How to Survive the 36-month Oxygen Rental Cap

While the industry might fight legislatively to end the rental cap, what can providers do in the meantime in order to survive?

How to Match POCs to Patients’ Needs

As providers look for ways to transition to a non-delivery oxygen business model, and patients demand systems that give them more mobility, the demand for portable concentrators is on the rise. However, matching POCs to patient needs is an in-depth process.

How to Properly Document Power Mobility Claims

If the documentation is not right, the claim for a very expensive piece of HME can prompt an audit that results in a denial and negates funding for that claim. How can providers ensure they are properly documenting power mobility claims?

Editor's Note

United We Stand

The HME industry must stand on common ground to reform oxygen.

House Discussing Wheelchair Cuts

Reform bill would end first-month purchase option for power wheelchairs.

Oxygen: A Game of Last Man Standing?

Investor reports forecast stiff O2 cuts that leave Lincare as the sole survivor.

Oxygen Reform Gains Momentum in House

Fifty Representatives agree to sign Ross-Meek O2 reform sign-on letter.

HME Heads to the 'Hill'

Providers hold roughly 300 meetings with lawmakers to advance multi-pronged agenda.

Respiratory Solutions

Liquid Oxygen Delivery: Safety & Compliance Considerations

If you are transporting, delivering and filling liquid oxygen, how do you know that you are doing so safely and in compliance with applicable guidelines and regulations?

Respiratory Solutions

Evaluating Your Oxygen Business for Efficiencies

HME respiratory providers are focused on providing the best possible solutions for their patients, which includes product and customer service solutions. In today's challenging reimbursement climate, specifically with the 36-month oxygen cap, understanding all of the costs associated with your business is more important than ever.

HOPP Act Re-Enters House Debate

Bill re-introduced into 111th Congress as H.R. 2373 calls for repeal of home oxygen rental cap.

Tricks of the Trade

Running a successful cash business requires commitment on the provider's end, including proper staff training, quality products, snazzy displays and an inviting storefront. Outlined below are seven rules that industry experts suggest providers follow to set up a respiratory retail business.

Oxygen Reform Hits Snag

AAHomecare board gives plan the thumbs up, NAIMES says ‘not so fast.’

RRI Debuts New Cylinder Restraints

Responsive Respiratory has released new DOT-compliant vehicle cylinder restraints for cylinder transport.

Funding Focus

A Silver Lining Amid the Black Clouds of the New Oxygen Policy

Saying there is anything positive in the new oxygen policy is a bit akin to telling someone newly unemployed that they will now receive a few more tax advantages. Nevertheless, with so little positives mentioned, it is important that providers are aware of the few threads that are out there.

Respiratory Solutions

Oxygen Transport: The Importance of Safety

While oxygen is of great therapeutic value, it is also highly regulated and can be of extreme danger if not handled correctly.

NOC Releases Draft Oxygen Reform Plan

Coalition seeks comments through state associations in order to finalize plan that will go before legislators.

SeQual Donates POCs to Sudan Clinic

O2 equipment maker SeQual gives POCs to the Duk Lost Boys Clinic in war-torn Sudan.

A Ticket to Fly

Portable oxygen concentrators have been a godsend to patients used to lugging around heavy oxygen tanks and dealing with airlines for supplemental oxygen. Still, a POC has its own hassles that also outpace our typical travel headaches.

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