Computer Software

HME Software and Technology Workflow Features

HME software offerings improve HME providers’ workflow to create more efficient and more cost-effective business processes.

Observation Deck

Leveraging The 'Net

In our challenging business environment, it is not only practical to take full advantage of available online tools, it is essential.

CEDI Clock is Ticking

Providers have less than 50 days to turn in their recertification form.

How to Improve your Delivery Operations Management

HMEs must find ways that they can increase efficiency for their delivery operations. Fortunately, there are a couple key technologicalsolutions at hand that can help them.

How to Improve your Funding/Claims Performance

Dedicated software systems help provider become masters of efficient billing and claims processing.

How to Leverage Your Software for Strategic Planning

With today's funding cuts, the data generated by HME software can show you your strengths, as well as where you might be able to cut and save some precious operating dollars.

MedFORCE and VGM Renew Partnership

Collaboration seeks to strengthen HME companies.


Products & Technology

In the Palm of Their Hands

Pushing their software gains beyond the confines of the desktop, HMEs are starting to use solutions for handheld devices that delivery drivers and other staff can take into the field with them.

Fastrack Wraps User Conference

Providers take in 3 days of conferences, training sessions.

HME Delivery Management

Products & Technology

The Delivery Management Maze

As providers try to find their way through a maze of funding threats, they are striving to find new efficiencies and cut costs in order to boost their ever-narrowing margins. A key cost center in this regard is delivery operations. What tools and technologies are available to help HMEs chart a course to increased profitability?

Medicare Modem Connections to Stop

Providers should change to using an NSV by May 1.

Brightree Acquires Pacware

Pacware president, west coast office will remain.

McKesson Reports Q3 Results

Third-quarter revenues reach $28.2 billion.

Winning in the A/R Game

Business Solutions

Winning the A/R Game

For years, many providers did not place much emphasis on collecting co-pays. The effort to do so was time-intenstive and costly. However, that was when the Medicare funding climate was much more hospitable and providers could stand to let co-pays slip. Now, declining reimbursements and increasing cash-flow demands are forcing providers to give collecting co-pays much more A/R attention. What are the tools, services and strategies providers should consider as they get serious about winning the co-pay game?

Brightree, NAIMES Align

Software firm, association will share information to support industry advocacy.

MyGlucoHealth Partners with ZyXEL

Companies aim to improve real-time remote digital health monitoring for diabetes management.

Philips Aquires medSage Technologies

Remote reporting and interaction business will become part of Philips’ sleep business.

Computer Software

2011 Big Ten

Computer Software

HME software systems and services have become essential strategic assets for competing in 2011.

Ankota, CareCentric Ally to Offer Software Solution

Joint offering will combine delivery management with business optimization.

Problem Solver:

Flex Your Marketing Muscle with a Mouse

HME software systems can be tireless “marketers” that collect an incredible amount of data providers can use in their efforts to keep and create new customers.

Upcoming Webinars

Partnering with Confidence
Learn about the legal aspects that HME providers must understand when entering into joint ventures and other arrangements with referral sources.

Retail Sales

Do you use the Web as part of your HME retail sales efforts?

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