Obama Budget Drops Bomb on HME

President’s 2012 plan calls to link NCB cuts to Medicaid reimbursement rates.

Dallas-Fort Worth Mired in NCB Difficulties

AAHomecare, TAHCS begins warning local media regarding bid program’s impact for other Texas markets.

North Carolina TV Covers NCB Complaints

Charlotte news program exposes how provdiers, patients are impacted.

AAHomecare Logs 100+ NCB Complaints

Association takes list of patient and provider frustrations to media, Congress.

Power Selling

Bad Weather Selling – Brrrrrr

This nasty weather shouldn’t put the deep freeze on your selling.

Funding Focus

Protecting Your Payments

Despite their best efforts providers still find what documents they have don't meet with the intent of the LCD, as interpreted by CERT auditors.

Winning in the A/R Game

Business Solutions

Winning the A/R Game

For years, many providers did not place much emphasis on collecting co-pays. The effort to do so was time-intenstive and costly. However, that was when the Medicare funding climate was much more hospitable and providers could stand to let co-pays slip. Now, declining reimbursements and increasing cash-flow demands are forcing providers to give collecting co-pays much more A/R attention. What are the tools, services and strategies providers should consider as they get serious about winning the co-pay game?

Portable Oxygen

Portable Oxygen

Forced Evolution

How oxygen providers are learning to transform in a market in flux.

Editor's Note

Maintain The Intensity

Keep the bidding complaints coming.

 Economics Prof Refutes CMS Head’s Charges of Flawed Study

University of Northern Iowa’s Brown questions CMS’s Blum’s arguments that NCB could be good for small providers.

Charlotte Patients Can’t Get HME

Patient problems with competitive bidding lead topic at NCAMES Winter Meeting.

AAHomecare to Obama: Review HME Regulations

Association makes request after executive order calling for large-scale regulatory review.

Audit Abuse in Medicare

Waste in Medicare — right under their noses.

U.S Health Spending Rate Hits Rock Bottom

Report says recession put 2009's pace of healthcare spending at 50-year low.

AAHomecare Asks House to Nix NCB

Association calls on House leaders to include a repeal of national competitive bidding in the GOP bill to stop healthcare reform.

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