CMS Updates Physician Signature, Face-to-Face Requirements

Agency will change signature regulation, but face-to-face stands.

CMS Owns Up in CPAP Flap

Incorrect application of policy in Jurisdiction D RAC audits led to improper recoupments.

GAO Repeats Itself: Oxygen Needs More Cuts

A second report pushes for additional cuts to oxygen reimbursement rates for Medicare.

Next PAOC Meeting April 5

Registration will soon begin for Spring meeting.

CMS Slates March 2 Open Door Forum

DME meeting will be conference call only.

Industry Meets With Lawmakers, Regulators

AAHomecare meets with House Committee Chairman’s staff, Florida associations and providers parlay with CMS’s Blum.

FAHCS Hosts Town Hall

Florida providers discuss competitive bidding, audits and Medicaid reform.

Wilson Letter: Competitive Bidding Must Be Repealed

AAHomecare President calls for a full-court press to repeal competitive bidding.

GAO Calls for More O2 Cuts

AAHomecare slams GAO report ‘flawed,’ plans congressional rebuttal.

Obama Budget Drops Bomb on HME

President’s 2012 plan calls to link NCB cuts to Medicaid reimbursement rates.

Dallas-Fort Worth Mired in NCB Difficulties

AAHomecare, TAHCS begins warning local media regarding bid program’s impact for other Texas markets.

North Carolina TV Covers NCB Complaints

Charlotte news program exposes how provdiers, patients are impacted.

AAHomecare Logs 100+ NCB Complaints

Association takes list of patient and provider frustrations to media, Congress.

Power Selling

Bad Weather Selling – Brrrrrr

This nasty weather shouldn’t put the deep freeze on your selling.

Funding Focus

Protecting Your Payments

Despite their best efforts providers still find what documents they have don't meet with the intent of the LCD, as interpreted by CERT auditors.

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