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Medicare Modem Connections to Stop

Providers should change to using an NSV by May 1.

Brightree Acquires Pacware

Pacware president, west coast office will remain.

McKesson Reports Q3 Results

Third-quarter revenues reach $28.2 billion.

Winning in the A/R Game

Business Solutions

Winning the A/R Game

For years, many providers did not place much emphasis on collecting co-pays. The effort to do so was time-intenstive and costly. However, that was when the Medicare funding climate was much more hospitable and providers could stand to let co-pays slip. Now, declining reimbursements and increasing cash-flow demands are forcing providers to give collecting co-pays much more A/R attention. What are the tools, services and strategies providers should consider as they get serious about winning the co-pay game?

Brightree, NAIMES Align

Software firm, association will share information to support industry advocacy.

MyGlucoHealth Partners with ZyXEL

Companies aim to improve real-time remote digital health monitoring for diabetes management.

Philips Aquires medSage Technologies

Remote reporting and interaction business will become part of Philips’ sleep business.

Computer Software

2011 Big Ten

Computer Software

HME software systems and services have become essential strategic assets for competing in 2011.

Ankota, CareCentric Ally to Offer Software Solution

Joint offering will combine delivery management with business optimization.

Problem Solver:

Flex Your Marketing Muscle with a Mouse

HME software systems can be tireless “marketers” that collect an incredible amount of data providers can use in their efforts to keep and create new customers.

Onramp to Cost Efficiency

Business Solutions

An Onramp to Cost Efficiency

Deliveries represent a major component of provider overhead. How can HMEs optimize operations and maximize effi ciency to contain costs and bring money back to the bottom line?

GPS — It’s not just for Fleet Management

Sales reps and clinicians also need to track their mileage for purposes of accurate reimbursement.

HME Software Systems

Products & Technology

Tying it All Together

HME software systems and services provide not only a safety net that ties various HME business operations together, but also offers a strategic advantage. Our annual software series reviews a variety of key features that help providers keep their businesses running, as well as take them to the next level.

Business Solutions

Keeping Count

As CMS slashes its way through Medicare funding of DME, providers must prioritize cost-cutting. Their largest cost center? Inventory. By automating inventory management, providers can take advantage of newfound efficiencies and increased control in order to drive money back to their bottom lines. Story includes a round-up of various HME software offerings’ inventory management features.

Point of Sales Sampler

A round-up of some of the point of sale hardware and software systems available to HMEs.

Brightree Acquires CAU

Brightree will continue to support CAU software portfolio for existing users.

Point of Sales

Products & Technology

Point of Sales

The need to implement cash sales to providers’ revenue streams has reached critical mass. As HMEs ramp up their retail strategies, they are finding the point of sales has become the point of the spear for those efforts. What advantages do POS systems offer providers, and how can they harness them?



How to Implement GPS in Your Delivery Operations

A key tool in that regard is global positioning technology. With GPS, providers can manage their deliveries and drivers using a system that lets them monitor each truck in real-time, which results in improved operations and reduced overhead.



How to Leverage Software to Create a Winning Inventory Control Strategy

To control inventory, a provider must strike balance between ensuring that money is not being tied up in DME that is not moving, versus ensuring that the right types and amounts of in-demand DME stay on the shelves. Fortunately, HME software and related technologies can help can help accomplish that balancing ac

HME Software


How to Use HME Software to Keep Your Deliveries Humming in Fifth Gear

And a key cost center within providers’ operations is deliveries. Fortunately, HME software systems and related technology can help in many ways to help increase delivery efficiencies and drive down costs.

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