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Inside Sleep

Diversity and Sleep Apnea

Many individuals who have sleep apnea and would likely benefit from treatment are going undiagnosed and untreated because they don’t “look like” they should have sleep apnea. We can do better.

Respiratory Stories

Case Studies

Respiratory Stories

Four patients share their home care experiences.

VGM CPAP Program Debuts

Fulfillment program aims to offer CPAP providers turnkey order processing and shipping.

CPAP Taskforce Sets Sights on Medicare PAP Policy

Spun from AAHomecare’s HME/RT Council, body aims to nix excessive administration, address face-to-face visit requirement.

Sleep Revenue to Grow by 8% in Next 12 Months

HME providers said they expect sleep revenue to grow by 8 percent in the next 12 months, according to the Q2 2010 HME Sleep Survey, conducted by Wells Fargo Securities, in cooperation with HME Business and Respiratory & Sleep Management magazines.

Fastrack, SleepEx Partner to Deliver Complete EMR Solution

New system will seamlessly integrate both systems for sleep labs.

Circadiance Makes Two Key Management Team Hires

Circadiance Makes Two Key Management Team Hires

Inside Sleep

Addressing Apnea in Truckers

With the millions of commercial driver’s license holders across the country, there are potentially many sleepy truckers out there.


Toppling Barriers to CPAP Compliance

How patient education and new technology help obstructive sleep apnea patients get sleep.

Provider Purchasing Plans Survey

Results of our exclusive survey point to cautious optimism among providers regarding their 2010 spending decisions.

Respiratory Factor

The Daily Grind

There is a strong link between nocturnal teeth grinding, also called bruxism, and obstructive sleep apnea. Here are the facts.

Letter from the Editor

Languishing in Limbo

Uncertainty about an event can be more damaging to an individual’s health than the event itself, according to a new study. In this issue, you’ll find several examples in which we try to resolve some of your unanswered questions.

New Editor Joins Respiratory & Sleep Management Magazine

New Editor Joins Respiratory & Sleep Management Magazine

ResMed Swift FX

Product Premier

A Design on Comfort

New nasal pillow system aims to increase patient ease of use in order to drive treatment compliance.

Fastrack, Forge Alliance

Fastrack system users can automatically place patient CPAP orders with the service.

Inside Sleep

Diagnostic Sleep Lab Accreditation


Products & Technology

Getting a Sound Sleep

As OSA awareness spreads and providers deal with increasing numbers of CPAP patients, one thing is clear: treatment compliance can be a challenge.We look at why patients fail to comply with CPAP treatment and how providers can help them.

Medical Science

Research Update

Promising Futures

Medical science is making promising inroads into the prevention and treatment of common respiratory ailments.

Product Premier:

Flexible Therapy

Philips Respironics’ new Sleep Therapy System offers a range of options.

Sleep Therapy and Alzheimer

The Restless Brain

Recent research points to a potential role for sleep therapists in helping patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

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