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September 2014


diversify revenue and funding sources

Business Solutions

Casting a Wider Net

By David Kopf

As providers broaden their sources of reimbursement and revenue, they face a learning curve in terms of how they are going to create and disseminate marketing messages that will resonate with these disparate sets of clients. One-size marketing does not fi t, and providers need help. Fortunately, DME manufacturers offer an array of marketing support services that lend a hand.

Products & Technology

Links to Success

By David Kopf

In many ways, inventory and supply chains function as a lynch pin in the success of HME businesses. Providers must be able to get equipment and resupply items to patients quickly, while minimizing their inventory footprint. It's not an easy balance to strike. However, new approaches to the HME supply chain are helping them accomplish that.


Editor's Note

The ROI of DIY

By David Kopf

Observation Deck

CMS + HME (should) = Collegiality

By Steve Ackerman


Problem Solvers

Out-of-Pocket Oxygen

By Joseph Duffy

Back to Atalanta

By Joseph Duffy

Product Solutions

Sports Therapy/Rehab

Products & Technology

The Inventory Balancing Act

By David Kopf


No Weak Links: How Providers Can Forge an Unbreakable Supply Chain
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Your Audit Action Plan
The latest developments in CMS’s Medicare claims audit program and how you should respond.
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To what degree are you lobbying on behalf of H.R. 5083, the Audit Improvement and Reform Act?

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