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Maintain The Intensity

Keep the bidding complaints coming.

 Economics Prof Refutes CMS Head’s Charges of Flawed Study

University of Northern Iowa’s Brown questions CMS’s Blum’s arguments that NCB could be good for small providers.

Charlotte Patients Can’t Get HME

Patient problems with competitive bidding lead topic at NCAMES Winter Meeting.

AAHomecare to Obama: Review HME Regulations

Association makes request after executive order calling for large-scale regulatory review.

Audit Abuse in Medicare

Waste in Medicare — right under their noses.

U.S Health Spending Rate Hits Rock Bottom

Report says recession put 2009's pace of healthcare spending at 50-year low.

AAHomecare Asks House to Nix NCB

Association calls on House leaders to include a repeal of national competitive bidding in the GOP bill to stop healthcare reform.

Round One Complaints Rolling in

Associations say providers telling many tales of Round One frustrations.

Competitive Bidding

2011 Big Ten

Competitive Bidding

The industry has fought a long fight, but Round One has reached implementation. What next?


2011 Big Ten


How providers deal with the nasty fact of life that Medicare audits have become will shape their 2011.

New Business Models

2011 Big Ten

New Business Models

Many providers will have to reshape their businesses in order to survive and thrive in 2011.

Financial Services

2011 Big Ten

Financial Services

As CMS funding pressures force providers into new business models, they will require financial help from various sources.

DME MACs Yank Glucometer Coverage Revisions

All jurisdictions withdraw proposed revisions that posed sharp funding cuts.

NAIMES Outlines Round One Action Plan

Association launches state-level strategy for raising public awareness to imminent competitive bidding pitfalls.

Economist Calls for Bidding ‘Time Out’

University professor led the group of 166 auction experts that criticized CMS’s program.


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