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FreeRider Healthcare Corp.

LUGGIE Scooter

Mobility scooter offers easy folding mechanism

LUGGIE Scooter

FreeRider Healthcare Corp.’s LUGGIE Scooter is ideal for patients needing a mobility aid and looking to travel or just daily use without the hassle of disassembling or breaking down the mobility scooter into fi ve additional pieces. The scooter is lightweight, durable and has an easy folding mechanism, similar to a baby stroller. It weighs 57 lbs. with batteries, travels up to 11 miles on one charge, has a weight capacity of 250 lbs., uses lithium batteries and has a maximum speed of 4 mph.

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WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay

Mattress overlay prevents, treats pressure ulcers for bariatric patients

WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay

EHOBs WAFFLE overlay is designed for a bariatric-size bed, measuring 76x47x3 inches, and it also may be used on a standard full-size bed for the home. The overlay can accompany the patient from acute care to long term care to their homes. And, the patent-pending dogbone-shaped handwells safely assists the caregiver with patient and product handling. The overlay is fi lled with air, which is the ideal media to support and float the most vulnerable soft tissues of the body.

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FWF Medical Products


Rack secures oxygen cylinders during transport


FWF Medical Products’ Part No. 6541GGD is an oxygen cylinder rack for Grab ‘n Go cylinders. The rack holds 60 cylinders, and it has a door equipped with a slide-bolt latch to secure cylinders during transport. If no door is required, customers can order Part No. 6541GG, which holds 50 cylinders. The cylinder is protected in the rack with or without door. The rack is features a solid, welded frame and powder coated green color.

    PP&R Products

    Comfort Caddy

    Device aids patients in post-op recovery

    Comfort Caddy

    The Comfort Caddy from PP&R Products resolves complex issues typically associated with post-op closed wound drain recovery. It has a total of six compartments, four of them numbered. The drains are secured in place preventing accidental pulling and tearing to the wound area. Excess hoses can be coiled and secured on two Velcro side straps, preventing the drains from contacting infected surfaces. One size fits all with adjustable belt and neck strap. Child sizes and designs also are available.

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    Homecare By Moen

    Tool-Free Shower Chair

    Tool-free chair offers safety in the shower

    Tool-Free Shower Chair

    The tool-free shower chair from Home Care by Moen offers safety in the shower with easy, no-hassle assembly. The chair fi ts most tubs and showers with 17-inch leg width and also is height adjustable (ranging between 15 to 21 inches). It provides stability and support for users up to 300 lbs. and features a large seat for added comfort. Built-in handles add an extra level of safety in the shower, and an ergonomic back design offers support and comfort.

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    Noble House

    Noble House PECOS batch validation

    Noble House offers PECOS batch validation at no charge

    Noble House PECOS batch validation

    Noble House is providing PECOS validation to both its clients and non-clients at no charge. Through Noble House’s website, any provider may upload their referring physician’s NPI list which will be validated against the CMS-PECOS database. Since CMS has made their most recent PECOS registrations available on a regular basis, the new offering now becomes an important asset in managing this additional requirement.

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    Attends Healthcare Products

    Protective Underwear in 100-count cases

    Three Sizes

    Protective Underwear in 100-count cases

    • Enables dealers to more readily match reimbursement allowables in key Medicaid markets.
    • Available in medium, large and X-large sizes.
    • Meets established requirements for state Medicaid programs.

      Principle Business Enterprise

      HI-Rise Bariatric Disposable Briefs

      Full Coverage

      Tranquility HI-Rise Bariatric Disposable Briefs

      • Features an extended rise and stretchy side panels that comfortably fit waist/hip sizes 64 inches to 96 inches.
      • The soft, cloth-like outer layer is gentle against sensitive skin and uses micro-hooks closure tabs to securely fasten the brief while still allowing for multiple openings.
      • The Peach Mat absorbent core controls odor and holds over a quart of liquid for maximum protection.
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      Principle Business Enterprise

      Pillow Paws Bariatric Terries Slipper Socks

      Bariatric socks feature slip-resistant tread

      Pillow Paws Bariatric Terries Slipper Socks

      Principle Business Enterprises’ Pillow Paws Bariatric Terries Slipper Socks feature and extra wide design for bariatric patients or patients with foot/ankle wound dressings. The slip- resistant tread is printed on the smooth side of the terrycloth fabric with “puff” ink creating a full, robust tread design. Double-imprinting of the slip- resistant tread insures that tread is always in contact with the walking surface.

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      TENA Incontinence Management Products by SCA

      TENA Super Plus Protective Underwear

      Comfortable Protection

      Super Plus Protective Underwear

      • Offers 40 percent more absorbency and additional products per pack at no additional cost.
      • Anatomically designed with increased coverage and security where men and women need it most.
      • Features Super-absorbent microbeads for advanced leakage protection during the day and night.
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      KIWI pediatric wheelchair

      New wheelchair size accommodates larger children


      Otto Bock HealthCare’s KIWI pediatric wheelchair features a size two option to accommodate larger children. Offering a seat depth of up to 11 inches and a width of 12.6 inches, the option retains its ease of handling, as well as the reversible seat and handle bar feature which allows caregivers to interact with the child while positioning the wheels. Another new offering is the pink color option for the Kimba line of pediatric wheelchairs. The original color choices of orange, blue and green also remain available.

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      Decker Design Company

      Ergotrans Patient Transfer Harness

      Harness provides safe and easy patient transfer

      Ergotrans Patient Transfer Harness

      Decker Design’s Ergotrans Patient Transfer Harness is designed to provide ease of transfer and safety to both patients and caregivers; in both institutional and home care environments. The product’s curved slideboard makes transferring in and out of vehicles even easier. The economical harness reduces risk of injury, offers safe, easy handling, adjustable sizes and is ideal for travel.

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      Troy Technologies, Inc.

      custom fabrics

      Troy Technologies launches custom fabrics for travel wheelchairs

      Custom Fabrics

      Troy Technologies offers a complete range of custom fabrics for its travel wheelchair, the Pioneering Spirit. The standard wheelchair travel package comes with a travel bag with a choice of blue or pink colors. Users can customize the travel wheelchair by selecting a custom fabric as an optional extra. Options include NBA, NFL or college teams and an American fl ag fabric. For those with their own fabric, 3 yards can be shipped to Troy Technologies to be custom cut and sewn onto the travel wheelchair frame.

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      Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)

      Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)

      Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) focuses on the "process." The CHAP standards address the organization as a whole and guide the organization in focusing on the structure, function, quality, resources (human, fiscal and physical) and long-term viability. Many organizations have shared that the process assisted them in identifying better ways of conducting business and providing the quality of services for which they want to be recognized. CHAP is approved for diabetic supplies, canes, crutches, walkers, commode chairs, hospital beds, traction equipment; Appendix A: respiratory equipment, supplies and services; Appendix B: manual wheelchairs and power mobility devices; Appendix C: orthotics and prosthetic devices.

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      evo Medical Solutions


      Transfilling device that works on any concentrator


      The UFill oxygen filling machine is a prescription device designed for use in the home by patients who require supplemental oxygen. The UFill fills high-pressure cylinders using a standard oxygen concentrator. It is compatible with any concentrator and has the ability to use any conserving technology.

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