CBIC: Round Two’s Around the Bend

Competitive bidding contractor reminds providers of Round Two schedule.

Editor's Note

Not So Super

A special committee deciding the fate of Medicare cuts should have you worried.

Funding Fundamentals:

Are You Prepared for an Audit?

ZPICs mean no more business as usual in DME.

HME private payor funding

Business Solutions

Private Payor Private Party

Many HME providers have included private payor funding as an essential part of their business, and many more providers have been turning to the private insurance market in recent years as Medicare funding has been repeatedly cut. However consolidation and single-provider deals are making the private payor market increasingly difficult. How are HME businesses coping?

AAHomecare: 'What Happened to Bid Changes?'

Contrary to Congressional directives, CMS has made no changes to Round Two to protect beneficiaries.

CBIC Releases Round 2 Categories, Zip Codes

Expansion of bid program incorporates mail-order competition, bidding begins in winter.

Budget Agreement: HME's Fate Remains Uncertain

Medicare cuts are still on the table for joint congressional panel that must outline $1.5T more in cuts.

Big Hit

Business Solutions

Oxygen Outlook: The Next Big Hit

They say that change can be good, but not when it comes to the oxygen services market. Years of major upheavals stacked on top of each other have added up to a heavy burden indeed for respiratory providers. Yet, somehow they have managed to survive and reinvent themselves. Can they do the same in Rounds One and Two of competitive bidding?

Audit Training Hits the Highway

Invacare, VGM 'Audit Roadshow' slated for various locations in August.

Debt Debate Puts HME on the Chopping Block

Providers urged to tell lawmakers 'no more cuts to homecare' as Congress, President wrangle.

CEDI Clock is Ticking

Providers have less than 50 days to turn in their recertification form.

How to Improve your Funding/Claims Performance

Dedicated software systems help provider become masters of efficient billing and claims processing.

How to Protect your Business from Medicare Claims Audits

Pre- and post-payment audits are plaguing providers, and there are some key things they can do to shield themselves.

Private Party

Are private payors’ short-sighted ‘velvet rope’ strategies shapes of HME to come?

AAHomecare Calls for Changes to CPAP ABN Rules

Letter to CMS asks for ABNs to be used on day one of therapy if noncompliance likely.

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