HME Business December 2010

December 2010


Tailor-Made Wound Care

Products & Technology

Tailor-Made Wound Care

By Joseph Duffy

When it comes to pressure sores, bariatric patients are at greater risk due to their size and immobility. HMEs need to keep pace with technological advances in order to offer bariatric patients the kind of tailor-made solutions that give them a fighting chance against debilitating wounds.

Financial Helping Hand

Business Solutions

A Helping Hand

By David Kopf

Increasingly, providers are turning to inventory financing to keep pace with the massive changes taking place in Medicare funding. What do providers need to keep in mind when working with lenders? Also, what trends could impact commercial lenders’ willingness to work with HMEs?


Observation Deck:

Playing to Win the Game

By Georgie Blackburn

The competitive bidding fight can still be won.

Editor's Note:

Confidence Is High?

By David Kopf

Providers have good reason to stay positive.


First-Hand Expertise

By Joseph Duffy

After undergoing life-changing gastric bypass surgery seven and a half years ago to combat the results of a thyroidectomy, his “walking in his customers’ shoes” helps guide his company’s production of bariatric products.

Pressure Wound Staging

By Joseph Duffy

A quick summary of The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel pressure sore staging guidelines.

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