one-piece platform and a dual power control drive system with adjustable arms and a plush, vinyl folding seat. The chair measures 36.75 inches long with a rear width of 24.12 inches and supports up to 250 pounds. The Excite has a turning radius of 21 inches and a distance capacity of 25 miles supported with a 26-amp battery and a 24-volt on board charger. According to the company, the chair includes optional seating and a patented wheel release technology with flat-free front and pneumatic rear wheels.Amigo Mobility International Inc.


Amigo Mobility International Inc. introduces the HD450, a power-operated vehicle designed to hold up to 450 pounds. The scooter is 47 inches long, has a rear width of 24 inches and a 20-inch wide seat. The HD450 features a once-piece solid steel platform, a heavy-duty vari-speed drive, pneumatic wheels and electromagnetic, dynamic and regenerative brake system, according to the company. It has a turning radius of 40 1/2 inches and a range of 25 miles on a 26-amp battery with a 24-volt on board charger. According to the company, the scooter can be driven on gravel, linoleum, grass, carpeting and sidewalks, and it has a 3-year limited warranty.Amigo Mobility International Inc.

Bruno Independent Living Aids

Power Chair

Bruno Independent Living Aids introduces the PWC-2300 MINI, a front-wheel drive power chair with a forward speed of 3 1/2 miles per hour and a combing angle of 9 degrees or 15.8 percent grade. The power chair has a 350-pound capacity and measures 39 inches long and 23 1/4 inches wide. It contains a heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel frame and small front anti-tip wheels that help stabilize, according to the company. The power chair features a 22-inch turning radius, 10-inch tires, power seat option and a swivel seat, which rotates 90 degrees in either direction. It also has a lifetime limited warranty on the frame and a security key-lock system.Bruno Independent Living Aids.

Power Chair

Bruno Independent Living Aids presents the PWC-2200, a power chair featuring a durable suspension system and a security key-lock system. The chair has 14-inch tires and a swivel seat that rotates 90 degrees in either direction as well as a power seat option. The PWC-2200 has a durable, formed steel, powder-coated frame and has been lifecycle tested for more than 7 years of use, according to the company. The chair includes a limited lifetime frame warranty.Bruno Independent Living Aids.

Scooter Lift

The Outsider III by Bruno Independent Living Aids is a scooter lift featuring a lower profile design, heavy-duty actuator, an advanced design to hold tight arm and an exclusive safety latch, according to the company. The lift contains all stainless steel fasteners, heavy-duty platform and can support a maximum capacity of 300 pounds. The lift includes a swing-away option, a double safety latch, 90- and 170-degree lock and a compatible padlock.Bruno Independent Living Aids.

Capital Marketing Technologies Inc.

Triangle Breast Form

Nearly Me Basic breast form from Capital Marketing Technologies Inc. are made of 100-percent silicone gel that is encapsulated in a thin polyurethane skin that is resilient and flexible, according to the company. The form is symmetrical, fitting either side of the body for ease in fitting and has been designed with rounder side wings to fit better in the cup of a bra, according to the company. The form is available in 10 sizes and is available in two skin tones, beige and soft sable.Capital Marketing Technologies Inc.

Chad Therapeutics Inc.

Oxygen System

Chad Therapeutics Inc. presents the TOTAL O2 delivery system. According to the company, it combines a PSA stationary oxygen system with a complete ambulatory oxygen system and eliminates oxygen delivery costs. The TOTAL O2 is lightweight and includes a filling mechanism that refills portable tanks as well as a 5-year warranty.Chad Therapeutics.

Oxygen Conserving Device

 Chad Therapeutics presents the Oxymizer disposable oxygen-conserving device. It is designed to be used in the routine nasal administration of oxygen, according to the company. The Oxymizer comes in two models with the original having an oxygen-conserving reservoir in the face while the second holds the reservoir in an easy-to-conceal pendant, according to the company. The models have no valves, multiple parts or adjustments, and they work with all oxygen delivers systems, according to the company.Chad Therapeutics.

Computer Applications Unlimited Inc.

HME Software

Computer Applications Unlimited Inc. introduces SOLUTION/ONE designed and certified to provide uninterrupted home medical equipment (HME) automation in a Windows-based, point and click environment, according to the company. The program performs more than 1400 functions such as inventory control and collections as well as EMC support.Computer Applications Unlimited Inc.

ConvaQuip Bariatric Equipment

Model 2000 Conva-Lift

The Conva-Lift from ConvaQuip Bariatric Equipment is an ergonomic floor lift. According to the company, the lift is designed for patient comfort and the lifting device exceeds efficiency and safety standards. The standard motorized opening on the legs of the Conva-Lift and the optimal distribution of the patient's weight allow the caregiver to easily maneuver the unit without risk, according to the company.ConvaQuip Bariatric Equipment

Rehab Chair Model 2528

ConvaQuip Bariatric Equipment presents its Model 2528 Rehab Chair designed to help reduce back injuries by lifting patients in and out of standard low seating chairs, according to the company. The higher seat helps patients enter and exit safely with less effort according to the company.ConvaQuip Bariatric Equipment.

Split Frame Bed Model 5500

ConvaQuip Bariatric Equipment introduces a bariatric split frame bed that is full electric with platform widths of 36, 29, 28 and 53 inches and lengths of 80 inches. According to the company, the bed features standard functions such as head up and down, feet up and down, trendelburg and revers trendelburg, high and low, and cardiac chair position. The bed includes optional accessories include half rails, head boards, footboards and full frame trapeze. According to the company, the split frame allows for easy transporting.ConvaQuip Bariatric Equipment.

DTI Group Inc.

Pressure Relief Cushion

DTI Group Inc. presents the No-sorz, a low profile positioning and pressure relieving cushion. According to the company, the cushion provides pelvic stability while generating pressure-reducing values associated with air or liquid gel seating systems. No-sorz utilizes sequential layers of viscoelastic foam forming a cushion base, which interacts with the elasticized gel interface. The cushion is thermally neutral and comes standard with an incontinent, slip-resistant cover and a 2-year warranty, according to the company. DTI Group Inc.

Eagle Health Supplies

Rehab Walker

Eagle Health Supplies presents the Eagle Rehab Walker made of lightweight 1-inch aluminum tubing. It is height adjustable from 31 to 36 inches and includes a height adjustable saddle seat that can be used during walking or for resting. The walker has four 3-inch caster wheels with brakes on the front wheels and the front bar opens up for entry or exit. The front bar and side handlebars have foam handgrips and the rear bar has a foam pad for protection. A safety belt is included.Eagle Health Supplies.

This article originally appeared in the May 2000 issue of HME Business.

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